Believe in time

Time is an ancient river that no one can surmount and no one can cross. Although the river is not wide and the current is not urgent, it has made all life a thing of the past, whether it be men or women, whether it be great men of common people, ugly people or charming people.. Yes, time is ruthless and treats anyone and anything, but it has meaning. Anyone who cherishes and values it will be rewarded, but it is more or less different directly or indirectly..     Yes, anyone who follows time knows in his heart that he will never be mistreated in front of him, but he will be severely punished for fraud, stealing the bell from my ear and cheating on others.. Therefore, some people say that time is an iron guarantee, rewards and punishments are clear, not impartial and impartial.. For this reason, time is trustworthy.     I don’t know how others see time, but it is serious and serious to me anyway.. Yes, every inch of time I have spent in my heart since my life woke up has not been wasted, either reading, thinking or writing my heart with me. Especially in recent years, I have taken time as the most precious wealth of my life and made full use of it and got a good return. The accumulation of four or five million words is the best wealth it has given me.. I admit that these things that I regard as wealth may not be compared with those so-called scholars, but it is not easy for me as an amateur literature lover, which is in itself an indication of the importance and plasticity of time in my life.. At least time didn’t live up to me, I didn’t live up to time.     As I said, I am not a very smart person, but I am definitely a serious person, especially when it comes to time, and I do not do false work.. Life is its own, and time also belongs to itself as far as life is concerned. Therefore, treating time as if it were life must be serious and serious.. Only in this way can life not be mediocre and empty-handed to see God.     To believe in time is to believe in life. No life is not treated kindly by time for inaction, but only by turning time into spiritual pursuit, can it achieve the goal one wants, at least your hard work and sweat will not be wasted. In contrast, those who waste their time will be treated with contempt and scorn. For this reason, I might as well say that time is god and truth. it watches your actions secretly all the time. if you are pious or sincere, it will treat you well. if you fool it, nature will not get anything and even everything you have will be taken away..     Kant, the great philosopher, is the person I respected in my life. I respected his knowledge, his thoughts and the principles of doing things, but as far as these are concerned, I respect the concept of time in his heart more. Perhaps time is order, law, starry sky, God and truth or morality for him. Otherwise, how could he appear on that road so punctually and almost step by step every day and become a scenery that will never fade in others’ eyes?. As far as this is concerned, Kant is an admirer of time and a believer of time. To believe in time, in a sense, is to believe in yourself and serve the truth.     Back in life to see time, time is the medicine of life, the cure of pain, the comfort of sorrow, the reward of pursuit and the benefit of giving. Let’s take the case of Lu Xun’s life to illustrate the problem. As we all know, Mr. Lu Xun was a man of will and ideas since he was a child. In his school days, time was reflected in the early words on his desk. Mr. Lu Xun was stronger, but he had to start from time. It was for this reason that Mr. Lu Xun kept on making progress until the end of his life.. Looking back on Mr. Wang’s life can be said to be a race against time. His short life, the spiritual wealth dedicated to the society and family, is not comparable to his collection, and the time he copied Mo Bao and wood carvings is enough to make us blush.. Besides, Lu Xun, who became famous and married, as he was a soldier, adopted a principle of not forgiving the enemy. He used his dagger to fight with them for a long time and hurt himself when he was tired, so he took time to heal his wounds and resolve his anger.. The blood licked dry, the wound healed, and life began to fight again, fighting with the enemy, fighting with time, and fighting with itself at the same time..     Finally, I would like to say that time is fair to every living life, but the choice of value is different. In other words, the fairness of time cannot change the actual situation of your life.. That is to say, although everyone is equal before time, the reason for inequality is not time but your attitude towards it. I remember the popular saying in China a few years ago that time is efficiency, time is money and time is life.. Yes, time is efficiency and time is life. I agree with it, but I can’t say no to money, at least each person has his own value judgment.. In short, as a life, time is believable, especially in the present society and people.     People who believe in time, make use of time and race against time are qualified to live and talk about conditions. Otherwise, not only is there no time but also time will spit on it. If you want time to remember you and play you, you must start with believing in time, believing that time will not disappoint you, not saying that you will harvest the whole autumn, or at least you will have more than enough food to live in.. Believe in time, start from small things, start from the little bits of life!

Baby don’t cry

I’d like to talk to you in my heart, but because of time, I only have to talk to you here..   Time is like water. You have grown into a graceful girl in a blink of an eye.. Along the way, after more than ten years of wind, frost, snow and rain, it was really difficult and difficult.. I am still very pleased and happy, because you have finally grown up and become a real college student..   I thought I could let go, and the kite of thought could soar in the free sky. This year, I had a very comfortable and free and easy life. However, I was still wrong. There are some things in my subconscious mind that I still ignore without giving you an eye-catching hint.   I just want you to experience, experience and feel for yourself. In this process, is also growing. Although there is sweetness and happiness, hardship and bitterness are among them. This is common sense, not to mention you.   I just hope you can stand firm in the wind and summon up courage. Even the rain will catch up with you head – on, and you will also be ready to go through it.. Because there is no choice, you just met.   I believe that you can stick to it all the way. In this trip, I deeply understand you, because I am also a woman. I have also shed tears, every drop of which drips in my heart. The wisps of pain are like heroin in my body. If this pain can be borne by me for you, I will not hesitate to bear it for you. But, no, you have to carry it yourself. I can only be your best spectator or your closest confidant.   The other day, I took the time to see the regulations for participating in Beijing’s love story. This youth idol drama tells the story of three men and four women in the bustling city’s emotion and life experience of struggle. Although the characters in the play describe the life of post – 80s contemporary college students in Beijing, I suggest that you, post – 90s college students, have a good look at what to learn and what to give up. I believe you will benefit a lot from being smart..   As you said, you are cool like Lin Xia, I believe, because women are better known than mothers. There is nothing wrong with this. Although Lin Xia was infatuated, his silly infatuation and reserve often filled my eyes with tears. On the contrary, her sadness and tears, dropping by dropping, also make me love dearly.. After a cruel struggle and training, she finally understood a truth: growth is a sign of relief and forgiveness. Can’t treat a hopeless thing, too realistic. To learn tolerance and understanding, think more from each other’s point of view, try to be generous, free and easy, and unselfish, the situation will be different.   Dear baby, you’ve been suffering these days. I can imagine how you sleep with tears in the night, little by little, every time you arrive at a quiet night.. However, I was still in the dark when I was careless. I really blamed myself..   This time in a hurry to see you, I feel you are much better than I thought. I admire you very much, because you are really strong. I am very comforted and proud to speak and act so quickly and competently.. This year, what you should do is very satisfactory. Scholarships, certificates of honor, everything.   What moved me most was your phone number.   I said, ” Baby, are you all right?”? You answer: ” Mom, I’m not in a bad position.”! I said, ” Why do you say that?”? You answered, ” Because I can’t be so selfish, I have to be good – because I still have my mother.”! I know you are a sensible child. You are afraid of my thinking, afraid of my displeasure. But I also know that although your heart is bitter, you still have to comfort me.   Dear baby, there’s a lot more to say. I just want you to step on the green at your feet in the future, step by step, baby, don’t cry – because spring is coming . deduplication

As carefree as a child

[ Editor’s Note ]A simple childlike innocence eliminates much irritation and creates much happiness! Perhaps, sometimes people should freeze their anger and impatience and live as simply and happily as children, wouldn’t it be quick!    [ Author’s Brief Introduction ]Xiaodaqing, male, Ganzhou, Jiangxi, civil servant. Member of Chinese essayist association and member of Ganzhou writers association, Jiangxi province. Prose, novels and poems are scattered in dozens of newspapers and periodicals, and some works are reproduced in today’s digest regulations and other publications. He has won many prizes in various essay competitions, including the second prize in the essay contest of the National Prose Writers’ Forum and the excellent prize in the Chinese Clean and Honest Fiction Grand Prix.. The work was selected in various selections. Publication of essays to participate in the floral regulations along the way.     One day in midsummer, I flew from Guangzhou to Haikou for a visit. I didn’t expect the flight to be delayed by nearly an hour. Passengers are waiting for it without knowing what’s going on.. The airport side did not send even a few words of information to passengers through any channel, nor did it broadcast on the radio, display the words on the display screen, or staff report to the passengers.. Patience is limited, especially during travel. Passengers began to fret, even out of anger. The bad mood spread from the woman wearing sunglasses, and the passengers on the flight had their grievances written on their faces, black – faced, bare – faced, pulling – faced, and angry – faced.. They swarmed to the ticket gate and surrounded the airport staff, one lap, two laps, loudly questioning the cause and complaining about the airport’s irresponsible behavior towards passengers.. It was a young man who was overwhelmed by the waves of censure, holding a walkie-talkie and not knowing what to do. He said that he was delayed due to the weather and that the crew was not enough.. Don’t say it doesn’t matter, what he said is tantamount to adding fuel to the fire. Sunglasses’ was originally a kind of woman with jewels. She swept the floor in anger from embarrassment, grinning and waving lotus root arms. She looked as if she was going to rush forward and bite a eloquence at the young man to relieve her hatred of the delay..     The adults are anxious and angry, but the children are careless. They ran, chased and played in the waiting hall and enjoyed themselves.. For a while and 3322, gather together in a piece, in pushing luggage cart to play. The flight delay has nothing to do with them at all. These children freely assembled into several groups to play the game of ” pushing bags”, with one person in each group taking himself as a bag or sitting or standing on a cart, while the other partners pushed the ” bag” hard from one side to the other.. After a while, two luggage carts rushed from the front at full speed, which were two groups of cars pushing fast in the race, causing the’ luggage’ of their cars to giggle all the way.. A simple childlike innocence saves a lot of irritation and creates a lot of happiness! Looking at these lovely children, I envy them very much.     I finally waited for the news of boarding, although it was late, it was good news after all, and the passengers’ eyebrows were slightly relaxed and they rolled up their bags and ran to the boarding passage.. It was already midnight. The passenger plane, like a nightingale, fluttered its wings and soared toward the endless night sky with its head held high. Looking down through the porthole in the engine room, Guangzhou under the wing is a sea of bright lights, yellow, green and blue … ah, colorful, like glittering gems. Overlooking the city streets and roads, they are crisscrossed and the lights turn with the road, and the lights shine brightly.. Of course, this is just a wonderful picture in children’s eyes. This moving picture of the night scene makes the children happy, but the adults turn a blind eye to it. They haven’t got out of their depressed state of mind yet, and the same seats are still chattering endlessly about the ” late event” just now, thus missing out on a rare moment of beauty under their noses.. It can be said that ” the border is made by the heart, and the phase is made by the heart”!     The plane climbed up to high altitude and the cabin leveled off. At this moment, the stewardess pushed the tea cart and laughingly distributed the free food package to the passengers.. After tea, heaven and earth returned to darkness, and children who had played all day soon entered the sweet dream country with fatigue.. The adults looked over the cabin and began to worry – the sky was covered with dark clouds and the rain was misty.. The more the plane flies forward, the darker the night sky becomes, like a big black pot upside down. Just now, the rain was as soft as thread powder, and now it’s like a sharp arrow coming obliquely from the front and top of the plane.. In the cabin, besides the roar of the blower, there was also a sound of even breathing from the children sleeping soundly.. The adults are not sleepy. They think too much and think too much. They are worried about the bad weather. An uneasy heart is always floating in the misty night sky..     The plane wore clouds and fog in the dark for about 40 minutes. The stewardess told you that it was about to arrive in haikou meilan international airport.. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief. The plane dropped, then dropped, and the lights flashing on both sides of the runway were approaching the runway ground. eventually, due to poor visibility and strong winds, the landing gear lowered from the fuselage had to be taken back for safety reasons.. The plane circled over the airport for more than half an hour and twice tried to land without success. Soon, the captain received a message from the airport that meilan airport had been closed due to the typhoon..The passengers’ hearts were already in their throats. At this time, the captain was instructed to fly to Guangxi Nanning Airport for a temporary stay. Is there enough fuel for the plane? Is the crew sure to control such weather? . Ah, a series of question marks, tangled into an invisible rope, tugging everyone’s heart tightly, everyone holding a sweat for his own life. More than 3 am, the plane finally landed safely at Nanning Airport. The whole flight was settled in the airport hotel for a rest. The adults were in shock and the children were bleary – eyed. Although I had no sleep all night, I finally landed safely, Amitabha Buddha and Amitabha Buddha! Good men believe in women with their hands folded.     After staying at Nanning airport for more than ten hours, the children have enough energy to get up early in the morning, playing on the lawn outside the hotel and breathing fresh air.. The adults were exhausted physically and mentally after the ordeal along the way, and were still curled up in bed to sleep. After lunch, after the storm in Haikou, we boarded the plane and returned to Joan. We arrived in Haikou meilan airport at 14: 30..     Out of the cabin and down the gangway, a short, fat, fat man with bulging eyes and black face held a small flag to greet our tour group. He was a Hainan tour guide, Abin. A few quick-talking female tourists immediately complained to Abin about the ” night sky shock” adventure, with rich and exaggerated expressions.. Listening to the sad stories of mothers, several children scrambled to express different views from their mothers. They felt that this trip was a bargain: ” We paid for the trip to Hainan, but we made an extra trip to Nanning free of charge. It’s not worth it. The sky will really drop pies.”! Say that finish, the children’s faces showed innocent innocence, carefree happiness and carefree happiness.  [ Responsible Editor: Poppy[ Original ]

After that moment of shaking

Tonight is destined to be a sleepless night. From the beginning, when I felt the earthquake and felt sure it was an earthquake, I had only a few seconds to think about it, but millions of tragic pictures flashed in my mind.. Things in the home have started to fall from high places and from their spotless positions, and from time to time the sound of falling objects and moaning after broken glass comes from the ears.. The strong shock has made me unable to stand, and I can only climb on the sofa and shout to my lover to get up at the top of my voice. After a period of about ten seconds, the earth has returned to its original cold and tranquillity on the winter night.. At this time, the lover was already pale and panicked and held me tight.. Maybe it’s the inherent calm or the man’s hard-pressed calm in his bones. After making sure the house is in a stable state, let the lover wear clothes and go downstairs quickly.. But just as she was wearing clothes, another wave of shock struck, but compared with what she had just said, it has eased a lot, fearing that her lover would not behave again. I didn’t rush or tell her the aftershock, but watched the TV on the TV cabinet dancing involuntarily, looked at the cup on the tea table, and gradually fell to the floor with the dance rhythm of the TV gradually approaching the edge of the tea table, listening to the ringing sound again running through my eardrum … Ah, wait for her lover to wear clothes, I let her go downstairs to wait for me first, and I, lit a cigarette, and looked at the house that has accompanied me for nearly ten years.. Then, he began to consider whether to take some quilts to keep out the cold, take some dry food to satisfy his hunger, or not take some bottles of water to quench his thirst.? Want to want to go, eyes fell on the phone on the sofa, can’t help laughing out, take it, one thousand have a phone call or answer it. Then, after turning off the main power switch of the room, he went downstairs. Outside the community, it was already buzzing and lights were dim. What everyone said was not panic, but various embarrassing situations during escape. You kindly ridiculed me for not wearing socks, and I kindly ridiculed you for wearing the wrong shoes. There are helpless and teasing words.     There are more and more people and traffic is getting crowded. It is estimated that they are all going to the Gangqing Highway for temporary refuge, and there are also many people who are wrapped in quilts to avoid in the open space outside the community.. Fire fighting and public security vehicles have already appeared in the traffic, and the network communication caused by the brief earthquake has also begun to return to normal. The people who are quick to hand have already sent the news of the earthquake to their friends, and jokes and jokes have also been published on WeChat. What’s more, they have already learned the epicenter and depth of the earthquake, and public platforms that have refuted rumors have published authoritative information on the Internet in order to appease the frightened people.. The night became more dignified and the chill became more unbridled.. Tonight is destined to be a sleepless night … 20 1.6.1. 21 after the earthquake in the car

A throbbing youth

How many of today’s college students can snore and fall asleep before twelve o’clock? Maybe, you don’t need to find any excuses for your inaction. Perhaps, it is the compromise with oneself step by step that makes the situation even worse..   Time flies by like a blink of an eye, and hurry has come to an end. The reality of bone feeling is in front of us.. Sometimes, in a casual or casual way, an inexplicable fear arises for the future. Now, I can no longer recover the innocence I just entered the university gate. At that time, I naively thought that my fate had been plated with a layer of shimmering gold that could not be wiped away.. At the beginning of the surging passion, there is a big rush out of heaven and earth heroic. Today, laziness is the norm. Falling down is actually as easy as the palm of one’s hand, but it is more difficult to stick to the torrent and advance bravely.. The tiredness of body and mind, the temptation of secularism, and the ordinary enjoyment were all blameless, but the frequent destruction made me feel so guilty again and again.. Sometimes, I don’t want to say anything. I just want to hide and seek the most real myself. Sometimes, knowing that you have lost yourself in a wrong way where everyone is drunk, you still dare not wake up with cold water. Maybe you don’t want to attract strange eyes, or you can’t let go of some elusive things.. Years of ups and downs, walking all the way, vacant, the lost has long been lost, the gain has not yet been obtained. In fact, we also spent a few classes or even an afternoon to calm the aftermath and think about how to continue the road ahead. After all, we are still on the road.. However, when the diligent volunteers were comforted by birds and flowers in the morning, they tossed and turned the Chinese side to open their sleepy eyes, and finally could not resist the erosion of drowsiness.. How many college students today can snore and fall asleep before twelve o’clock? Maybe, you don’t need to find any excuses for your inaction. Perhaps, it is the compromise with oneself step by step that makes the situation even worse..     Can’t go back, after all, I can’t pick up all the things I used to have. After another eight-part essay-style meeting and routine activities to douse and freeze the future once desired, it was only a dream in the end, that’s all. In the midst of the indifference to noise and noise, the shrill voices were shrill. Once gave people warm sunshine, but now it seems that people can’t open their eyes. What’s more, it’s a kind of helplessness that makes things right and people wrong.. I finally understood a little why so many people miss their childhood so much and so much… I don’t want to criticize anything, but I just don’t want to grow up. When I grow up, I will understand the complicated ways of the world and get involved in the whirlpool of intrigue. I can only lament whether life gives us these filthy rottenness.. Ha ha, so live really tired. Perhaps I owe too much to my parents, but eventually I have to compromise my life.. Seems to have lost the goal of struggle, no motivation at all. If parents’ hard-earned savings are smashed into this pile of dispensable things, what’s the point of going to college? Only for diplomas can they waste four years of youth and youth? Often, for the reality, the force is not enough. The teacher talked vaguely about foreign knowledge that only they could possibly understand in a dialect that we didn’t understand at all. He always called himself a doctor in a high profile, but he took lecture materials from previous years or even longer to deal with textbooks that had been revised many times.. Professors often just hang a title and study national projects upside down. When the students looked down and bored through their mobile phones and even simply went to sleep sullen, they could not help but sigh. Is the university just that? There was a time when dropping out of school for employment was haunting and suffocating.. The plight of the soul is unbearable. The reality of embarrassment, want to say also Hugh. In fact, I don’t want to give up. So many books, I haven’t read, read, extract and write down the mood at that time. So many friends haven’t had time to negotiate. Can’t bear to give up, really, can’t bear to.     On the road, sighing and sighing, I have missed yesterday and will waste the present day. The gap of youth will not be filled in the next few years or even longer.. I hope I can find the value of my efforts and pursue them without any distractions. Even if not, the high-spirited journey is worth pondering over for a long time in the future..     Perhaps the text itself still has adolescent ignorance and immaturity, but it is the most real self, at least, now it is. No goal, no passion, just like a lost vegetable leaf, gives a person a kind of weakness and malaise. Maybe, after a while, it will be better. At that time, I would not be so extreme and indignant as I am now, but would learn to accept unchangeable things with my heart and courage to fulfill my promise.

A Brief Introduction to Yuzaogong Family

Part ( 4 ) A brief introduction to Yuzao Gong’s family, ranking second among the ten sai – jo. It is the brother of my great-grandfather Yuping and the brothers of a father.. I don’t remember what kind of person he is. According to the old people, I was dead many years before I was born.. It is not clear whether he died of war, accident or disease.. The search for roots and asking ancestors for details is also unnecessary, let’s just say that. Judging from the appearance and temperament of the great-grandfather before his death, the second great-grandfather should also be a wise and intelligent man, and there is no lack of loyal family members.. Liu family, the old people always like to spoil the small. I think that the two great-grandfathers will also get better cultural nourishment, and there will always be a foundation for private schools, at least like the great-grandfathers who will support their families with the knowledge they have in mind all their lives.. The former residence of the second great-grandfather is impressive. It is the old house in the south of the old village street, low and small, surrounded by east and west wing rooms and south houses, with two wooden doors, which also vaguely see the scene of the past.. The courtyard has always been inhabited by the descendants of the two great – ancestors. Of course, the demolition and relocation of the old village is now gone, leaving a mess of ruins.. The second great-grandfather had his wife Cao Shi and Ren Shi successively. What I know is three men and two women, as to whether there is another woman. Because they are married and out of town, they are not common and do not move frequently. What I know is the elder sister-in-law and the second sister-in-law of the mountain.. Three men, I call grandpa, grandpa two, grandpa three. Grandfather, Grandfather Two had a military service history abroad, and then returned home to work in agriculture. Grandfather Three had never been out of a mountain village within dozens of miles, and everyone was a dutiful and loyal farmer.. The grandparents’ three grandfathers and two great-aunts have also been dead for many years.. The offspring of the second great-grandfather and the six men and eight women of the grandchildren. I’m all male honorific uncle, because they all call my father’s eldest brother. The woman is aunt. Sun generation of men, also has died three. Uncle Guangshun, Uncle Guangheng, Uncle Guangan. The most regrettable thing is that Uncle Guang Shun died of illness as soon as he was an adult. According to the old man, if it were now, he would not have died prematurely. Uncle Guangheng, in his prime, seems to have died of depression, drank poison and died of ineffective treatment.. Guang ‘an’s second uncle died suddenly and was buried with the spirit at the age of 63.. The great-grandchildren of the second great-grandfather are five men and three women. Is the son of the 13th. In those days, according to generations, they were all my brothers and sisters. According to legend, there are many generations of descendants of the 14th century, ” Hui” is the word, yang, cong, Shuo and Jie. In order to record the deeds of the descendants of the second great – grandfathers, the pedigree of the family is listed as follows: the 11th great – grandfathers: shan zhi ( wife, su Shi ), shan de ( wife, song Shi Zhao LAN ) and shan LUN ( Tang Shi Zhen LAN ). Twelve grandfathers: Guang Hai ( wife, Meng Guangling ), Guang ‘an ( wife, Cui Shi Chuanlian ), Guang Heng ( wife, Meng Zhaomei ), Guang Rong ( wife, Huang Fengying ), Guang Shun ( wife, Yin Qinliu ), Guang He ( wife, Zhang Guiju ) ). The 13th generation of peers: Zong Fu ( wife, Dong Shi Xiaojun ), Zong Yong ( career first, family first, to be continued ), Zong Bo ( wife, Xia Wen Xiu ), Zong Gang ( wife, Liu Baoqin ) and Zong Bin ( wife, who is in love and wants to marry ). April 20, 2011

A little thing.

Chrysanthemum is called the flower of death for foreigners, while Kaifeng regards chrysanthemum as a city flower. How much economy does chrysanthemum create for Kaifeng and how much inspiration does chrysanthemum provide for scholars. Chrysanthemum is just chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum is innocent.   The cloud said it found the chrysanthemum in the auditorium missing, but it didn’t know it at all. What’s more, it forgot its shape and location and took photos with the chrysanthemum with such passion..   What about me?? I seem to have witnessed the emergence of chrysanthemums to their disappearance, and what is my feeling? Indifferent. What a cold word, my hand began to tremble.     When chrysanthemum came on stage, I was also ecstatic about it. I tried my best to appreciate the beauty of chrysanthemum, but I couldn’t find a proper word to describe the beauty of chrysanthemum. Later, I gradually dismissed the idea, sometimes saying self – mockery: I am a layman, why so many talents?     Later, friends from all over the world came here to see the chrysanthemum exhibition, and many people came. I was tired of entertaining the chrysanthemum, not to mention writing something for it. I was very tired.!     Later, I was ill, more not in the mood to appreciate chrysanthemum, occasionally in the mood to appreciate chrysanthemum, only to find that chrysanthemum has no original appearance. I began to look forward to the chrysanthemum exit, which I think is necessary. When the chrysanthemum leaves in turn, I am very glad, because there is not enough beauty, it is better to disappear. This is my humble opinion.     Chrysanthemum is called the flower of death for foreigners, while Kaifeng regards chrysanthemum as a city flower. How much economy does chrysanthemum create for Kaifeng and how much inspiration does chrysanthemum provide for scholars.   Chrysanthemum is just chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum is innocent.     When I meditated in my world, the cloud suddenly asked me what I thought. I always asked the cloud habitually, why did I write like this and how did I think of it here?   Cloud asked me, ” You can appreciate it as a work of a stranger.”!     Cloud is right, but cloud doesn’t know how hard it is for me to change suddenly because I am only a listener in cloud and my role and have become accustomed to such a role.! The hope of the cloud is just as I want it to be. There is nothing wrong with it.     Yes! What needs to be changed is myself. The cloud does not deprive me of the right to speak. I should also think independently, no matter what the content is right or wrong..[ Responsibility Editor: Chloe[ Original ]

A brief description of the mood

The end of the decade is not only a love but also a friendship.!   Ten years ago, about this season, we met. Ten years later, this season, we chose to separate! When we met each other, we were still very young, but when we were separated, our faces had already left traces of the years..   I said that I can learn things that I can’t, but I really can’t learn about love. I have worked hard for it and paid for it. I said that giving will pay off, but I didn’t feel anything in return for me..   The original feeling is not love but dependence after a long time, and then when it is lost, it is not pain, but not giving up.’ That’s right, indeed, for so many years, even if there is no love, there will still be friendship.? But when you decide to leave, what’s the use of not giving up?   We have all tried to retain, but when a person is really dead to a person, everything has become unimportant!   When we are together, our personalities are more stubborn, no one wants to bow their heads, and no one can throw away our respective faces. But now, think about it, is face really so important?? In fact, as long as two people are happy together, who bowed their heads first and why not ~! Just, it’s too late now. Even if you think too clearly and see too clearly, what’s the use of regret??   People live all their lives, and who will not make mistakes?? In fact, it is not terrible to make mistakes. The terrible thing is to know clearly that you have made mistakes, but you are not willing to correct them. In this way, it is the most terrible thing..   Perhaps, after the separation, we will all live with each other in our hearts, with such a person ( she ) that we loved deeply, or perhaps, memories are also happy.?

Book wish

Father is a retired cadre.     When my father changed jobs, the only thing that was most valuable was the small suitcase of books. Although the number and types of books are not large, they have excellent collection value. ; W6i, x 8f 1g 4z father’s books are mostly Chinese and foreign literary classics, a small part are knowledge reference books and a personal album. Among these books, his favorite is the old and somewhat damaged regulation of participating in the decoding of telegrams.. Father told me: This book is specially used for telegram. I once worked as a telegraph operator in the army and when I changed jobs, the army chief specially gave me this book as a souvenir, so I have a special feeling for it. From this point of view, father’s book not only has collection value, but also can be used as a historical file to record an unusual experience of father’s life.     When’ history is not in the forefront’, father, fearing that these books would suffer, took out all the great man’s works and put the other books at the bottom of the box and put clothes on them. In this way, the box of books was safely preserved. However, no one thought that these books were destroyed in the great water in 1975..     I remember that in mid – August of that year, the climate was particularly abnormal. The Huaibei Plain in Anhui Province was flooded with heavy rain and the river surged, and even torrents from the Zhumadian area in Henan Province overflowed into the Huaibei Plain.. There is a river called Quanhe in the north of the county seat. People from the county seat poured out their nests to fight the floods day and night, but they failed to stop the raging floods after all.. At about 2: 00 p.m., the river bank burst, and in a short time, the city was already flooded with water. Before this, my father had handled the main items in the home properly according to the county’s notice, and carefully put the small box of bookshelves on the big wardrobe, muttering to himself, ” This high place should not be flooded.”? But’ house leaks happen when it rains’. The flood receded, and it took me about a week to know that my home had been destroyed by the flood.. Despite the hot weather and the scorching sun on his head, his father searched for his possessions in a pile of rubbish.. When he pulled the small box of books out of the mess, his lost face was really crying. As expected, the books in the suitcase were as rotten as paste when touched by hand because they were soaked in water for too long.. Even so, my father did not give up putting it in the sun. However, everything is of no help. A few days later, my mother insisted on sending these books to the waste collection station when she was doing housework, but her father strongly opposed them.. One day, I witnessed my father carrying a small suitcase to a remote wall in the unit, lighting a match in pain and watching the box of books slowly turn to ashes.. Looking at his father’s depressed expression, I secretly vowed to buy as many books as his father did when he grew up in order to appease his father’s heart damaged by the book disaster..     Coincidentally, when I returned to the school, the librarian who was catching up with the school was also sorting out the books.. Without further ado, I helped librarians to turn over books, print books and collect books for several days in a row.. Maybe my sincerity touched him. Later, he opened a small kitchen for me: If you like reading, come and get it anytime and anywhere. Also at that time, I almost read Chinese and foreign classics all over the world, which has greatly benefited me and has strengthened my idea of collecting books ever since.. 5s; H % w8n3u $ q” I + ~ 2w more than 20 years have passed. I thought my sincerity and perseverance finally fulfilled the dream of collecting books in those days. To be sure, my current collection of books is far more than my father’s small suitcase. But the only thing that is missing is the code for participating in telegram decoding, which is like a part of father’s life

That fishing fire warms my sleepless nights

In the bitter and heavy waves, sing aloud. On both sides of the mountain with a smile in the surging waves.     And with those tortuous and even thoughts, why are there so many people in the sea one by one?.     Fishery fire warms my sleepless nights. In the pieces of Shan Ye Peace, in every state of mind I set free, countless calls and cries have been triggered. In spring flowers and autumn months, the mountain love and water dreams bathed in wind and rain have lightened the emotions and wings of thousands of species, all lighting up the bright lights in the sky … Ah, in the loneliness of the years, I have set foot on Fengqiao.. In all the scenery, it is so full of passion.     I and you soothed countless joys and sorrows on the shoulders of that night, lingering black and white figures on the grass between me and you, deep into the songs of the warm clusters, melodious in which happiness is memories.     Play that pop song, me and you, that’s all: – in the emotional cableway and there are many surprises.   – in the sky car of life, there will always be thousands of sighs.   – waving oars in the river of life with endless changes in temperature.     Really, I have a lot of innocence and innocence. I have imagined many gorgeous scenery in your eyes, and what leaped into my eyes was the sail shadow and the moving whistle sound that came back from a long voyage..     In the flowing water of thought, the reflection shows that the star and the moon that I and I embrace have ushered in many gains and losses in the process of constant thinking.. Looking at the fence, you gave me a wry smile in the running water, and with a wry smile the natural and graceful and brilliant of the years..     Everything is gone in the running water, boundless. Everything was born again in the running water, thick.     In the innocent eyes of me and you, how many heroes have become fallen yellow flowers. How many ideals have become the gushing water. How many wishes have passed countless joys and sorrows.     Yes, one by one beautiful imagination, sitting alone became the stone oak on the bank of the big river, with black and white pain, the moon falling and crying in the wind and rain, and the real reason for that one by one? At the moment of life’s perception, the endless charm has left us with the eternal song. Life, find something to gain and innovate.     Life can only be beautiful in constant pursuit. In the world of thinking, he took off the mask and told him and her everything about himself. The moon has fallen and the whistle of life has sounded. Yes, let’s get out of that yesterday’s doubts and start our new journey and new actions. Ah, the singing of running water has strengthened my love.. Yes, in the spring flowers and the autumn moon, the sound of the waves is still the sound of your feet fading away. Every time I look forward to your beautiful image, in that moving ballad, I hold out devout wishes and open the doors and windows of my heart in the wind and rain.. The spring festival, long after my feelings, looked out from the window and walked along the road full of sunshine with thousands of thoughts and your guitar sound.. You and I walked on the beach together. The beautiful scene of first love surprised the waterfowl one by one, splashing into the river and singing the rhythm of life in the warm and cold.. In this way, looking at those spring and autumn periods, I realized a lot. The warmth of love and hate has flourished a philosophy of life. In the memory you gave me, I paid tribute to the most beautiful painting page of that relationship. Several romantic figures, I split the waves in your river.     A wish, full to recognize that a piece of yellow land. The ancient beauty is unsurpassed, simple and kind.     Plumes of what the new green, in this way, in the call of time and time again, with your and your feet out of confusion. With a kind of talk and real in – depth, containing hardships and hardships. In the abundant season, the wish became the spring song in February, the fragrant wheat waves in all previous dynasties in May, the rice fragrance in July, and the thick wine color in September.. In the process of simple and vivid expression, the beautiful scenes and the charming word ” agriculture” were written, holding out the dream as simple as that of the land.. From then on, the mountain village was full of wind and drizzle that moistened the spring and autumn period … oh, my sleepless, ever-present sorrow and joy for that piece of land.   My sleepless, don’t miss my mother’s feelings every time.   My sleepless, wearily watching the amorous feelings of the four seasons.   My sleepless, among all dreams, the true, the good and the beautiful.     So, I realized through the storm and the mystery of the night and the endless spirit of peddling, so I gratefully let fishing fire leave me a lot of poetry and paintings, leaving a canvas shadow of love forever … ah