dopted mother is also mother

Ganma is also Ma Wen / Yang Guopeng. When I was six years old, I was weak and sickly. My mother often touched my head and wept secretly.. During the Dragon Boat Festival, my mother took me to the two aunts’ home in Wuxing Village ten miles away and asked for advice from the well-informed two aunts.. Two aunts told my mother to worship the dopted mother, so she could transfer the goods. I had to worship a dopted mother with many sons and many blessings.. However, the rural people are superstitious and fear that worshipping the cadres and relatives will dilute their own destiny. They are not close to people and will not agree easily. Two aunts then recommended her cousin to be my godmother.     After lunch, two aunts invited her cousin to come home, and three women sat around the table on the ground to have a conversation, and cautiously said the worship of relatives and cadres.. When I said these words, I played with my cousin on the kang of the second aunt’s house, always secretly listening with my ears and secretly watching from time to time.. I found her staring at me from the moment she entered the door, with a gentle and cordial smile on her face. When my cousin and I greeted her, we took out some candy and gave it to us.. I counted and gave me more than my cousin! When listening in on the adults, I was nervous and scared. I was afraid my mother would be refused and embarrassed, and I was afraid that if it happened, what should I do?? Although I have already had a favorable impression on her, she is older than two aunts and naturally older than my mother. I am somewhat unhappy in my heart and a little uneasy.. She grabbed my mother’s hand and kept smiling, while listening to two aunts introduce my family, she studied my facial expression. I also had a naughty smile and pretended to play with my cousin.. She thought for a moment, then readily agreed, saying that she was in charge of these things at home and asked my mother to go home and consult my grandfather and my father.. Then I let go of my heart.     When I got home, my mother and father went to see grandpa ( grandpa and Sanbo lived in Sanbo Old Street’s home at that time ) and left me alone at home waiting for news. I took out the remaining two pieces of candy from my trouser pocket and lovingly peeled off one piece and put it in my mouth. The other one was my intention to honor my grandfather.. Sweet silk candy is more delicious than the one grandpa gave me. Grandpa gave it hard, but these candies were sweet and crisp. In addition to eating with my cousin, I secretly chewed one at the second aunt’s house.. I was a little hesitant when I thought of worshipping the dry relatives. She was getting older, but she looked at my eyes as a soft warm thing, the same as when my mother looked at me, and her family still had plenty of good sugar to eat. At that time, my family had just moved into a new house and had not given me the money to eat snacks. Only grandpa would give candy, and it would take a long time to do so.. I can guess, she also likes me very much, otherwise how could she promise me to share her blessings and take advantage of her own son? Want to know when playing with my friends in the next two aunts’ house, I saw that the reed chicken in the aunt’s house threw out the chicks from the eldest sister-in-law’s house that had robbed her children of food, so it was easy to escape from under the threshold.. When mom and dad came back, they said grandpa wanted me to make my own decision. When I say what I think, especially if I think she is too old, it makes mom and dad laugh, saying that it is a blessing for my whole life to recognize her as a dopted mother, and there is no room for me to play too much.!     So, on the auspicious day after the wheat harvest, my parents led me to the second aunt’s house again, prepared a four-color ceremony, and worshipped my parents under the leadership of the second aunt and the second uncle. I vaguely remember walking a long way to get there.. At that time, the dopted mother’s house was still living in the old house, with the heavy black door wide open, the threshold raised early to lean against the nearby woodpile, the yard was cleaned cleanly, and the second uncle shouted loudly: ” Brother 16, your dopted son is here.”! ‘ I saw several big brothers spouting from the innermost room, followed by a middle-aged man and a woman who came out of the second room, the dopted mother of Li Lissoro and the new dopted father, all of whom were greeted with warm and affectionate smiles. I quickly fell to my knees and kowtowed while shouting respectfully at the dopted mother and the dopted father in my mouth.. Dry dad ha ha smiled and simply agreed to help me up. dopted mother also smiled bright and clear, held her arms close, and greeted everyone into the room to talk with dopted father.. She hugged me and introduced some of my brothers. Looking at a few strange but cordial smiling faces, I know dopted mothers have already told the family about the worship of relatives, and everyone welcomes me. My hanging heart finally became steadfast and the strangeness disappeared … Ah, I remember when I was 12 o’clock at noon, the youngest brother invited me to put firecrackers and bow down to the Buddha worshipped by fathers and godmothers.. At lunch time, under the guidance of my second uncle, I offered tea to my parents and received red envelopes from them. This kiss was completely worshipped..     The dopted mother’s family treated me so affectionately that when my parents came home, they purposely left me for a few days. In the evening, I hugged dopted mother and slept soundly. I actually took up my little brother’s arms. During the day, I turned with dopted mother after driving out, and dopted mother kowtowed to Buddha. While dopted mother was cooking, I chewed all kinds of snacks or candies in my mouth and watched. dopted mother loathed me to move my broom and pull a bellows. Every time I wanted to help her do what I could, dopted mother always stopped me and said, ” My baby will not do it and told you guys to get it.”. ‘ dopted mother took me with her when she came to the neighbor’s house and said proudly: ” This is my son, although he is not old, he can read a lot.”! ‘ dopted mother’s popularity is good, and the neighbors I saw took my hand rare. I followed dopted mother’s introduction and shouted to people consumedly square square. I often got all kinds of snacks and desserts presented to me, and my trouser pocket was full of them.. When I get home, I will leave it for my brothers. The dopted mother always said that if she couldn’t eat, she hid under the pillow to save for herself. At breakfast, my little brother and I are egg custard. My egg custard always has more yellow and bright rapeseed oil than my little brother. Other brothers all eat porridge like dopted mothers.. The brothers did not complain at all. Several brothers came home from school at noon every day, ate lunch and took me to play with them. They showed me their collection of comic books and told wonderful stories.. The dopted mother watched a group of children grow up happily, and the smile on her face was even more brilliant..     Gandad is a worker in the provincial construction of Liujian, and his family’s economy is relatively broad. He often buys snacks to satisfy his children’s appetite. Ganma always fears that I will eat less. When doing housework, she also asks me if I still have anything in my pocket and whether I want it or not.? Look at my hard nod, just rest assured to continue to work. Dry dad had to go back to work in the provincial capital on time, and dry mom had to take a lot of children to live alone in the home. In addition to doing housework inside and outside, she had to go to the fields to plant crops and do farm work.. In the afternoon, after school, her brothers led us to gather wheat ears, light corn and plant dry tobacco. When planting dry tobacco, the eldest brother and the second brother went to the canal to carry water. Little brother and I will use gourd ladle to pour dry tobacco. The third brother accompanied dopted mother and put a layer of wheat straw on the watered dry tobacco roots to preserve soil moisture.. The dopted mother always feared that I was tired. She called me to her in a moment, wiped my sweat with her handkerchief, and asked me if I was tired, thirsty, hungry or jealous.. The little brother also cried out to buy me popsicles to eat when he came home, and also took my cousins and cousins from the second aunt’s home to play at home.. Once, playing with my brothers at home, I ran so fast that I accidentally bumped my head and drum a small bag. When dopted mother saw me, she hugged me nervously and blamed my brothers for not being careful and called on my brother to get clean tiles. She took them and wiped them with a handkerchief and gave them to me for research. She also read Buddha in her mouth and prayed for Buddha’s blessing.. Indeed as expected after a while, the bag went down and the burning pain disappeared.When Uncle Er wants to send me back to my home ( Uncle Er was driving a car to run and transport in the motorcade ), the dopted mother not only packed me a lot of delicious food, but also hung a prayer string around my neck for many years..     When I got home, my next aunt heard me introduce dopted mother’s house with flying colors. she couldn’t help teasing me, saying that I had been staying at the dopted mother’s house for a long time, and all my talk had brought the dopted mother’s accent, and that she would be the dopted daughter in the future.. I nodded honestly and said I was the senior of dopted mother’s family. During the Chinese New Year, dopted mother came to my family to visit relatives. In addition to the new New Year’s money, she gave me two big red lanterns. Although my uncle and aunt also gave me a lot of lanterns, I always took the lanterns from dopted mother to walk through the streets and lanes every night. I accidentally collided with other people’s lanterns, lit candles and cried a lot..     Every time I went to Wuxing Village to visit relatives, my family first went to Er Yi’s house because Er Yi’s house was close to the intersection. As soon as everyone had a drink of water, I was in a hurry to yell and want to visit Gan Ma’s house.. Two aunts ran on me with a smile. They are immature dogs and kids, and they don’t know what good food dopted by dopted mothers for me. They are so close to dopted mothers that they don’t even want to stay with their aunts.. See I was stubborn, two aunts called my cousin to take me to, let my cousin take a message to dopted mother, said my parents later in the past. Every time I went, my parents came back to my house in the afternoon, and I lived in dopted mother’s house for a few days, enjoying the lively activities of a large group of boys, and more enjoying dopted mother’s eccentric love. Of course, the dopted mother’s family often come to our house and walk around. Every time the family sends the dopted mother back to the five-star village, I will reluctantly leave the village and watch dopted mother’s back, unable to help crying for a while. Sometimes dopted mother looked at me sad. If it was a holiday, dopted mother would simply take me back to Wuxing Village and tell my mother to stay for a while, then let my second uncle’s bike come back, and I would happily climb the second brother’s bike and say goodbye to my parents.. Later, my two aunts and their family moved to Baoji with their two uncles. The dopted mother’s family also moved to a new home and lived in Xinjie. I also learned to ride a bike myself. I had a high beam and my ass couldn’t reach the saddle. I often went to visit dopted mother on vacation. At that time, the dirt road in the countryside was not easy to walk. After I got home, the gifts in the sugar cage in the back seat of the bike were often all scattered, but dopted mother never abandoned it.. If it was winter vacation, dopted mother heard my cry and hurried out to meet me. She saw me stop the car at random and hugged me. She shouted her lovely son, put my red-frozen hand in her arms and warmed me. She called her brothers to pour boiling water for me, take candy for candy, park bicycles to park bicycles and move sugar cages for sugar cages. She held me to sit on the hot kang. She could not help kissing me after I won the first place in the exam. Her mouth shouted her good son, good son and little brother to learn from me.! My brothers were busy and took off their shoes and went to the kang to give me the warmest place, and everyone around me asked the east to ask the west to be warm and affectionate..     Later, as I grew older, I had less time to live in my mother’s house. My brothers also got married one after another. My eldest brother and my third brother had a new homestead and moved out after building it. My second brother took an examination of the university and went to work in Shanghai. My younger brother took his father’s class after graduating from junior high school and was also in the provincial capital.. Every time I go to my mother’s house, I will go to work with my godmother. When I cook, my sister-in-law and sister-in-law all run over to help the kitchen. My godmother and sister-in-law accompany us to talk. While the family is busy at dinner, my sisters-in-law at home are separated from each other, but their relationship with godmother is close. My brothers are still in harmony and meimei. I have never had a prosperous face. My godmother and sister-in-law’s face always walked with each other.. Later, when brothers had children, they also let godparents take care of them. The eldest brother and the third brother worked in agriculture when they were busy. They were all big craftsmen in the construction industry, and their days were also flourishing..     Later, when I got married, dopted parents and sister-in-law hired a pickup truck, pulled several new quilts, new mattresses, dopted mother’s own homespun sheets, and many gifts. Neighbors envy, saying that they are richer than their daughter’s dowry, although my family also gave a gift when several older brothers married, which is not comparable to the scenery of dopted mother’s family. dopted mother cheerfully said that this is my daughter-in-law and happy?!     I bought a house in the city and invited dopted mothers and dads to live in it several times. They always pushed off and said they couldn’t leave home and wanted to bring their grandchildren. Later, my sister-in-law gave birth in winter and dopted mothers came to Xi ‘an. I managed to take dopted mothers to stay for a few days and have a good reception for a few days. I bought dopted mothers underwear, which was a little filial piety, but severely and firmly refused when I gave money.. The dopted mother has repeatedly stressed that my wife and I should work well. Don’t worry about her and my dopted father, saying that my dopted father has a retirement salary and they can’t spend it all. Besides, my brothers are filial and my sisters-in-law often come to their hometown to help with their work and can’t afford to tire of her and my dopted father.. My wife and I are still using the handmade homespun bed sheets given by dopted mother. Every time we wash them, we use our hands for fear that the washing machine will break down. After so many years, we always feel comfortable and comfortable sleeping on the bed sheets given by dopted mother. The bed sheets have always been filled with thick maternal love.. Although every time I go back to my hometown, I will definitely visit my parents, but I always feel that my heart is empty. My parents love me and regard me as their own, but I return too little to the old man’s house..     Today on Mother’s Day, I spoke to dopted mother on the phone and couldn’t help tears streaming down silently. I repeatedly cried: Mom, Mom, dopted mother responded with every sound of excitement ……

After reflection

How are you, mom? ‘ two days didn’t call his son, suddenly received a phone call from his son.   ‘ what are you doing? Son. No, I don’t have your phone in the past two days. I don’t trust you. Just know how you are.. ‘ the original son’s phone just wanted to know if I was ok or not.   ‘ is that you said there is no common language, I didn’t play. I asked my son.   ‘ two generations, there must be a gap. ‘ son prevaricated, I seem to see his apology.   This is how to return a responsibility? On that day, I went to the provincial capital to go to school. There was a little difference with my son, who was always worried about it..   Every time I leave home for another place, I have to give orders to my family, especially to my son..   The son is getting married soon, and when the mother is still old, she treats him as a child, especially in his growth. It is difficult to endure what is wrong without giving birth..   In those two days, my husband and I talked about a business with a girl. Although the girl had a discussion behind her back, every time she came forward alone, she was able and meticulous, confident and active, and I couldn’t believe she was only 25 years old. In just two days, we reached an agreement happily and learned from the contact that the girl only attended an ordinary university in Shenyang, graduated from an advertising major and worked for two years..   ‘ Do your parents do business? You have had such edification and training. Otherwise, how can you be so mature and understand so much in all aspects of society?? The girl trembles and nods.   The girl has always been a mystery to me. The key point of business development is that she has to go out of the phone to ask for instructions. It seems that the people who entrusted her to handle affairs behind the scenes believe in her ability..   In this way, she will not be able to fly in the future. She is a flying bird and is released into the blue sky.. In this way, I think of my son, as a parent, who often takes care of every important event, fearing that he will not be able to do it well and will wander in his own circle, such as the bird in the house, which is the reason for this?   I wanted to think about it this way. I wanted to talk to my son immediately, but now my son is working outside and I want to catch the train to the provincial capital. So I rushed to entrust a few words on the phone..   ‘ Son, the girl I met in business with your father today is two years younger than you, but is mature. You have to learn from others. You see you, often watch TV series in the evening, and time is wasted. How can you do that? If you want to fly high and go far, you can’t let go of your spare time. You can only fly if you read more books and reserve more.. You always compare me with other people. When you go to school, what’s the advantage? Did it work? I am who I am.. ‘ Telephone there, son is not happy.   Alas, if this stubborn son could have listened to me earlier, it would have been much better than it is now. Which parents are not good for their children! ‘ People don’t listen to me. It’s no use crying over spilt milk. I know I’m going to touch a rebuff, but I still want to say it because I’m his mother. I’ve come a lot of ways and know how to go. I’m anxious to see them around the corner.!   When I arrived at the station, I received a message from my son: ” Mom, I have a bad attitude to speak and pay more attention to it later.”. You also don’t always tell me that we don’t have a common language. I’m not angry. It’s normal for my son to play the woman in front of his mother.. I wrote back and said, ” Son, mother told you not to waste your time and study more and accumulate more and more to accumulate more, which is necessary for future survival and development. Please don’t take it seriously and think carefully.”! ‘ When we were young, we didn’t have TV or computers. We only read books to understand the outside world and broaden our horizons.. When I was young, I knew that reading changed my fate and worked hard to get up. Love, intoxicated in love rarely read; After getting married, in order to change my life style, I started business, was busy and didn’t have time to study. In those years, a successful and wise friend often reminded me: ” Don’t forget to read, it will increase your connotation and nurture”. Such warnings often echo in my ears. I also want to be a man of his erudite spirit, not just rich. ‘ Looking far away, I saw that real wealth is spiritual. It is the stars shining in the sky, beautiful and never fading away.. So, at night, when everyone else was sleeping, I picked up the book, and Drucker took part in the management practice bill. I came up with the desire to go to university to study business management in major war zones, and entered the business management class. I also realized that the driving force of external things came from the deep cultural core, and the wisdom of the ancients and the nurturing of literature would make ordinary life shine. Along the line of reading, I realized the unspeakable happiness. How could I have found this happiness if it had not been carried by my friends at the beginning?? Now, how I wish my son could have seen the road of continuous happiness I have realized earlier!   My son and I have different views on reading. He believes that there are many ways to learn. Society is a big classroom, and there are still TV computers.? However, I think that learning is limited at present, impetuous is full of society and permeates the sky. Only when we calm down and talk to intelligent people can we have a set star in our hearts and a bright and broad world..   To this, my friend said to me, ” Young people are like the beauty of spring flowers. You must let him have red leaves, will you?”? Yes, people also have the process of spring, summer, autumn and winter. why should we pull out seedlings to encourage them? Why not let nature take its course?  Son in love, they have become independent and their faces are brimming with happiness. How nice! Why do you have to add burden to them? Instead of preaching, parents should silently put on a pair of paddles when they cross the river and open the window to let them fly when their wings are ripe..   ‘ did you do it? After reflection, I asked myself.

A few degrees of chrysanthemum flowers

[ Guide ]: Mother’s love for chrysanthemum has never been a secret in the village. I also clearly remember when I was a child, when the front yard of my family arrived in autumn, there was always a large golden one.. That’s the money chrysanthemum that my mother was waiting for. Although the flowers are not big, they are very flourishing..   The autumn wind blows away the summer heat and makes the skin feel slightly cool. Autumn wind, dyed yellow grass, dyed yellow maple leaf; The autumn wind, blowing down the leaves, the Indus tree on the roadside, withering away, finally issued a helpless and heavy sigh, reluctantly drifting away from the branches; Autumn wind, blowing through the whole season, the rice in the field in the distance, golden, cotton, snow-white and busy farmers.     The autumn wind blew the purple of the garden and the chrysanthemum of one of the four gentlemen in the flower. As if it were a fair, it was in full swing. Chrysanthemum, she has a loose style and may – like character. The chrysanthemums in the garden show a charming attitude, and the wind floats and dances, making people feel full of poetry and flowers.. White chrysanthemum, as white as snow, floating like a cloud, looks like ten thousand square meters; The red chrysanthemum, such as the burning flame, has a special feeling and looks like a proud face. Money Chrysanthemum, Huang Cancan’s, is small and exquisite, fresh and handsome. Green, purple, with different expressions … Ah, however, the withered grass can’t hide the loneliness of autumn. A autumn rain drenched the whole season, drenched my hair and even drenched my mood. Seeing the chrysanthemums in full bloom in the garden, I breathed deeply and breathed deeply with a faint fragrance.. The flowers of the golden chrysanthemum are particularly striking, with petals like newly-born bean sprouts densely packed tightly around them.. Looking at her brilliant flowers, I couldn’t help but misty my eyes.     I have a special feeling for chrysanthemum. Mother’s life is predestined friends with chrysanthemum. She was born in the blooming season of chrysanthemum and left the world in the blooming season of chrysanthemum.. Not only does she have chrysanthemum in her name, but she also enjoys raising chrysanthemum. This is almost all my memory of my mother.     Mother’s love for chrysanthemum has never been a secret in the village. I also clearly remember when I was a child, when the front yard of my family arrived in autumn, there was always a large golden one.. That’s the money chrysanthemum that my mother was waiting for. Although the flowers are not big, they are very flourishing.. The quiet fragrance often drew the neighbors to stop and look back. Mother’s love for chrysanthemum is naturally different from Tao Yuanming’s. Tao Yuanming’s broad – minded, seemingly natural and unrestrained, is actually an escape from reality and shows how much helplessness in his quiet life.. Away from the dark social reality, sending the scenery is not from its original intention. Although the mother’s life was extremely bumpy, the young man lost his mother and assumed the responsibility of taking care of his younger siblings in the course of growing up, enjoying the hardships of life too early. Middle – aged followed the father who suffered injustice and suffered torture. Old people lose their husbands and suffer from illness. It can be said that fate is very bad! From time to time through the pain, mother’s laughter is still bright and clear, and she is always so enthusiastic about life..     Mother loves chrysanthemum, especially the less expensive money chrysanthemum. I never cared about it when I was a child. When I grow up, I don’t understand much. On one occasion, I inadvertently asked my mother, ” Mom, let’s raise some rare varieties next year.”. ‘ Mother smiled.’ Why? Compared with others, I don’t want to. Mother’s words made me even more puzzled. ” Why? This is very cheap and good to raise. Just pour some water at intervals of three to five. Don’t need too much service. Those rare, delicate ones. I didn’t understand that the original mother’s love for her was all due to her lack of temperance and her exuberant vitality.. No matter how bad the external environment is, she is still bright and fragrant in autumn..     Mother’s life, through the wind and rain of the world, is still calm, still warm as fire, still deeply in love. The persistence, is it the average person can do it? Mother is beautiful. Her beauty lies not only in her appearance, but also in her selfless devotion to her family and children.. Looking back on my mother’s life, I suddenly felt that she was as fresh and beautiful as the petite flower of money..     It’s been three years since my mother died. I can no longer see my mother’s chrysanthemum. Can no longer hear mother’s whispering; I can no longer feel the fragrance reaching deep into my heart. A few times of chrysanthemum flowers, the same season, the same aroma, and people are not there, the voice is hard to find.[ Responsibility Editor: Chloe[ Original ]

awei, come on!

Yesterday, my son awei wrote to us ( WeChat ) asking for money, saying that he was preparing to take part in the postgraduate exam. I was very surprised and pleased to hear the news..   After three years in college, his family repeatedly urged him to study hard to prepare for one’s deceased father grind, but he didn’t care, even saying,’ I’m not the kind of person to sit down and do research. ‘ Two months ago, my colleague’s children were admitted to graduate school and my cousin’s daughter was admitted to graduate school. I said to awei on WeChat: Son, my colleague’s children have been admitted to graduate school. Do you have any ideas? awei replied: Dad, I don’t want to take an examination of one’s deceased father. I want to go to the society early and take an examination of one’s deceased father’s deceased father’s deceased father’s deceased father’s deceased father’s deceased father’s deceased father’s deceased father’s deceased father’s deceased father.! I know everything . Ah. At that time, my heart was rather lost and I thought: My son, he knows to eat, drink and fall in love all day. Why can’t he fight for breath in his studies?? Now don’t one’s deceased father grind after even have no chance. Lost to lost, but I always respect my son’s choice, because the road is to go by myself, and adults can only provide some reference on the direction of the problem..   A month later, awei suddenly called to say that he wanted to be a soldier. Let me inquire about the recruitment information of the county and prepare for myopic surgery. He also said that what to do depends on where the soldiers are. Tibet in Xinjiang will not go.. I am naturally glad to hear that my son wants to be a soldier, because it is a pity for my life and I admire those who have been soldiers in my heart.. But after listening to the words behind me, I’m a little unhappy. This is clearly a fear of hardship! The soldiers in Xinjiang Tibet’s hard and desolate land are not suitable. The soldiers in Beijing and Shanghai must go. I think their son is still naive. In fact, the soldiers everywhere are all the same. They have to go through rigorous and cruel training. Otherwise, how can they defend their country?? I said, ” Son, a soldier’s father supports you.”! But when what soldiers, when where soldiers dad but helpless. ” .” another month later, you suddenly offered to take an examination of one’s deceased father grind. At the crossroads of life, one’s deceased father grind is absolutely right! Dad was surprised, dad was surprised, dad was pleased, dad was happy. I feel like my son woke up at the beginning of a big dream. Although this dream woke up a little later, everything was still in time.. Son, dad praised you! Although the postgraduate entrance examination is hard and tiring, it does not have enough knowledge and ability to contribute to society? To support a family is something that a person can do, but if he wants to settle down and do something for the public, he must have real talent and practical learning.. One’s deceased father grind for further study is just the right time for you, awei, come on!   . Ah, last winter, dad wrote his childhood. You said you forgot your childhood and asked dad to write about your childhood.. Dad didn’t understand how his childhood could be forgotten? The only child generation, is it too happy? Now let your father write about your growth experience.   awei was born at Shangbao Village Health Center in Tongshan Town at sunset on the second day of 1997. You were born with a handsome face and a thin body.. Before I was a year old, I often cried for no reason. My grandfather held you around the hospital during lunch break, and it took me a long time to sleep.. Three turns six sit nine climb, nine months because of a cold you first forehead infusion drip, at that time your father has not tasted the taste of infusion, the in the mind is naturally very worried about fear, mother holding you, motionless a hug is three hours. Before the age of three, colds continued in winter and spring. You don’t take medicine, you can only give injections. The common cold medicine doesn’t work, and you must take the No.5 vanguard.. When you eat, you must hold it alone and feed it alone. Sometimes your mother puts you on the windowsill and when you feed, you still tilt your head to one side.. So four or five years old, has been feeding to eat. The toys you often buy are handguns and cars, riding on small benches, and riding a simple tricycle was broken before you were three years old.. Your playmates are Ma ‘an, Yuan Yuan and Hou ‘an. Ma ‘an is three years older than you, Hou ‘an is one year older than you, Yuan Yuan is eight months younger than you. The horse egg is the commander and the god in your mind! Yuan yuan, though small, is taller than you. every time you wrestle, three times five divided by two, you dry him down, but people refuse to accept him and always pester you to wrestle.. Hou’s eggs are strong and often bully you and the garden. Fortunately, Ma’s eggs are good-natured and protect both of you.. Once I showed you around the county department store. The first time I saw a beautiful bicycle in the store, you wailed loudly and couldn’t walk away. This surprised me greatly and certainly attracted the attention of customers.. Since then, you have your own bike. Later Hou egg and yuan yuan bought bicycles, and you became the school martial arts team of tongshan junior high school, speeding through the courtyard. once you crashed your bike into the big sister’s bag at the school gate, you even lost your temper to others.!   When you went to kindergarten, you didn’t go anyway. Dad, Mom and Grandpa took turns to accompany you for a whole week. In the years from kindergarten to the third grade of primary school, your game talent made Torre I sincerely admire, playing the four corners, Zakaka, winning and sneaking … Ah Ma ‘an, Hou ‘an, Yuan Yuan Yuan, and Han ‘an, who are many years older than you at the school gate, have all become your defeated generals one by one.. In the freezing and snowy days when the north wind blows, adults huddle at home and rub their hands and call them cold, but you are waving your arms and playing selflessly.! On one occasion, a child from a cookhouse visited you unexpectedly and played the game of Zakaka. I didn’t expect you to lose miserably and face flushed with anger. I really don’t know if you took it at that time, but I clearly felt that it was your first game of frustration and the family was smaller than you.. When I was three years old in the spring, I took you to play in the Donghe River in Shangbao Village. For the first time, you took home a large handful of shrimp mixed with aquatic plants in plastic bags. The next weekend, you and your companions sneaked into the Donghe River again. When you came back, the plastic bags contained a black tadpole. In the third week, you finally caught a few small fish and took them home with water bottles.. Your progress surprised dad, but then you got a bad cold . ah.You have never been able to break into the top five in your study. You are only about ten out of twenty students in the class.. Li Huanhuan, Zhang Jiakai, Shi Youwei . Ah, always top of the list.   In the fourth grade of primary school, you followed your mother into the county seat and went to the new primary school.. At that time, the games often played were poker, yo-yo and online games. The playmates downstairs were Wu Yifan, Zhang Guodong and Xi Wenjiang.. The yo-yo was influenced by TV. At that time, a movie and TV play of yo-yo game prevailed.. You will imitate the action of the long TV competition and practice repeatedly, throwing, turning, lifting and swinging the purple and purple blue yo-yo over time and the electric fire will fly.! Looking at your skillful game, Torre is also happy in his heart. Later, with the computer, I don’t know how you learned to ask a question in one fell swoop, and it was team work, killing and killing all the way and upgrading step by step, all the way up to level 80 or 90. One number is not enough, and several numbers are still played.. One of the most impressive things in primary school is that you still sobbed when your class lost a tug-of-war match and came home.. I was surprised to see you sad. Maybe you can’t afford to lose the team because of everything in the game world.. When you were in junior six, you pestered your mother to buy an adult bicycle. From then on, you rode your bike to and from school, and from time to time you brought along nearby alumni..   In Yuanqu Junior High School, you became a soldier under Mom’s command. The class is full of talents and ranks only in the top ten. But you also don’t want to lag behind. Every endorsement always wants to compete with others. Mom takes extra care of you and asks you to memorize every word. On one occasion, Mom asked you to memorize several times in a row. You tore the book to pieces and fell to the ground in a fit of anger, making Mom very embarrassed.! When you were in grade three, you couldn’t stand the harsh demands of the English teacher and collided with it. The injured mother quickly explained and communicated with Miss Wang.. The study was extremely tense, but your game never stopped. You fell in love with DID Not Finish on weekends and holidays! At the time of graduation from the senior high school, you entered Yuanqu Middle School with the result of the 90th place in the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty..   During the period of Yuanqu Middle School, I expected a lot from you, but I didn’t know much about it, and I didn’t meet the teacher in charge. In high school, you enjoyed basketball and online novels, and of course did not finish the did not finish. At a parent-teacher meeting, I saw the sentence you left me: ” Dad, I will never live up to your expectations, and I will certainly be your pride.”! ‘ Tears filled my eyes at that time, and immediately replied, ” Son, you have long been my pride, and I hope you will continue to work hard with anger and strength.”! Maybe the study task is too serious, or the exam results before the college entrance examination are too ideal, so that you are smug and get carried away on the eve of the college entrance examination. when you go home on the weekend, you should go to the internet bar game to appoint a national fund, and you can’t listen to family’s exhortations. you left the exam the week before you went to the examination room.. At the end of the college entrance examination, you failed to get into one of the ranks. You were enrolled in Donghua Institute of Technology for your negligence in filling in your wish, and your tuition is more than 10,000 yuan per year..   The notice came, and your family advised you to resume your studies. You simply refused to send you to Nanchang Donghua University of Technology on September 8, 2013, and your girlfriend kept calling all the way. I realized that your love time must not be short.. I don’t want to say anything if I study hard. When I leave, I just charge you to follow your own path and know for yourself.! During the winter vacation and summer vacation, students gather, friends play and girlfriends talk. You spend a little more than in school, and you always eat outside.. From time to time, you will continue your designated national fund, that is, you will not review the books related to the school’s major, and even if you bring them occasionally, you will only make a long journey for the books.. In less than three months last winter, you successfully obtained your driver’s license! You have always been a strong and decent person. Of course, you can’t lose your chain when you dress and eat, and you can’t fall behind when you fall in love.. But what dad wants to tell you is that the plaything is dead! Parents can’t accompany you for a lifetime. Games are good, but life may not be good.. Son, you have to be self-reliant and self – reliant, and you have to have excellent survival skills! Life is still a little simple, the ancients said,’ frugal to cultivate virtue, quiet to cultivate one’s morality. ‘ From thrift to extravagance is easy, from extravagance to thrift is difficult, and extravagance is not good for your future.   On the eve of the Spring Festival, your nickname on WeChat suddenly changed to ” pig with one abdominal muscle”. Your mother and I were greatly puzzled, perhaps playing with novelty, but it reflects your attitude towards life.. Perhaps it was the family dinner on the second day of the New Year that touched your heart? It’s also the influence of the school environment. After entering the school, your nickname changed to ” hard work”! At first it was Chinese, then it was changed into English, and then it became’ start again’!   The prodigal son will not change his money when he returns, and then he will be the choice of the life path of joining the army and taking part in the postgraduate examination.. Son, one’s deceased father grind is absolutely right. Family members and relatives are pleased with your changes and choices. A good man has broken down the city and pulled out the village, showing the momentum of playing games when you were a child. Torre firmly believes that you can make further progress in your studies.!   Come on! Son. awei, come on!


In order to hide the front, people made the hilt and scabbard on the tool. As for the writing method, there are differences between the Tibetan front, the inversion front and the shun front. In the article, there are such rhetorical devices as metaphor, personification and exaggeration. In doing things for people, people learned to be implicit.    Front, always the sharpest part.   The front is the thorn on the rose, the light emitted by the sun, the needle in the cotton, the flame on the match, the ice on the ground, the poison letter of the elephant, the diagonal of the bull, the sound of the wind, the sparkle of the electricity and the loud noise of the thunder..   Front, is the most bare, is also the most eye – catching, is the most dazzling, is also the most memorable, is the most solid, is also the most hurtful.   The sword has a front, the sword has a front. Blade, blade, must leave blood or incomplete.   The pen has a front. The characters show their bones and muscles under the strokes and give full expression to the strokes.   There is a front in the article. What Wen Feng refers to will embody a kind of view, thought or belief.   People also have a front. A person’s language, knowledge, ability and so on have cast the person’s front.   Front is an indispensable part.   If the sword is not sharp, it will become a pile of scrap iron.   If the pen is not sharp, the word will appear soft and weak.   If there is no front, the article will not know what to say.   If a person has no front, he will become a useless mediocre person..   A thing cannot be without showing its front, nor can it show its front everywhere.   If the sword is full of sharp points, it will definitely hurt others.   If the pen is exposed everywhere, the words will look messy.   If the article has too many abilities, it will also make people confused..   And people, if everywhere turneth the edge too much, will attract envy. Yang Xiu’s death and Han Xin’s death were all due to the sharp edges.   In order to hide the front, people made hilt and scabbard on the tool. As for the writing method, there are differences between the Tibetan front, the inversion front and the shun front. In the article, there are such rhetorical devices as metaphor, personification and exaggeration. In doing things for people, people learned to be implicit.[ Responsibility Editor: Chloe ]


Tree, starlight shook his head. Suddenly, with a wink, he revealed his small green hand.. Suddenly, there was silence, looking out into the distance…..   The wind blows and the trees move. As the wind blows, she dances her little hands without catching her teeth.. Lovely and adorable.   Listen – the tree wants to stop but the wind does not stop…..   She doodle mouth, say, smile, dance, make. As if everything was her paradise, everything enjoyed happiness with her.   She swings her body and Ye Er dances with the wind. She quietly shook the sleeping bird, and the bird was glad to see her when it woke up from its dream.. Look, this doll is so naughty. She pulled Grandpa Baiyun’s beard, and Grandpa Baiyun was also happy.. Ha ha, she is always surrounded by laughter and laughter. It seems that she exists – only wish the world was full of laughter and laughter.   So she personifies green, personifies green elves and lights everything up. Purify all dust.   Shh – look, she stood on tiptoe and came softly.   She squatted quietly and quietly, burying her head deep and deep. It was eerily quiet all around, and even the fallen leaves were clearly stamped out..   Hey, what happened to her?   Is ill? Still, the birds made her angry? Was it because of the last quarrel with the birds? No, she’s not a stingy tree. Don’t, really want to happen?   People say, ” Good people have a sixth sense.”! ‘ Is that really the case? Good trees, too.   ‘ People always come”, her voice did not fall, and tears came out of her eyes.   Must I? Is there no room for relaxation? ”” the bird still don’t lose heart asked.   ‘ don’t, you still don’t lose heart? People are a race without faith. When will you wake up? At the beginning, why didn’t you listen to me? People are not trusted!! Otherwise, there will be no such thing as today! Don’t you still believe in people’s nonsense? ‘ At some point, she cried, ” In fact, I also believed there were good people in the world before.”. Not to say,’ beginning of life, sex is good, so I believe these people just lost their eyes for the time being. Because people and animals are one family. But the reality told me coldly – natural selection, waiter survival, weak elimination. She dried her tears and said, ” No tree is willing to fight for it.”. Trees have worked hard for human beings for thousands of years without complaint or regret. Quietly pay, silently stand for one thousand years. But, what is the final result – cleaning out the door!Well….. Tree life, I should have saved my family tree people from fire and water. However, I still hold to the dream of the old trees for thousands of years that people and animals are one family, and now and in the future will be”,” My fellow citizens, one flower, one world, one leaf, one Buddha! Believe that we will survive! No matter where we are, our hearts are still closely linked and everywhere is our hometown! ‘ Ye Er also trembling hands, it seems that people into the moment is not far away…   Sure enough, during the night, they came quietly…   When the first ray of light in the morning came upon me, it was as painful as a spring..   The earth mother revealed her chest, red and red with blood. My fellow countrymen have also disappeared. Look – bloodthirsty sun, blood dyed the whole sky. Mother Earth is crying, too. Tears soaked the whole forest.   Human beings, one day you will reap the consequences!   I don’t know if my decision is correct, but I firmly believe that human and animal skills are indispensable. Even if you don’t believe, we can’t be innocent.   Look, there is still a tree here! ‘ a person surprised Shouting companion.   ‘ Gee, this tree has been around for at least one thousand years. Ha ha, or sandalwood, value together!! Ha ha, we sent, sent!! Ha ha, now I just find myself worth joining together. Oh, that’s funny. Smiling, laughing, laughing and crying.   Finally, I was invited into the museum. As always, sadness.   No one knows the sadness of a tree, just as I don’t know that this is my best destiny.   The road starts tonight, how much brighter the moonlight is at home!.   Jing Siyuan ( August 21, 2012 )

Be kind to your old age

Blessed are the reading guides. What is happiness? For the elderly, peace is a blessing, health is a blessing, tranquility is a blessing, family harmony is a blessing, and happiness is a blessing. Some old comrades have worked hard for decades, but they are like’ ascetic monks’ in old age, or go to part-time jobs to earn income, fight for their lives, overwork, or work as hard as cattle..    For the rest of his life, he worked hard for his career, for his family, for his parents and for his children, and lived very hard.. Retired, the rest of the time is running out, and now we can finally relax and live for ourselves once. However, many old comrades do not feel relaxed and relaxed, but feel that their survival value and significance will be lost. The mantra is: old, no, no more fun. So he began his later life with the mentality of killing time and passing the day, and became a veritable ” sanyou” old man..     Money does not spend. Old comrades generally have some savings and relatively reliable or even expensive pensions, but they are reluctant to spend them. Live a simple and austere life. The quality of life of their own relatively light. Deteriorating food is reluctant to throw, leftovers are reluctant to pour, and children and grandchildren often wear old clothes. Some save money for their children and grandchildren while others simply hand over their pension books to their sons. A retired veteran cadre received a monthly pension of 3,388, giving each of his two sons 1,500, leaving only a fraction of the old couple’s pension.. As the saying goes, life is less than a hundred years old, and one often has a thousand-year-old worry.. Children and grandchildren have their own children and grandchildren, so don’t be horses and oxen for them.. These old comrades say to their children and grandchildren,’ bow down and be willing to serve as a willing ox” now, only lament” the world knows that gods are good, and only their children and grandchildren can’t forget it. There are so many infatuated parents in the world who are filial to their children and grandchildren. Those who are too stingy are often people who lack self – esteem. It is not difficult for a person to respect others. The key is to respect himself. The meaning of others’ respect for you depends to some extent on whether they respect themselves or not. A person who belittles himself will not have any weight in other people’s mind.     Sick, don’t look. When I was a young man, I overdrawn my health, accumulated pains and became ill, and the latent lesions appeared in my old age.. Most old people have some chronic diseases, such as’ three highs’ and’ old people’ or soreness of waist and legs, or such and such diseases in their insides.. Like a machine, its parts are worn out, in disrepair and full of faults. Besides, when people get old, their qi and blood gradually decline and their immunity declines. As Yuan Mei, a university counselor in the Qing Dynasty, wrote, ” It’s not light to fall, but it’s cold once in a rain.”. It’s not easy to get old, but it’s easy to get sick.. ‘ In essence, the elderly have a process of going from year to year. No disease, no disease, no disease, no cure. Some old people, especially those in rural areas, think they are old and can’t live for several years, ” he said.. ‘ They identify their self-worth with aging, deny themselves, regard themselves as worthless old people, hold negative feelings for their own lives, hold pessimistic attitude towards life, and hold zero evaluation of their own survival value..     Blessed are they not. What is happiness? For the elderly, peace is a blessing, health is a blessing, tranquility is a blessing, family harmony is a blessing, and happiness is a blessing. Some old comrades have worked hard for decades, but they are like ” ascetic monks” in old age, or go to part-time jobs to earn income, fight for their lives, overwork, or work as hard as an old ox.. Only want to’ bear hardships first’, don’t want to’ enjoy happiness after’. When it is time to enjoy happiness, I do not want to rearrange my life, coordinate the rhythm, relax my mood, and make my old age healthier, fuller and more natural and unrestrained.. He did not dare to pursue happiness and happiness for his old age..     ‘ to see the sun, for all his glory, buried by the coming night. The elderly should be kind to themselves and their later years. Let oneself idle for one time and live for one time. Pursue both material satisfaction and spiritual enjoyment as long as conditions permit. Give life new value and meaning. As the song says: the most beautiful is the sunset red, warm and calm. Sunset is a late flower, sunset is an old wine, sunset is a late love, sunset is an unfinished love..[ Responsibility Editor: Light Blue Cloud[ Original ]

About San Mao

A person who does not want to be forced into the dust by love, a person who is willing to throw himself into the mire of love, and a person who tries to remain intact in love, even if his heart has broken, has been scarred and has no life..   San Mao, so to speak, is not a very beautiful woman, or her rough face gradually shows the taste of vicissitudes of life, and there is a smell of fireworks but how proud she is in her bones. She is a woman born to show her plain and vicissitudes of life, just like her heart swept away like a raging storm.. I like this woman only because of a photo, a woman full of fireworks, standing in the crowd, a black-and-white photo, cotton clothes, simple state, beauty on her face, is an indescribable taste, yes, it is a kind of taste to be exact, revealing a little smell of fireworks, a little stubborn feeling, long hair behind her, natural and unrestrained, no matter what she is? What person? From the bottom of his bones, he revealed a distinctive flavor, which may be close to freedom. All of a sudden I was deeply attracted by this simple woman who didn’t act the role of the face, so I sigh with emotion, what kind of woman can do my best to love? To persist, to do one thing for one person is so simple?     Her sentence: What are you doing? I’m looking up at the sky. What is a 30 – degree look? Is miss her point of view. Why did you raise your head to 30 degrees? In order not to let my tears fall down. Finally let me understand that this is a woman with a delicate heart. Although she has a rough face, she has an excessively delicate emotion. Therefore, I said that such a woman is beautiful and not bored at all.. So many people began to like San Mao, many people still like San Mao, a woman with such a simple name, but she has such an extraordinary life, including her novels, her stories and everything about her..     San Mao explained the multi-faceted nature of a woman. You can’t expect a woman to have only one simple side. I think women are multi – faceted, not only absolutely simple and complex, but also some things even she didn’t find out clearly, so a woman can be difficult to understand.. She seems to be complex and contradictory. Sometimes she can be clear at a glance, and sometimes it is frustrating to let you love and hurt. Such a woman is tasty, because she does her best in Qian Fan, so she is no longer simple, because her heart still keeps a sincere heart, so she can be simple enough to let you step on her, her heart, as long as she is so willing to do it for you.. Love to the fullest must be a resolute attitude. It can be called love to the last degree. There is no room for it, one thousand times and ten thousand times. She will still be like this, unreserved and unafraid of everything.. It is not her simple ignorance, perhaps she is fearless and great enough, so she has pain and unknown happiness and frank freedom.. Like her Sahara desert, like her foreign man.     She is a woman born wandering and wandering, with her heart in wandering around the world and her footprints in all the waters of Qian Shan. Her bright and intelligent eyes know the stories around her and penetrate people’s souls like a person watching from the other side. She will still be silly as her name is.. This is, after all, a smart woman or a wise woman? Or maybe she has her own heart value. As long as she decides that something is worth it, she will do it without hesitation, even if it is her final choice of death. Yes, she is San Mao, a woman who is so approachable but has never been known before. Until her death, people still haven’t known her..     She said: I love you, no purpose, just love you. Ah – such a straightforward woman! Will be so persistent to love a person. Like her novel, she writes without any purpose but to write and write the world in her eyes, the world she has built inside her powerful heart, and she adds green leaves to the desert and branches to love, no matter what others say or think in the end.. Can always imagine such a woman, relying on her inner emotional world, walking alone in the empty boundless desert, rubbing her long hair with her fingers unruly, facing the warm sunshine with her unadorned face, with the smell of travel-stained dust and the strength and stubbornness to fight back life, and finally she will open her mouth and show her white teeth and smile brightly, running like a child to any of her lovers, kissing them like the Sahara of the rainy season, like the love of the whole city, like the epiphyllum of a dream and the moon in the water..     I can’t describe such a magical woman. She is unique not only in her words, but also in her own sense, which is like the smell of crushed green leaves. It is definitely not the fragrance of flowers that please people, but the strong drink of a cocktail, with no room for relaxation. It needs to be drunk in one gulp and then the taste.. I like such a magnanimous woman. She doesn’t have to deliberately thrush and wipe her lips. Naturally, she has a taste.. Whether it’s her naughty smile, she just stands there, in the corner, beside the flowers or just sits on the ground and smokes a cigarette..     Sometimes I think she is so cute, childlike, and a small child all her life, but this will only be revealed in front of her favorite person. She always writes her own things independently, always portrays love with full pyrotechnics, unlike Zhang Ailing, she is not so careful to blossom in the branches and add butterfly delicacy to the windows.. She can tear love apart, crush it to pieces at her fingertips, throw it into the desert where no one lives and dies, and say that feelings are sometimes a matter of one person and have nothing to do with anyone.. Can say: When you put on the wedding dress of love, I also put on the monk’s cassock. Can say: if your marriage is not happy, then come back to me, even if I am too old to walk, I will take you to elope with me. Can say: if there is only one mouthful porridge in the future, you drink it first and finish it, then I lick the bowl clean. It is hard to imagine Eileen Chang describing her feelings in this way. She always feels that her love is cold, weathered and proud. She can’t resist the word ” old”, can’t fall down to the tacky bones, and can’t even sigh the sadness that the player has gone. She won’t. For the sake of that proud self-esteem she won’t go to low eyebrow, nor will she make herself angry with fireworks. She will also correct the collar of the cheongsam when she is down and out. She will always be proud of all living beings with a graceful posture and cocked up her legs. Her heart is full of the breath of Shanghai’s little girl, but she has the determination and toughness of another big woman. She will never regret it.. Never lose your manners, die to live, and love pandering. Therefore, Sanmao will say: The player has already left, who cares about scrutinizing a game of chess beyond the world of mortals? However, Zhang Ailing will not hesitate to upset this piece of chess, then hide all her sadness and leave without looking back. She must leave the figure of her refusal to others, and will certainly let others die before she will cry out in a broken voice.. When love goes away, even if I still love you in my heart, I will leave you so coldly. Only when your heart dies first can I put down all my crying for you. So, in the love world, some women’s love is that they love each other, while some women’s love is that they love each other.. It can be said that women are picky, but the pickiness between women and women is different, even for feelings. Even though they are extremely picky, they do not agree with them..     Even if Sanmao can trace the fine eyebrows and sit there, it is definitely not Zhang Ailing’s attitude of being a famous person. Her eyes are tender and she can put everything down and put it into practice for the feelings she loves.. Can be careless, do not make up for her lofty sentiments, also can lower her eyebrows, pull down her face to entwine with her love in the worldly fireworks, she is not a small jasper, more will not deliberately to criticize the surrounding environment, like a cactus with strong vitality, has the ability of self – rescue.     She would never write: Life is a beautiful robe covered with lice.She will think life is a dusty garment full of fireworks and dust at most, but she will still put it back in its place after shaking off everything. Zhang Ailing is different and will only snort scornfully, despising this colorful robe full of disgusting lice, and will never touch it again..     Zhang Ailing said that solemn and stirring is a kind of completion, while desolation is a kind of enlightenment. Sanmao said: It is said that there are more sad people in the world than happy people, but more often I think sad people are addictive. Between them, one is as low as the world of mortals and the other is as high as the clouds, but they all treat their feelings with a crushing attitude, whether they are delicate and untouchable or warm as they reach the dust, they must be true.. Women who write love will not be silly enough to cheat themselves that it is love. I believe they must be completely devoted to love with a pure attitude. Otherwise, they will not be so determined, not so thorough, and even more unable to forget, want to destroy and cry without any sound and tears will no longer flow out of their eyes..     So one said with a smile: I met the person you want to meet among thousands of people, and in thousands of years, in the boundless wilderness of time, I didn’t get one step earlier or one step later. I happened to meet him, and there was nothing else to say but to ask him gently: Oh, you are here, too.     So the other said with a smile: Love that does not love will never get worse. So, we flirt, we are ambiguous, but never love each other.     A person who does not want to be forced into the dust by love, a person who is willing to throw himself into the mire of love, and a person who tries to keep himself intact in love, even if his heart has broken, has been scarred and has no life.. A person who would rather die than die would also struggle with this love affair, even if the net is broken..     Therefore, San Mao will place love in the most plain fireworks and earthly life, and will not be afraid to be hurt by being loved, dirty by being loved, or torn beyond recognition by being loved. She knows that because she is willing to devote herself to this most ordinary and simple love, she will make it a rain that moistens people’s hearts, not a flower with a quiet gesture..

The race in the family – not to let a inch of land

Datang Town, fengcun, and Huangni Mountain, a natural village in Houda Village, are only a hundred meters long path away. They are connected to mountains and fields and bathe and wash vegetables in a pond. In a small river water, farming; Everyone is at peace, meeting, nodding and laughing, and the family is harmonious.     However, it is said that a long time ago, there was a big fight for a small camphor tree. It turned out that there was an old camphor tree at the end of the village on the yellow hill, with luxuriant branches and luxuriant trees. Under the camphor tree there was a small ancient grave warehouse ( a small house ), a thorn pond on the edge of the camphor tree, and a large and small family pond next to the thorn pond. According to the ancient tradition, the thorn pond belonged to yellow hill, and the two family ponds belonged to fengcun. However, some insiders said that the camphor tree belonged to fengcun, then all the sites under the camphor tree were fengcun, and yellow hill was a natural village..     At that time, there was a dispute between the village and the village, which was very lively on the edge of the pond ridge. Each village had different opinions, and there was a big fight between life and death.. Just as the captain of the Zhuji Self – Defense Force Gu Naixi, also known as Gu Xiaoxian, passed by the horse store with troops, he heard that the battle was taking place in the village, and he arrived with the guards to persuade each other, but the two sides still held each other’s case in anger and refused to let each other off. No matter how well the leader of the Self – Defense Force understood and acted with emotion, the people of fengcun were dismissive, because the captain and the guards came in plain clothes on that day, there was no binding force at all. When the two sides were at war, the captain shouted angrily and opened his skirts and led out white underwear and two Cheng Liang’s pistols..     Today, fengcun, Houda Village, Qijia City and Majiawu are merged into Zhufeng Village and become a community of solidarity. However, when I heard the story dictated by the predecessors, I was mixed with feelings. No matter how powerful the big powers are, the Chinese people have the fighting spirit of preferring to be broken, not to be completely destroyed and not to be denied. At this stage, the development of the Diaoyu Islands affects the nerve arteries of the entire Chinese people. We have been humiliated by the big powers in the past, and we can no longer stand by and let others cut off our land. We should stand up loudly with strong arms to defend the territorial integrity of our country, and we also believe that peace-loving people all over the world will stand on the side of justice..

A mediocre man loses in idleness, and an able man loses in pride

As the owner of the earth, nature has reason to believe that human beings are the most intelligent beings on this planet. Smart and capable people are generally called able people, which means they are more capable than ordinary people. There is also a kind of person who is called a mediocre person, and of course means a mediocre person.. I remember reading a magazine and said, ” Human beings can be divided into seven kinds of abilities according to their own differences, language expression ability; The mathematical logic can be: Music ability; Spatial relationship capability; Physical exercise ability; interpersonal skills; Self – reflection ability. The foundation of these abilities is inherent and will certainly become more prominent with the strengthening of the day after tomorrow.. All these abilities can be explained by name, not here. However, human beings are basically different and have one of the special abilities. If not, it is that they have not yet discovered their own advantages, or that they have not discovered Bole.. There is a famous saying that swift horses are common, but bole is not. That’s the point. Attending the seventy-second round of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms Regulations, Zhuge Liang outwitted Hanzhong, and Cao Aman soldiers retreated from the oblique valley. Cao Cao was in a dilemma when he tried to bring the officials into chicken soup.. Cao Cao was impressed by the chicken ribs in the bowl. Is thoughtfully, Xiahou Dun enter an item in an account, please night slogan. Cao Cao said casually, ” Chicken ribs! chicken ribs — things of little value or interest! The’ Dun heralds’ all called’ Chicken Ribs’. Yang Xiu, the marching master book, saw the word ” chicken ribs” and taught his accompanying soldiers to pack up and prepare for their return journey.. Someone reported to Xiahou Dun. Dun was so frightened that he asked Yang Xiu to go to the tent and ask him, ” Why did the public pack up?”? ” Xiu said,” By calling tonight’s order, it will be known that the king of Wei will return his troops in a few days: the chicken ribs have no meat to eat, and they have no relish to abandon. ”. If you can’t win this day, it’s no good to retreat from fear of people laughing. It’s better to return early: the king of Wei will move his troops in the future.. So pack up first, so as not to panic when you leave. ‘ This passage was originally excerpted from. Yang Xiuzhi’s cleverness is really the same thing, but it is very offensive for the wise to show themselves everywhere. Playing cleverness in front of kings is even more unwise. Then another thing happened, which led to the killing of the wise man Yang Xiu by Cao Cao.. The reason is not because of his fault, but because he is too clever. There is a saying that ” too much is not enough”, that is to say, no matter what happens, there must be a certain degree, beyond which pride will soar and wisdom will become self – evident.. What is called ability is generally considered to be able to earn money and have authority in today’s society. This is called ability. However, I don’t think so. Money and power are only a small part of the ability, but show the external practicality and cover up other abilities.. In addition to money, power and fame, people are not capable people until they are famous! Like Lao Tzu who wrote the regulations of Tao Te Ching, he advocates the doctrine of the mean, and the mean is neither a man of outstanding ability nor a man of vulgarity.. In my understanding, mediocrity is not a fool, a fool or the like, but a lazy person.. This kind of person may not want to get ahead of others by themselves. They think that they are too tired and too bitter, so they like to live and live together.. There are so few people in this category who are detached from homo habilis and mediocre people, such as people who are wise and foolish. These people should all belong to homo habilis who is vaguely in the city, and can be tired of homo habilis and mediocre people, so they are detached from the outside and become leisurely refined people.. I think it’s just like black and white. If homo habilis is likened to white, that mediocre person is black, and ordinary people are different colors in the palette.. Pure white and pure black can be blended with other colors, while color can only maintain its purity and make its personality distinct.. Black and white have always been considered the purest colors in the world. Therefore, I swam in the red, yellow, blue and green world, but I always loved the extreme color. In the black-and-white world, what flows with your fingertips is the way of books and the soul of pens. The black-and-white world always gives people a sense of security and doesn’t have to think too much about what is written in it. Until once, the teacher asked us in the art class, ” Look at the color of the walls around you, we all answered in white, and the teacher said what else is white.”? At this moment, we took it seriously and looked at the seemingly pure white wall carefully. gradually, we found not only white, but also faint blue, light purple and other unspeakable colors. we were surprised by our discovery that we had always believed that there were so many colors on the pure white wall.. Li Yusheng, the Latter Ruler, was born in the house of kings. He will bear the fate of his family and country as soon as he is born. In the eyes of others, it is incomparable glory and happiness.. But the black and white among them, only those in their positions will understand and feel the bitterness and joy! If he was just a mortal, maybe he would fly higher in his black-and-white world, but these imaginations can only exist in illusion. Just like painting, no pure ink is presented on the same picture. The sense of distance will allow you to easily discover the omissions in the picture, and it will be miserable if you want to modify it again, or even impossible to do it again.. We often depict dynamic things in a quiet world and use words to sketch what we want in a quiet time.. Some people say, ” The most desperate person in the world is a person who can swallow despair as a whole”, as Zhang Guorong explained in the last paragraph of Cheng Dieyi’s ” Farewell to My Concubine” regulation, he swallowed all his despair and felt happy until he died.! I think despair should not be tears, it must be blood that cannot flow out, it is not liquid flowing in the face, but blood flowing in the heart.. On the surface, looking at the shiny smile, in fact, the heart has been broken away. Past life, present life and future life . Ah, there is always a way for me to walk alone in each cycle. Who can let me pick a drop of black jade inkstone and paint a clump of green flowers with a flick of the fingertip in the wind and rain as before?? From then on, a wisp of tang style was solidified, a little song lingyuan song was gently twisted, and pale indigo was smeared in the black-and-white world.. The homo habilis and mediocre people in the black and white world are not pure colors, just like the white on the wall, they will increase or decrease by one point because of laziness or pride.. Black may turn white, white may turn black.