A little thing.

Chrysanthemum is called the flower of death for foreigners, while Kaifeng regards chrysanthemum as a city flower. How much economy does chrysanthemum create for Kaifeng and how much inspiration does chrysanthemum provide for scholars. Chrysanthemum is just chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum is innocent.   The cloud said it found the chrysanthemum in the auditorium missing, but it didn’t know it at all. What’s more, it forgot its shape and location and took photos with the chrysanthemum with such passion..   What about me?? I seem to have witnessed the emergence of chrysanthemums to their disappearance, and what is my feeling? Indifferent. What a cold word, my hand began to tremble.     When chrysanthemum came on stage, I was also ecstatic about it. I tried my best to appreciate the beauty of chrysanthemum, but I couldn’t find a proper word to describe the beauty of chrysanthemum. Later, I gradually dismissed the idea, sometimes saying self – mockery: I am a layman, why so many talents?     Later, friends from all over the world came here to see the chrysanthemum exhibition, and many people came. I was tired of entertaining the chrysanthemum, not to mention writing something for it. I was very tired.!     Later, I was ill, more not in the mood to appreciate chrysanthemum, occasionally in the mood to appreciate chrysanthemum, only to find that chrysanthemum has no original appearance. I began to look forward to the chrysanthemum exit, which I think is necessary. When the chrysanthemum leaves in turn, I am very glad, because there is not enough beauty, it is better to disappear. This is my humble opinion.     Chrysanthemum is called the flower of death for foreigners, while Kaifeng regards chrysanthemum as a city flower. How much economy does chrysanthemum create for Kaifeng and how much inspiration does chrysanthemum provide for scholars.   Chrysanthemum is just chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum is innocent.     When I meditated in my world, the cloud suddenly asked me what I thought. I always asked the cloud habitually, why did I write like this and how did I think of it here?   Cloud asked me, ” You can appreciate it as a work of a stranger.”!     Cloud is right, but cloud doesn’t know how hard it is for me to change suddenly because I am only a listener in cloud and my role and have become accustomed to such a role.! The hope of the cloud is just as I want it to be. There is nothing wrong with it.     Yes! What needs to be changed is myself. The cloud does not deprive me of the right to speak. I should also think independently, no matter what the content is right or wrong..[ Responsibility Editor: Chloe[ Original ]

A brief description of the mood

The end of the decade is not only a love but also a friendship.!   Ten years ago, about this season, we met. Ten years later, this season, we chose to separate! When we met each other, we were still very young, but when we were separated, our faces had already left traces of the years..   I said that I can learn things that I can’t, but I really can’t learn about love. I have worked hard for it and paid for it. I said that giving will pay off, but I didn’t feel anything in return for me..   The original feeling is not love but dependence after a long time, and then when it is lost, it is not pain, but not giving up.’ That’s right, indeed, for so many years, even if there is no love, there will still be friendship.? But when you decide to leave, what’s the use of not giving up?   We have all tried to retain, but when a person is really dead to a person, everything has become unimportant!   When we are together, our personalities are more stubborn, no one wants to bow their heads, and no one can throw away our respective faces. But now, think about it, is face really so important?? In fact, as long as two people are happy together, who bowed their heads first and why not ~! Just, it’s too late now. Even if you think too clearly and see too clearly, what’s the use of regret??   People live all their lives, and who will not make mistakes?? In fact, it is not terrible to make mistakes. The terrible thing is to know clearly that you have made mistakes, but you are not willing to correct them. In this way, it is the most terrible thing..   Perhaps, after the separation, we will all live with each other in our hearts, with such a person ( she ) that we loved deeply, or perhaps, memories are also happy.?

Book wish

Father is a retired cadre.     When my father changed jobs, the only thing that was most valuable was the small suitcase of books. Although the number and types of books are not large, they have excellent collection value. ; W6i, x 8f 1g 4z father’s books are mostly Chinese and foreign literary classics, a small part are knowledge reference books and a personal album. Among these books, his favorite is the old and somewhat damaged regulation of participating in the decoding of telegrams.. Father told me: This book is specially used for telegram. I once worked as a telegraph operator in the army and when I changed jobs, the army chief specially gave me this book as a souvenir, so I have a special feeling for it. From this point of view, father’s book not only has collection value, but also can be used as a historical file to record an unusual experience of father’s life.     When’ history is not in the forefront’, father, fearing that these books would suffer, took out all the great man’s works and put the other books at the bottom of the box and put clothes on them. In this way, the box of books was safely preserved. However, no one thought that these books were destroyed in the great water in 1975..     I remember that in mid – August of that year, the climate was particularly abnormal. The Huaibei Plain in Anhui Province was flooded with heavy rain and the river surged, and even torrents from the Zhumadian area in Henan Province overflowed into the Huaibei Plain.. There is a river called Quanhe in the north of the county seat. People from the county seat poured out their nests to fight the floods day and night, but they failed to stop the raging floods after all.. At about 2: 00 p.m., the river bank burst, and in a short time, the city was already flooded with water. Before this, my father had handled the main items in the home properly according to the county’s notice, and carefully put the small box of bookshelves on the big wardrobe, muttering to himself, ” This high place should not be flooded.”? But’ house leaks happen when it rains’. The flood receded, and it took me about a week to know that my home had been destroyed by the flood.. Despite the hot weather and the scorching sun on his head, his father searched for his possessions in a pile of rubbish.. When he pulled the small box of books out of the mess, his lost face was really crying. As expected, the books in the suitcase were as rotten as paste when touched by hand because they were soaked in water for too long.. Even so, my father did not give up putting it in the sun. However, everything is of no help. A few days later, my mother insisted on sending these books to the waste collection station when she was doing housework, but her father strongly opposed them.. One day, I witnessed my father carrying a small suitcase to a remote wall in the unit, lighting a match in pain and watching the box of books slowly turn to ashes.. Looking at his father’s depressed expression, I secretly vowed to buy as many books as his father did when he grew up in order to appease his father’s heart damaged by the book disaster..     Coincidentally, when I returned to the school, the librarian who was catching up with the school was also sorting out the books.. Without further ado, I helped librarians to turn over books, print books and collect books for several days in a row.. Maybe my sincerity touched him. Later, he opened a small kitchen for me: If you like reading, come and get it anytime and anywhere. Also at that time, I almost read Chinese and foreign classics all over the world, which has greatly benefited me and has strengthened my idea of collecting books ever since.. 5s; H % w8n3u $ q” I + ~ 2w more than 20 years have passed. I thought my sincerity and perseverance finally fulfilled the dream of collecting books in those days. To be sure, my current collection of books is far more than my father’s small suitcase. But the only thing that is missing is the code for participating in telegram decoding, which is like a part of father’s life

That fishing fire warms my sleepless nights

In the bitter and heavy waves, sing aloud. On both sides of the mountain with a smile in the surging waves.     And with those tortuous and even thoughts, why are there so many people in the sea one by one?.     Fishery fire warms my sleepless nights. In the pieces of Shan Ye Peace, in every state of mind I set free, countless calls and cries have been triggered. In spring flowers and autumn months, the mountain love and water dreams bathed in wind and rain have lightened the emotions and wings of thousands of species, all lighting up the bright lights in the sky … Ah, in the loneliness of the years, I have set foot on Fengqiao.. In all the scenery, it is so full of passion.     I and you soothed countless joys and sorrows on the shoulders of that night, lingering black and white figures on the grass between me and you, deep into the songs of the warm clusters, melodious in which happiness is memories.     Play that pop song, me and you, that’s all: – in the emotional cableway and there are many surprises.   – in the sky car of life, there will always be thousands of sighs.   – waving oars in the river of life with endless changes in temperature.     Really, I have a lot of innocence and innocence. I have imagined many gorgeous scenery in your eyes, and what leaped into my eyes was the sail shadow and the moving whistle sound that came back from a long voyage..     In the flowing water of thought, the reflection shows that the star and the moon that I and I embrace have ushered in many gains and losses in the process of constant thinking.. Looking at the fence, you gave me a wry smile in the running water, and with a wry smile the natural and graceful and brilliant of the years..     Everything is gone in the running water, boundless. Everything was born again in the running water, thick.     In the innocent eyes of me and you, how many heroes have become fallen yellow flowers. How many ideals have become the gushing water. How many wishes have passed countless joys and sorrows.     Yes, one by one beautiful imagination, sitting alone became the stone oak on the bank of the big river, with black and white pain, the moon falling and crying in the wind and rain, and the real reason for that one by one? At the moment of life’s perception, the endless charm has left us with the eternal song. Life, find something to gain and innovate.     Life can only be beautiful in constant pursuit. In the world of thinking, he took off the mask and told him and her everything about himself. The moon has fallen and the whistle of life has sounded. Yes, let’s get out of that yesterday’s doubts and start our new journey and new actions. Ah, the singing of running water has strengthened my love.. Yes, in the spring flowers and the autumn moon, the sound of the waves is still the sound of your feet fading away. Every time I look forward to your beautiful image, in that moving ballad, I hold out devout wishes and open the doors and windows of my heart in the wind and rain.. The spring festival, long after my feelings, looked out from the window and walked along the road full of sunshine with thousands of thoughts and your guitar sound.. You and I walked on the beach together. The beautiful scene of first love surprised the waterfowl one by one, splashing into the river and singing the rhythm of life in the warm and cold.. In this way, looking at those spring and autumn periods, I realized a lot. The warmth of love and hate has flourished a philosophy of life. In the memory you gave me, I paid tribute to the most beautiful painting page of that relationship. Several romantic figures, I split the waves in your river.     A wish, full to recognize that a piece of yellow land. The ancient beauty is unsurpassed, simple and kind.     Plumes of what the new green, in this way, in the call of time and time again, with your and your feet out of confusion. With a kind of talk and real in – depth, containing hardships and hardships. In the abundant season, the wish became the spring song in February, the fragrant wheat waves in all previous dynasties in May, the rice fragrance in July, and the thick wine color in September.. In the process of simple and vivid expression, the beautiful scenes and the charming word ” agriculture” were written, holding out the dream as simple as that of the land.. From then on, the mountain village was full of wind and drizzle that moistened the spring and autumn period … oh, my sleepless, ever-present sorrow and joy for that piece of land.   My sleepless, don’t miss my mother’s feelings every time.   My sleepless, wearily watching the amorous feelings of the four seasons.   My sleepless, among all dreams, the true, the good and the beautiful.     So, I realized through the storm and the mystery of the night and the endless spirit of peddling, so I gratefully let fishing fire leave me a lot of poetry and paintings, leaving a canvas shadow of love forever … ah

A touch of blue is deep as the sea and sent to you in the red depicting landscape

In this troubled world, some meet and get to know each other is predestined friends, but parting from strangers is also fate. It is also a season of drizzle whispering smoke and willows, and it is inevitable to remember those old friends who are happy to meet us but leave sadly. In this rainy season of sorrow and melancholy, let me quietly hold a pen for you at my desk, write a heart song and send a yearning for you in a hurry.! – preface I have no poem with wonderful writing and fresh flowers, no elegant gentleman’s style, no charming appearance of lotus, and only a shallow heart wanders on the internet. In the network, we are predestined friends to get to know many friends, although they are like flowers in the mirror and moon in the water, enjoying quietly in the dim light, not talking about flowers in the wind and snow, but only talking about a love and persistence for words, communicating with each other and silently paying attention to each other.. Most of the time, the quiet reading of a person starts with his or her words. Because the words recognize people, they understand a heart, either disconsolate or happy, or deep or high … Ah, the words are like the people who read a piece of text and also understand a person..     Network friendship is just a fleeting fate, a dialogue between shadow and shadow. A screen, a person, a pair of hands, a pair of eyes, light waiting, silently watching. Most of the time we are still talking about our ideals and our lives today. Tomorrow we may go our own way, the world is boundless, and we don’t know where you are anymore. From then on, the bluebird will not send a message, waiting for the kite to bring home to Hong, the world is boundless, the sea is misty, and where there is the fragrance of returning..     Another year of pink rush season, I looked at the misty rain in the south of the Yangtze River, the mountains and the clear water, the reflection blurred, the catkins flying, the Yingge Yan dance, suddenly feeling like a distant world, the coloured glaze like a dream, there is always a faint melancholy and the smell of spring, and a tumultuous thought, as if in a flash, I missed those lovers who left, and from then on, the misty rain was heavy, the life was long, where to leave your story and wonderful, and where to let you stop?     Did you ever know that? Although it is said that the Internet is like a big wave washing sand, people are busy, coming and going, but what remains is full of memories. How can you forget those happy and happy times, those nights when you sing me and those days when you sing me?? Now, I can only sit in another time, counting the pear blossoms on the edge of the ridge, listening to Yingge singing and watching butterflies dance again and again. I don’t know when my eyes are wet quietly, oh! At this time, I realized it was misty rain again. I don’t know when the drizzle will come quietly, wetting the fragrance of the whole place, wetting the nostalgia of the whole place, and wetting the missed sky..     The scenery written in the fleeting time, the deep affection and friendship that those who fall in love with each other, like the ups and downs of piano melody, lingering in my mind for a long time, and spreading in my busy life day and night, have disturbed this beautiful season.. Although some of our loved ones are still among our friends, they seldom come and go, and seldom appear, just like beautiful butterflies, fluttering their beautiful wings and dancing occasionally in a season suitable for them..     Some people say that nostalgia may be your old age! Maybe I’m really old, happy to meet, sad to leave. Open your palm and count the quicksand between your fingers. How can I count the past and unforgettable fragments?.     Those persistent thoughts and memories are enough to drown out the elegance of several seasons and drunk several fleeting years of spring, autumn, winter and summer. I admit that I am feeling old gradually, as if I could not extricate myself from being drunk in the past years, thinking of the joy of getting together again and again and the sadness of parting again and again..     Standing in the air of memory, I found the sadness that I couldn’t hide from. Through this season’s warm wind and through this season’s lingering and infatuated rain, I can’t forget your coming and going. I can’t bring happiness home as you did when you came..     People who like writing have something in common: they love sentimentality and miss it! On the way back to the forgotten bags again and again, I stood up and looked back on tiptoe, even though the flowers were blossoming in front of me, I couldn’t help recalling the broken shadows in those days, the flowers in the mirror, the moon in the water, the poems in the dream, and the songs in the cup..     If you still remember me, please play a moonlight song with the moon and send it to Xiangyi Pavilion. If you still remember me, please sing a song with the spring breeze to remember Jiangnan and send it to the Yanyu Building. If you still remember me, please chant a forget-me-not with the flowers and send it to the butterfly cluster . Ah, March is still the same, April is the same. It has released thousands of years of expectations and allowed you a sunny day in safety..     A touch of blue is deep as the sea and sent to you in the red depicting landscape. In the coming year, the flowers will still bloom and my heart will remain. The snowflakes will dance in the coming year, and my heart will remain the same.

Grandfather’s shadow

Where there is a father, there will be a grandfather’s shadow! Because his grandfather gave his father’s body and soul, his father comforted his grandfather with his honesty, integrity, respect, and the portrayal of the curling moon.! Father also influenced our brother and sister’s life with his integrity, courage and kindness, and made our brother and sister have excellent moral character and personality, and welcomed passers-by’s approval and admiration on the way to life.!     Grandfather is one of the only two 90 – year – old people in our village. Grandfather has lived with my eldest brother in the clinic for nearly five years, and although he is 94 years old, he has been in good health all the time.. But just one night half a month ago, my grandfather went upstairs to rest, but he didn’t have a flashlight in his pocket and accidentally fell on the stairs. He didn’t eat for a week. On the evening of the seventh day, he suddenly fainted several times. Before that, he purposely left his last words and told his father to call my two brothers and one brother to him and say something to speak about.. My father didn’t think his grandfather would die so soon, so he blocked his idea. However, my grandfather told my parents everything about his future. He was not only worried about his 70 – year – old frail son and daughter-in-law ( my father and mother ), but also about his youngest grandchild ( my younger brother ) whose two children were only three years old and one year old. The father of the children was punished because he had committed a crime in another country a few years ago, so the burden of helping my sister-in-law to take care of the two children fell on my parents and sister – in – law.. For this reason, my grandfather was so distressed that he handed over the 1,000 yuan he had saved to his son, my father, and said, ” Leave this 1,000 yuan to the two poor grandchildren who don’t have a father by their side.”! When my grandfather did these things, I couldn’t be at the scene. My eldest brother called the next day and I didn’t know about my grandfather’s fall, let alone that he didn’t eat for a week.. Everyone knows that he did not hurt his feet and did not interfere with his diet. He was on hunger strike himself. His always clean grandfather feared that he would be embarrassed to wait on his family after eating excrement and urine, and he was afraid to add burden to his family. In addition, he considered that his only son ( my father ) was ill and he was afraid that he would not be able to give him filial piety in the future. His grandfather did not want to send black hair again to himself.. Grandfather also confessed to my father that when he was old, he didn’t have to do a big funeral for him and have a big funeral for him in three days..     Due to the lack of a good day for burial and following grandfather’s wishes, the eldest brother in charge of the funeral has reached a consensus among our brother and sister and has not kept his body in the hall much longer..     That morning, after receiving a phone call from my eldest brother, I went with my husband to the bride’s family to visit my grandfather. Just as I entered the house, many relatives and friends were there. I saw my skinny grandfather lying in a hospital bed. I cried with emotion: ” Grandpa, I’ve come to see you.”! Grandpa struggled to open his eyes and looked at me as if he were a little strange to me. I introduced my baby name, the baby name of the granddaughter he loved from an early age! Grandfather first thought he was being called by my sister-in-law with the same name, and then I introduced it again before he realized it was me. I asked him where his pain was. Grandfather told me that his feet hurt and he had a headache.. Then I touched my grandfather’s foot, which was already very cold. I put my grandfather’s hand out into the quilt and pulled it over.     At lunch time, we took turns waiting for our grandfather in front of the bed and just put the bowl in place. Grandfather said he wanted to sit up and said irritably that he would go out and sit down. So everyone took his grandfather’s powerless body and moved to a high floor at the door of the room.. Grandfather opened his big eyes and carefully looked at the long-lost sky outside. Relatives and brothers supported Grandfather’s head and body.. I didn’t expect this to be my grandfather’s last blip on his deathbed, so I went into the back room and sat down for a while.. I was talking to my family about my grandfather’s recent situation when I suddenly heard my parents sob and ran out. My grandfather was not as fresh as he was just now, but he was dying for a long time and refused to let go of his breath.. Then, in a series of words of gratitude from my parents to him, I left tears of gratitude and tears of love with my relatives present.! Thanks to my grandfather’s kindness to our family, old and young, over the past few decades, I raised six siblings for sick parents. And the young disabled elder sister-in-law who died. My grandmother died in childbirth when her grandfather was 38 years old and has not married another grandmother so far, in order to bring a disabled daughter ( my aunt ) and the tough conditions of the year..     Our family is very grateful for grandfather’s merits and kindness, admired for his contentment, moved by his magnanimous and open-minded feelings, and poignant for his widowed marriage for 50 years.. Grandfather did not suffer much pain in the world, nor did he suffer much pain before he died, but he secretly lightened the burden for all future generations.. In my life, my grandfather left no regrets for our next generation except for a few decades of celibacy.. In fact, my grandfather insisted on living for another month, and he would wait until his fifth generation was born, when our family would welcome the enviable and praiseworthy fifth generation, but we all know that my grandfather had today’s grandchildren in groups, and even if he only saw the fourth generation, he was satisfied and went away contentedly..     My brothers carried the grandfather who still had one breath into the room, held on to his last breath, and finished a series of shaving and changing clothes according to folk customs.. Grandfather walked peacefully, cleanly and cleanly, without any fear at all.. From when I entered the room to when my grandfather swallowed his last breath to when he was full, he didn’t hear his grandfather hum..     I have had the fear of mourning all my life, let alone approaching the body of the dead. That day, I finally plucked up the courage to approach my grandfather’s cold and stiff body so close for the first time, washing his face once and washing all the clothes he had just changed after he died. I wanted to use this opportunity to make up for what he had not done to his grandfather before, and to do the last filial piety in order to find the greatest solace in his heart and let his grandfather feel a little filial piety of his granddaughter in the spirit of heaven.. The reason why I don’t fear and don’t abandon this is because this old man is unusual. He is an old man approaching the age of one hundred, a son who loves cleanness and hurts future generations, is kind to himself, and is his closest grandfather.!     On the day of the funeral, the sky began to rain heavily just a few steps out of the hall, and three thunderings were also made. Nearly a hundred of our sons were drenched by the sudden heavy rain.. Everyone said that this was a good omen, and it was grandfather’s kindness that touched heaven, who wept for him and celebrated his entry into heaven.! Hearing this, everyone was comforted even if it rained again!     Grandfather has been away from us for almost a month, but my mind and eyes still show his honorable appearance and help my parents run business on the market day. When I was a child, I went up the hill and down the mountain to find my mother’s figure behind my crying brothers. Will think of ways to make all kinds of toys, coax my brothers playing with skin; Even use wooden ladders to build the eaves and pay for the swallows in the bird’s nest for the younger brother. Even if he broke his head and slept for half a year, he did not complain. In the middle of the night, I get up to cook for the junior high school students who go to 5km away, carry lanterns and send me to meet my little sisters at the foot of the mountain. As soon as it was light, I got up and mowed the mountain and came back, while my family was still sleeping. When I was a child, I spent a few cents on the weekend collecting firewood and asking our brother and sister to go down to eat dog meat soup pot. After moving down the mountain to live, he sat and stood in front of his brothers every day, laughing at the scenes of calling his two grandchildren and so on.. All of these make me very emotional and emotional!     Forty years ago, my grandfather used a wooden pole to carry a pipe in an old cloth bag and some women’s bottom needles for sole to sell at distant markets in Dayun and Baihua.. I have to travel back and forth on the deserted debris road and stay there for nearly 20 hours. Because of the long journey, my grandfather had to leave for a fair in the middle of the night before, and then go to the small hotel in front of him for the night after the fair dispersed, and then go to another fair for nearly five hours before dawn the next day. After the fair dispersed, he returned to the original hotel and didn’t get home until about noon on the third day..     Under the influence of my grandfather, my father began to toil up the mountain to collect various kinds of craft materials such as sorghum stalks and wild kudzu vine, and picked bundles to sell in distant towns.     The cycle goes on and on, and this toiling business has lasted for many years.. Grandfather and his father earned some savings from their hard work. Father used the money to wholesale more daily necessities in the city and walked with our mother to sell them in villages and towns markets. Grandfather was dedicated to farm work at home, so he toiled silently on the mountain for our big family all his life.!     In the hearts of our children and grandchildren, grandfather is ordinary, but great!Grandfather lived all his life in the old house on the loess plateau, and he was always faithful to the old house.! Later, all the people left the old house. The brothers had tall and beautiful buildings at the foot of the mountain and some relatives died of illness.. The 80 – year – old grandfather did not want to live at the foot of the mountain with everyone in the first few years. He did not abandon the old house, which was old and poor, and was close to the old house. No one could shake his sincerity in leaving the old house.. The grandfather who stayed on the mountain still kept several pigs, several chickens and a mother dog that would only come to the foot of the mountain to string relatives together..     In December 2006, the elderly grandfather was no longer able to stay in the mountain to accompany the old house, but was reluctantly received by my brothers to my parents’ new home at the foot of the mountain.. At the time of the barking epidemic, my grandfather reluctantly sold the domestic dog and pig, leaving a few local roosters who can only sing in the old house.. Let the underage chicks stand on their own in the woods behind the door.. Leaving behind generations of ancestors and grandchildren who shed countless sweat drops but reaped bumper harvests year after year, brothers planted seedlings in the mountains.. When the weather is fine, my grandfather occasionally goes up the hill with crutches to see the old house and the chickens and sleeps in the old house for a night or two..     Later, because my grandfather was over ninety, my parents were old and infirm. After consultation, my grandfather was arranged to support my eldest brother, and other brothers each contributed part of their pension to help him support his grandfather.. Even though he was over 90 years old, his grandfather still used crutches from time to time to go up the hill alone to visit the lonely old house.. He often thinks that his old house, which has lived alone for decades, will feel lonely and friendless..     Perhaps every sleepless night, my grandfather is resting on his memory of all the joys and sorrows that happened beside him. Perhaps every quiet night, my grandfather and the lonely old house are immersed again and again, touching the drops that passed away instantly, or licking the vicissitudes of life that relatives left alone again and again..     Our family for generations will deeply miss our grandfather, love our grandfather, be grateful like our father, miss his every move before his death, and the breath of grass, wood and earth that grandfather devoted his whole life to.! At the age of ninety-four, my grandfather’s life was not easy! I miss my old house and even more my grandfather! Missing often makes me cry!     Today, my grandfather was buried next door to my old house and became a neighbor to my lonely old house. From then on, my grandfather and the old house can have a heart-to-heart talk in the dead of night. I seem to hear the old, dumb, cordial and affectionate conversation between grandfather and the old house again … Ah

Bless mother

A bunch of carnations swaying in the heart on Mother’s Day. Caring in the heart one by one, blooming happiness, blooming happiness, blooming warmth, blooming a beautiful dream of life.     Mother’s Day is a warm holiday. The warmth is thick and light, it is someone’s thoughts of sheltering me from the rain, someone’s thoughts of asking me to add more clothes to eat on time, and someone who always reads the nickname and waits for me to come home..     It’s Mother’s Day again. Thinking about the past years that my mother talked about, I suddenly felt that I grew up too slowly and understood too late. Mother has also been young, beautiful, longing and pursuing. Today she still has dreams, dreams of children, hopes of children.     On this warm holiday, but as I grew up day by day, after Mother’s Day after Mother’s Day, I never carefully remembered and tasted my mother’s deep love for her children. Who knows how long, how far and how deep that love is?. Mother’s tenacious character and tolerance of patience when something goes wrong belong to the quality that we can bear hardships and stand hard work..     Mother’s childhood was hard, but she was so persistent and unyielding. My mother told me that grandpa died early and did not even leave a picture. Granny was only in her 30s, and in order to survive and take care of her children, she often went back to her mother’s family, where there were four siblings, the mother was the second child and the eldest daughter, with a eldest brother and the youngest brother at the age of eight.. In the famine year of the early 1960s, my grandmother took my youngest son and daughter back to her family, where my eldest brother and mother were still at school. They were often hungry and had no rice to cook. Sometimes they could not help but go to the mill and remove some bran from the middle of the mill.. Big Brother does not look after his mother like a brother, but hides food for his mother. On one occasion, only their brother and sister were at home. Mother came back from school and saw the younger sister lying next to a pile of carrots and cherry blossoms.. When my sister came back, the younger brother handed her a small finger-sized carrot found from the carrot cherry.. My mother suddenly burst into tears. I was deeply moved by this sister and my eyes were wet.. In order to keep the siblings from starving, the mother crustily grinds and binds with the school canteen administrator to bring home the half-month food rations, and the siblings eat together to sustain their lives.. After eating for a few days, the eldest brother refused to let his mother eat, saying that she was a student who went to school to eat, but her mother was helpless and could not eat any food for a few days, so her mother had to go to school to rub rice, and her mother did not do anything for more than ten days at school.. Sometimes I go to the harvested land to pick up corn and roast it on the oil lamp with a needle. This is the hard time for my mother, but the deep and thick sister feeling has kept the same temperature as it used to be..     The mother did not give up her studies on the most difficult day. Even after she got married, she still continued to complete her studies. She is such a big family in her husband’s family. How much pressure is she under to fulfill her long-cherished wish. In those days, women could read and have several people, but in those days when they did not have enough to eat, they could pursue relentlessly. This is my mother. Thanks to her mother’s efforts, she became a private teacher in Murakami after graduation. Her mother worked very hard and her lectures were well known to us.. At that time, we had a sewing machine in our family, which was used by Murakami to make the ” four clean – ups”. This became the mother’s patent and added another hard work. Murakami also had to work on Sunday.. Without time, he often makes clothes for Murakami in the middle of the night. Mothers often go from village to village after school to mobilize students who do not attend school or whose parents do not allow them to attend school. Mothers’ conscientious and selfless work has been recognized by the school and they are often rated as excellent or advanced teachers.. As a result, the mother became a regular teacher in 1979. Mother used her salary of ten yuan per month for our sister and brother to go to school. Only when our parents have culture can we survive the crisis of dropping out of school. Mother never let us only go to primary school because we are girls. The parents’ view is that if we study well, we can go to school.. With such parents, we have today. Mother taught countless students, and five of our sisters and brothers were also mother’s students. every mother’s day or teacher’s day, I silently wish in my heart, though I did not express it, but I have a feeling involving heart and lung..     Mother is old, her health is not as good as before, her age is not too big, and she has accumulated pains and become ill.. However, the mother’s character is very tenacious and tenacious. She has not fallen down due to various diseases. Instead, she has been exercising and bringing her grandchildren. If she can not give trouble to her children, she will do anything for her children. She will always do all she loves to care for us who have grown up and become wives and mothers.. Today, we really understand the weight of mother and understand that there is a person in the world who is willing to give her life for you and everything she has for you, that is, mother.     On Mother’s Day, what can I do for my mother? I know, as long as I stay with my mother, let her watch us eat happily, watch us kiss and warm together comfortably, see us all healthy and healthy, and see us all working well, this is my mother’s expectation.     Mother’s Day, a holiday I haven’t paid much attention to in the past few decades, or just a day I silently read in my mind.. Now looking at mother’s aging, mother’s decades of hard work are flowing in my heart, mother’s bitterness to me, her hard work to me, and her care for me, now being a mother, when she looks up at my children, all these emerge together and her heart vibrates.. Mother is old and gray – haired, I can feel her exhaustion and toil all her life, and always have no regrets about our output.. She is the one who loves me most in my life, the one who loves me most selflessly and is willing to give my life for me.. Now it’s time for us to care about her, take care of her and accompany her. In fact, a greeting, a phone call and a small gift from us will make her very happy, very happy and very satisfied.. Knowing that we are safe, watching our health and feeling happy, she will be happy.. Give her some of our happiness, let her be happy forever, wish her health and longevity, wish her happiness in her later years, and wish her a long and long life in our lives.. With her, we will always be the children that some people care about, and she will always be our warm home..     Unfortunately, it suddenly happened, as if once again testing the mother’s strength.Father is ill, is a rare motor neuron disease, is still incurable in medicine, can’t walk gradually, can’t get out of bed, can’t move, can’t take care of themselves, father’s anxious face is full of helplessness, hidden sorrow, sitting alone in a few square meters of a room in a day, staring out of the window in a daze.. Every time I go, my heart is always sour and full of sadness. But in front of us, the mother always smiled as if her strength had given us strength. Father’s life is all taken care of by his mother, who takes care of everything properly, his father’s food and drink, everything.     What can we do?     At this point, I can’t write any more. While respecting my mother, I secretly encouraged myself to learn her tenacity and tenacity..     Mother, with you, we are very happy!     Mother, with you, we will always be healthy!     Mother, we are willing to go through every day, every second and every festival with you, healthy and happy..     Happy mother’s day!

Filial boy

Many programs staged in the filial boy’s life theatre always arouse people’s heartfelt desire to applaud.. One day at noon, I went to the bath center of the city that never sleeps to take a bath.. Looking for a good bed, just sat down and came in from outside. The front one, about eighty years old, with white hair, good-natured eyebrows and intellectual appearance, walked forward with his hands on a four-legged metal shelf, followed by a young man in his twenties, who was clean in vain, with crew cut, a meter of seven or more stature, chubby, big eyes, a standard handsome boy and two bulging cloth bags in his hand.. Walk up to the bed next to me, the young man put the cloth on the bed, side by side, holding the old man’s right arm with his right hand, turning around from behind with his left hand, inserting it into the old man’s creaky nest, and holding the old man to sit down slowly. Then, gently and slowly help the old man take off his clothes, and be as careful as picking up soaked paper.. After the clothes were stripped off, the old man pressed the shelf, and the young man followed the old man’s footsteps and went to the bathroom with his bath supplies.. After entering the bathroom, he went under the shower head, the old man pressed the support, the young man took a bench and placed it at the root of the old man’s leg, holding the old man to sit down slowly, quietly asking for a shower, the old man” um” 1. The old man showered for a while. The young man said wash your hair. The old man nodded. The young man squeezed out the shampoo cream and put it on the old man’s head. After carefully scratching the old man’s head, the old man said it didn’t matter. The old man said that he would do well. Scratch again for a while, the young man said angrily, the old man’s ” uh – huh” and ” two”. After the water came out, the young man said the water was poisonous, and the old man said nothing. It’s like a mother washing a baby’s hair. A guy in his twenties can do this. It’s rare. It’s really rare.. After washing the old man’s head, the young man said soap, and the old man said yes. The young man lifted the old man up, moved the stool aside, soaped the old man from top to bottom, from left to right, slowly, gently and softly, tickling his thigh, foot, buttock and groove, rubbing it several times one by one, and saying’ press the bracket and speak quickly when his arm is sore’. That thoughtful, that meticulous, that heart, as if to wipe a national treasure. After washing off the soap foam, the young man wiped the water off the old man’s body with a towel, sent the old man to the bed, wiped the old man’s whole body with a dry towel, put on autumn clothes and autumn trousers for the old man, helped the old man lie down, covered the old man with a quilt, and said, I will go home after washing in the pool. The old man gave a wave of his hand. The young man walked up to the pool and came back again, pulling a quilt from another bed, covering the old man, stretching it evenly and tucking in the edge before he went down to the pool.. I asked the young man what he was. The young man said he was my grandfather. I said you were the most filial grandson I have ever seen. How blessed is your grandfather. The young man smiled shyly. Bathroom staff said, young man, you’re good and praise for you. A dozen bathers gave the young man a thumbs-up sign, and the young man bowed his head shyly.. The real filial piety is not how much money is given to the old man, nor is it the crying of the old man when he dies, but the patient, meticulous and meticulous care of the old man in daily life..

Father from the country

My father came from the country with a face of dust. Carrying a wallet tied together by two canvas bags, one bag contains about 20 eggs and the other bag contains about 10 potatoes. This is the two most common things, but the father’s back is pressed like a pole, carrying his wife and children and grandchildren at one end.   My father is a very old man, and he is obviously not as good as before. In the past, I always took my wife and children home to see them every Monday. When I went back, I bought some melons, fruits, vegetables, fish and fish, which was a little consolation to my parents’ loneliness and conscience.. Niang, three years ago, she suffered a serious illness, and her last life was to pick it up, but she was left with a lifelong disability..   Yesterday, my father called and said he wanted to have a look at my grandson. I said, I’ll pick you up. The father said aloud, ” What’s the name of the car after a short journey?”?! I have always feared my father, and I never dare disobey him. My father has never been far away. Today is the first time my father has come to see us from the countryside.!     The guard’s wife is busy in the kitchen. I stay in the study and read a book. The sun climbed to the top of Dongshan Mountain and was already a pole high. The guard called inside and said his father came to see me. Looking down from the sixth floor, my father was like a drop of ink on a canvas bag, spinning around a big black spot and couldn’t find his place to stay.. The big shot, usually we these little people don’t pay attention to, what’s more, a father from the countryside?   All of a sudden, I saw my father getting smaller and smaller into a mustard seed. On weekdays, my father was in the field, which was two heads higher than the wheat. The guard’s yelling, like the tide of Qiantang, has been pouring into the windowsill on the sixth floor. A mustard seed floated in panic in this sound wave, looking for its own piece of land.   Originally, two or three ears of wheat in the field were not picked up, and they were slapped in the face by their father in vain.. From then on, a peasant child’s eyes, wheat is more expensive than gold!   Downstairs father, trance between into a child in need of care. I rushed out of the door, slid down the stairs in a fit of pique, and nearly bumped into my father who was coming towards me.. I want to find that big shot to reason with. A big hand, crossing over, tightly grabbed my impulse and whipped me to my father’s eyes.     On the seventh floor of the stairs, there is no elevator, and there are plenty of steps one by one. Father carried a wallet, which was the kind that two coarse cloth sails were tied together. I said, ” Dad, let me get something.”? ‘ Dad said, ” Gently, I can move it.”. ‘ In this way, my father is ahead and I am behind. His hands were empty and his heart was heavy!   It was also a hot day in the sun. My father carried a shovel on his shoulder. I carried a small basket behind my father and wandered along the narrow mountain path.. Along the way, my father didn’t speak and I didn’t say anything, just keeping his heel tight. I want to walk all the way, grow up quickly and have the same big feet as my father.   I followed my father’s big feet through the narrow wooden bridge, through the deep gravel river, through the thick hot dirt road and across the neat wheat fields.. At that time, my father’s feet moved very fast, and I ran all the way without being dropped. Today, my father walked slowly, holding the handrail of the stairs with one hand and pressing the wallet on his chest with the other. I told my father three or four times, I came to take it, and he said vigorously, ” I’ll be here soon.”! The usual five words, which floated out of his father’s mouth, added a calm and persistent one.! The child stood at the door early and cried out to grandpa. dad said,’ it’s not here?! ‘ this relaxed like a cigarette in a pipe, curling up over my father’s head, hitting my heart and falling heavily on the stairs behind me..     3. There is a sofa in the living room. It is made of cloth and is very soft.. I asked my father to sit on the sofa. He said he was used to squatting and was uncomfortable to sit on. Father Geju ( dialect, crouching ) was sitting next to the sofa. My child was sitting on grandpa’s lap, one hand holding grandpa’s head and one hand touching grandpa’s beard..   Suddenly, the child exclaimed, ” Grandpa, your hair is white and your beard is white.”! ‘ I looked carefully along the sound, my father’s hair and beard were white, white and piercing.It’s not white, it’s frost that has fallen on my father’s head for years, and it’s tears that have fallen on my father’s face.!   A cigarette is stuck in the gap between the index finger and middle finger of the left hand, one hand protects the knees, and the smoking sound of the next day’s day’s day’s day’s day’s day’s day’s day’s day’s day’s day’s day will ring evenly.. Watching TV pictures without saying a word but with a happy smile on her face.   Gradually, a picture moved past my eyes. It was a summer threshing ground, and my father, like now, was smiling at the tall wheat heap.. At first glance, Lu Kai squatted quietly beside his father, just like a sofa perched beside his father, who is like a bunch of mature wheat, recalling the years in the blue sky.!     4. older people in straw hat city all wear a cloth hat in different colors and formats. Father, from the countryside, was wearing a straw hat made of straw. I said, ” Dad, I’ll buy you a cloth hat.”. ‘ Dad said, ” How many years have I been wearing a straw hat and got used to it. If I wear a cloth cap, I will not be used to it. ‘ It’s very hot in the house. I asked Dad to take off his straw hat. He said it wasn’t hot. Father is like this. Once he decides something, he will try his best to do it and will never look back.   A straw hat is a gift from wheat to the host! A yellow straw hat on his father’s head, coming and going in the rain in the wind, threw his deep feelings towards the land through the sweat for many years..   When Maimiaoer danced in the wind, his father’s straw hat floated on the ridge of the field, and the straw hat rolled with green hope. When the wheat shook its head in the sun, his father’s straw hat moved in the wheat field, and the straw hat shone with golden harvest. While Malone was in the ground, his father’s straw hat was passing through Malone’s room, and tears of joy were flying under it. When the wheat grain was built into a hill on the threshing ground, his father’s straw hat lay quietly on the wheat heap, and the straw hat watched for the happiness of the coming year..   Today, father’s straw hat covers the vicissitudes of wind and rain, shining with peace and peace.     I sat opposite my father’s eyes and looked at his father’s eyes with tintin’s eyes. That is a pair of tears eyes, canthus fish lines horizontal pile, bloodshot eyes full of cloth. The eyes of the former jiongjiongweishen suddenly lost their luster and a drop of tears flowed out of the corner of their eyes. Father wiped his cuffs and continued smoking his cigarette.   I said, ” Dad, is your eyes a little hard to bear?”? ‘ My father said, ” My eyes are a little sleepy. Sometimes I cry. It’s okay. Just wipe it! A pain in my heart made me realize that my father’s eyes are not good, and it has been some time since. Although my father said it was eye problems that caused tears in the wind, I would rather think it was a crystal clear interpretation of past smoke clouds.!   Father, don’t cry. Every time I see your eyes, my heart would have broken into a torrent of water. Please don’t mention it again. In the moon of childhood, I cruelly broke your family’s rice bowl and let it scatter into stars. In the boy’s schoolbag, I also resolutely tore up your burning hope and let it freeze into a dazzling score.   Father, don’t cry. My heart dances like snowflakes every time I see your eyes.. Please don’t mention it any more. In the impulse to grow up, I have frantically shattered your love and let it become indifferent and detached for a long time. At the dinner table after starting a family, I even left too much excuse me at this end of the phone. What you end up with is coarse tea and light rice, and what you swallow is bitter, spicy, sweet and sour!   Some people say that father is an old ploughshare, ploughing his heart silently. Some people also say that father is a winding mountain, firmly holding the sun and moon on his shoulders. However, I would like to say that my father is a heavy knife, deeply carving silent love into the eyes of these vicissitudes of life..