Cheers with past

“After a lot of things, you are not tired, felt like this, I had a few back.Perhaps they are being hurt the heart, perhaps no one can understand it, I think you must be very tired……”Melancholy raised from the computer, pull the mind very long and far.Out the window, sunset quiet hidden, falling clouds the sky, that red halo ah, yes setting sun of blood and tears, who was thick heartbroken from the War……  In the quiet space, not law-abiding thoughts to scurry like a constantly flapping bird wings, flipped in time and space, inadvertently, I shake off the memory of swirling.  Jianpanshangqiao play Smart Text.All along, I have become accustomed to this way of life, accustomed to this position to release thoughts, used to tap his soul, finishing a deep sense of sadness.  Still eager for you to tender.Once in hand, so today I was afraid of the cold hands cold as stone, sank Flow.Love is not self-raised his hands through the air Oh, imagine, as you by my side, will make it desolate ice cold hands and hand it?Also let her master emptiness it?You will gently unlimited lovingly holding her, so close to running two hands together, then, would a warmth from the palm, spread to the heart.Accompanied by the warmth flowing, as well as the moment of shy and sweet!  I had secretly thought, if this is a pair of soft white hands nice ah, it is not due to exhaustion of the storm and bear calloused hands make you deplore it?Mouguang pity you, alone, struggling to work hard and gave a thicker hand woman heart ah.Always willing to believe that a beautiful fairy tale, as you can tell in the morning every day of their own, some pain, some people love, not want to hide after the music stops, and trying to hide something.  I suddenly felt, I do not know what you can not trust, do not know what else could be true.In this romantic dream of their own in the end is what role?Originally the meridian has a simple day, suddenly become blurred in self-mockery trickle in, can not be located.  Accustomed to think of you at midnight.When the affection with rain finally came posture, rest is endless memories.Silence, floating in the air sickly weariness, as if, a heart, also addicted to this atmosphere.Sometimes, he awakened, perhaps, their eyes also with two drops of tears; sometimes, middle of the night woke up, but just heard raving own dream.  In this silence of the night, no one will pay attention to my mind, then, filled with sad thoughts turned it into the rushing river gurgling, time-warp, space-wai, will then lay out a picture of wanton flowing picture……  Beating pendulum should be well versed in my mind it.She used to see the frustration and pale when I almost midnight, what about the beating sound like a Nocturne You Yan, actually gradually make a irritability, anxiety and calm down.He looked up, gazing, saw a free cruise aquarium fish.That fish staggered red, yellow, as happy shuttle in water, feel comfortable in the light against the background.Suddenly I recalled a book, say, the memory of the fish only a few seconds, a few seconds later, Cheng pulls all the old things, foes forget, then, worry and unhappiness forever with no chance.Because forget, so simple; because simple, so happy.  Suddenly feeling heart!Can simply happy to live, is it not a blessing ah!And forget to delete the deletion, the next second is relaxed, is very happy.  What about me?I was not what to put down?  Nod, nod, really should be like a fish as a toast with the past.  Let the dead all become an experience in life.Sour, sweet, bitter, spicy, eventually precipitated in the memory of the river.  Since it can not be eternal, it would take away the sadness.In this way, and will not face the increasingly cold face, repeatedly tortured himself for the tears.  Cheers with the past, with memories Cheers.Then, with a kind of relief bright, walked under the sun.Tell yourself, the sun, is new every day.

By a time nourishing the heart –2015 finale

Text / Red smile time such as water, Looking back, 365 days and in a hurry and had suddenly thrust between.Winter in the north came very early this year, no time to organize a good mood, snow and they came one game after another, numerous snow not only beautiful in the world, but also colorful mood.    Almost all the characters who have a sentimental heart.Executive edged belief, trek in the landscape of the soul, the passing of each piece of context are engraved on the likes and nostalgia, Fallen flowers to be dried by years of nothingness, all the emotions it will be more fragrant taste.    Always feel that the text is a friend of the heart, warm, sentimental, passionate.Perhaps, but one word, Yimiyangguang; a sentence, it is the clear spring.Always some text, let us sit at the window a long time, will laugh to tears reading; always some text, let us toss and turn, read insight into tears.Murray write, listen to heart sounds, a person quiet, garden trees bloom, all downtown wither, are removed in the soul.    Hopelessly in love with the quiet, like a person in a daze, tea products, free time language, dialogue with the world.Or write blank mind, those sad or beautiful soothing as a warm, Que, a song, a pen, a clarity of mind, carries a lotus thoughts, walking in the wind SONG Yu Tang, fleeting light singing.Calm down time, is Campanula rang years; whisper as the soul into the drying strength of character Fallen flowers, heart beat and Ming.    Like the word: our souls are used to grow, the grass, there are emerald green; flowers have fragrance; to plant a tree, it will gain a touch of cool.Fleeting, years of sitting in the corner and listen to the growth of life, ordinary the reality gives us the most realistic pursuit and emotion, and life in this extraordinary, the gorgeous cantabile.    White plum blossoms fall, he said: Sometimes, as people so lonely heart, and only at the moment, things will be so placid.Yes, the flow of time, such as life and turns, some of the thrilling come into indifferent thing of the past, and we are latent in the text of emotion and dedication is ready to come out, just as strike.Fortunately, it is possible to listen to in the text, it can be years in the form of letterhead, bound, and then those tangled thoughts, suddenly comprehend, one by one record, so that every thought has a fresh life, so that each piece to read I would like to have enamored, so that every moment of time both Enron quiet beauty, just waiting for a turn around for years after years of searching can be in with the landscape meet.    Fortunately, able to trek in the text, hear the wind over the fingertips of sound.Either some beautiful Aiyuaichou stunning of the time, the colorful past.And I, only willing to do that in the desert Walker, the scenery along the way together with sand bags and income, for those who through the years, in writing no regrets.    2015, to me, is a full and happy year, good times Dimei quiet, indifferent to occupy prime language, work with, reaping, following the three individual text published in 2014, this year I co-edited ” New Horizons: poetry Readings boutique “(a, Volumes I and II),” the essence of contemporary writing network “(a, Volumes I and II),” selected works of contemporary authors 2015 “,” selected works of Chinese literature “and other six major literary collection; assist and organize a national literary contest and prairie folk songs; in the “Chinese Literature”, “Chinese essayist”, “Shen Hua”, “Chinese prose”, “art education”, “Liaoning newspaper workers”, “Jinzhou Evening News “,” Fushun television reported “dozens of national newspapers published the works of more than 70 (the first); the National Literary competition awards five times.    Looking back on 2015, a busy and full, how many feelings, how many happy.If this world the most common fireworks, that while dying while verdant, while Dianpei side of love, then, in the New Year’s bell will soon ring the occasion, I would like to take a time nourishing the heart, the mind set in a hope Taoyuan.Until the next to ground water, to do with love light, shade trees harvested.    Red smile put pen to paper on December 10, 2015

Blue lake, my heart’s West Lake

And blue lake grok a long time, always wanted in my humble pen titillate your veil, so that you bare in my mediocre writing in.    After the clear blue lake, the dough blue lake, each new year, seasons, wake up the morning breeze her charming, just to show their elegance Enchanting.When the brilliant sunset shine blue lake, a blue one thousand ares lake, suddenly waves of a million points, next to the park, rippling in the center of the city, decorated with the city’s landscape.    Women are made of water, to see the blue lake, I naturally thought of you, gentle enough woman.    The warm spring sunshine, fresh from hibernation wake up in the blue lake, there is a little cold, warm sunshine whisk Xu lake, she gave birth to curl Lakeshore shrouded in blue lake.At this point the blue lake, still holds partly concealed, such as the ingenue, shy, pleasant.    Windless day, the beautiful blue lake, quiet as at the child, silently, like a mirror level, no ripples, so calm, so calm, like an elegant woman to enter into meditation practice, so still arouses pity.So, lakeside mansions lest you lonely, you have projected in the lake, shadowy, as you build a bustling lake in the world.Coming from your side stands the 32-story skyscraper, straight into the sky, and let you set up exchanges ladder Chang E.Patches of sky and white clouds also fairy general drift into the lake, to accompany you, and you said, who could not understand inaudible whisper.Your world in quiet and peaceful faint trace of joy.    On a windy day, the beautiful blue lake, like a lovely little girl, playfully swings, ripples over Lake.The little girl will be down from a swing, sat a huge cradle, shake it, shake it, shake was rippling blue lake, the ups and downs, chasing a wave after wave, wave to the lake.The most sultry feelings is the lake Mimizaza willows, that Qianwan Lv Stir very delicate, drawn straight down close to the ground, the wind Gudang Lvqun from her, she was like a light dancing in the palm of mermaid , swaying, and her graceful shadows pouring into the lake, and the lake rippling blue waves, intertwined, cotton tied together, cuddle together, revel together, ballroom dancing veneer, constitute the most blue lake soft most romantic and beautiful scenery.I think leaned over, Juyi Peng water, taste the sweet taste of willow lake love song, but I could not bear, could not bear to disturb the dreams of love Willow Lake.    Rainy day, this huge lake blue string and wind, since they play sweet music, like a lute woman charm reproduction: “big string Cao Cao, such as pelting rain, honestly, such as a small string murmur.noisy?A HREF = “HTTP: // sanwenzx.COM / plus / Search.PHP?kwtype = 0 & keyword =% D0% C7% “target = ‘_ blank’> write pestle owned  stars ≈ rotten Yue Xu River ji ren?& rdquo;.Slightest drizzle floating into the lake, like so many roots staggered lines woven into beautiful scene hazy; moderate rain dripping lake, snapping splashes water over flowers, layers of rain curtain hung between heaven and earth, composed of a different kind the spectacular; heavy rain poured into the lake, the lake will rise broadly, cleaned up the dregs weekdays delicate little woman suddenly go into battle turned into a majestic heroine Mu Guiying.    Beautiful blue lake, I love you, love you, I’m just on my way with a graceful blend of your mind.    ”Amidst glittering sunny side is good, the rain kept the odd empty mountains.For the West than the West, thick makeup Marco Polo. “.Blue lake, a beautiful lake, you are my heart’s West Lake!    Wing blue lake supple soft glow boneless enantiomers, provoke total spring cheek kiss.  Jiao Liu have to fight patronize, shuffle off Fei Xu Ronghua.    Suffering was not compete with China, received significantly trickle expansive.  But people so that the water, how to hate mutual strife?

Beginning of Spring

Early spring has really come!Busy people have smelled the breath of spring: looked up, the ice on the eaves hung in the warm sun shining, it has turned it into the crystal clear water droplets, gently playing a melody of spring.Snow melt, all things are in recovery in the bud.    Spring is a new beginning, let us remove the heavy winter clothes to keep warm, remove all the hearts of melancholy, forget their troubles and help the mind, strong faith, sail on their life course, to draw the most beautiful track in the voyage of life!In the sowing season sow the seeds of hope, an obsession with the spirit of hard work, busy and happy!    ”One day is morning, at the spring” against the old father and tends his vegetable garden at the beginning of the.Dad smiled and said: “This year I want a big fight, a small vegetable garden where a variety of a few dishes, we eat what what.Then raise a few pigs, in the end we have to kill a pig, your friends who are invited, so that they good meal pig food.Then raise a few chickens, ducks or something.”I said:” Now the conditions are good people, eating meat every day.”Dad said, ‘That’s not the same Oh, we pigs are fed with corn large, concentrated feed those without any additives, good meat, eat up as incense,’ I said:” Oh, Dad, raised too more, busy, and tired of you, when you raise some less physical exercise, but also a pleasure.”My father said:” Nothing, my body good way to go!Okay now take advantage of the body, the more dry point, you do not worry about me.”I said:” As long as you feel good, do not tired on the line.”After a quiet winter, early spring warmth into the primary colors of life, spring expelled inert life.Early spring brings good feelings to her husband, her husband became diligent together, came home from work always find something to do housework, cook occasionally do something delicious meals, although cooking in general, but I ate praise, he said: ” ah, delicious!Your cooking awesome, “her husband said with a smile: ‘I praise ah, yes coax me to work, huh, huh’ I (* __ *) hee hee.He loved to do housework is to wash his clothes, he gave the fight to get married and have made the unwritten rule, he is his own clothes to wash, sometimes he gave me and the children do the laundry, he said, and also done.Of course, now with a fully automatic washing machine, the clothes on the washing machine do not have control, you can do something else, do not mess things up.I will deliberately spare his living doing the housework, and this is a good way to communicate couple.Different circumstances of each family, to live is different.As long as family harmony, happiness is like!    Flowing spring, knocked season lonely, approaching of spring.We can enjoy the soothing warmth of the sun.Looking ahead, the fresh green is coming to us – just out of spring green in that year, he took me to riding a bike Tachun, we play with to find delicious wild dandelions in the grass, our hard efforts not in vain, less than an hour we dug a lot of dandelions, really rewarding experience, feel the share warm love and spring vitality.    Our lives through one after another in the spring, year spent similar, each year is different.With the spring years away, leaving a “quiet stroll to see” peace of mind.Spring smile when I won again, carefully read her, she’s all been turned into rain moisten the earth, I look forward to standing on the intersection of spring: Run as crisp days of street light rain, very thick grass close but no.


REVIEW foreigners who have evaluated China, saying Chinese people too focused on feelings.As everyone knows, many Chinese people have become reality, and the reality as well as to forget the existence of feelings.  Encountered in the hospital a couple of times, seventy years old, came from the countryside to see a doctor.  Is sick old man, said to be chest tightness, severe nausea, sometimes with sputum are Xuemo, three days working in the fields when it had a halo.  Then is a routine inspection.  Heart disease, myocardial infarction.Blood pressure 210/160.There is no doubt in hospital.  Very stubborn old man, have some medicine home rule.No way, we had to do the work of the old lady, after repeatedly stressed the seriousness of the disease of old man, old woman sighed, looked calmly an old man, “it would be a few days.”The old lady ran to the hospital all day, to the old man with a meal – lunch, dinner.Sometimes buns, steamed bread and pickles more often, there is water in the hospital.Do not eat breakfast, old man.Every afternoon she was sitting on the bed of the old man with him, sit for three hours, then left for dinner and then go home.  We know now after the old lady chat, their home from the hospital a dozen kilometers, the old lady will not ride, every day walking back and forth between the hospital and home.Family raised chicken and pig dog, inseparable from the people wait.The old lady has no daughter, only three sons.The eldest son and second son died on the battlefield, upstairs fell Ten years ago young son working in the city down, intelligence is affected, legs paralyzed, and now can only sit on a homemade wheelchair giggle.At that time the foreman gave five hundred money decamp.  The old man had been a soldier before, the old Red Army, but never so many years did not receive a penny over the country.Good strong old man, a good face, refused to discuss the country’s relief.His illness is not one or two days, there will be a few years ago, I fainted several times.  They will stay in hospital for a total of ten days.Ten days later the old man on the discharge requirements, saying that his illness out of the way.In fact, we all know that he is reluctant to spend money again.Ten days later, even though we have to help him as much as possible to save money, even though the hospital has been taken care of, but the cost of two thousand yuan is enough to make him feel bad for a long time.  When I went to the hospital to send them to the front of the hospital I gave them a taxi, the old man is not life and death on the train.”More than 30 years, far we go back like.So anyway, we are approaching.”” Yes ah, not far, I have to go every day, while on the home.”The old lady echoed.Then magically come up with two hot buns handed me, “Nothing good thing, which is home made, you taste.”Then the old man went straight away and helped.The taxi driver took one hundred dollars back to me, looked at my hands two still steaming buns, looked at the two elderly stooped back, sighed also gone.  I took two buns, I feel very heavy very heavy, pressing his chest like a big stone breathless.Two buns, not to my appetite for even half full enough, but I simply could not eat.  Then I met a patient, forty years old, very fat, but also myocardial infarction.Accompany him there is a person, a very sexy woman, said to be his wife.  Middle-aged disease is not heavy, shot, two days of rest basically all right.He can rely on the life and death do not go the hospital, the hospital for observation for some time and then have to.During which people keep gifts.He told us, “What medicine is good despite the open, not made in China, to import, I must take the cure, I have money, you may rest assured.”He stayed in the hospital for two weeks, gave his wife to call every day, there is not to say that is in the cards in their hair, in short, did not come off hospital.Two weeks later she definitely has a lot of gifts with a smile and he drove off.  Not long ago I went to Zhengzhou to see a friend, entered the station he heard a loud voice in the curse.  The curse is a seventy-year-old Father, a well-dressed, with glasses, looks very elegant temperament identity.  ”I was the old Red Army, he did not carry guns when your mother born then!I come here by car that you think highly of you, I even had to buy a ticket?”After asking understand, Father had to go by car, but because people did not buy a ticket on the train ticket staff to keep, Father took out a red books ticket to several staff criticizes discredited by a few.Who is already having to ask to see a disdainful look everyone is very clear.  Old revolution, once the backbone of China, now has also been distorted.  For revolutionaries, our hearts have always been admired, but from that day on, my view had changed.  The backbone of the Chinese people, maybe not those corroded old revolutionary, nor those business people to promote economic development, but those people are still suffering in the countryside.  Honest, upright, strong, kind-hearted.Our Chinese virtues of our ancestors left behind, only to find it in their body?!  Community development, progress in the world, but it civilization?  Everywhere we are talking about a child learning from Lei Feng, learning Trainin.Then someone said, what is missing shout, we learn why they advocate.Now rarely heard these slogans, but do not cry does not mean not missing, but has been forgotten.An individual is not forgotten, but forgotten by society.Forgotten is a spirit, forgotten, we are the backbone of China.  The day before yesterday afternoon in a client’s home for dinner, Father sixty-four this year, in good spirits, a drink, the more words.  He said he had three sons, two daughters.Five children, only the youngest son of the best.Dr. youngest son, working in the field, gave him a month to remit one thousand dollars.Eldest son a few years ago Fortunately, in recent years the business to lose money, just give him three hundred dollars a month.Two sons and two daughters are farmers, although in wait around, but no one filial.  Remember, the elderly do not measure children filial filial standard is based on emotion, take a look at the most concerned about their children, often to take care of themselves.But now, although his ideas represent only part of the elderly, but does not measure children filial filial standards have been simplified to direct the yuan.  Not long ago a very enthusiastic friend said to me about a girl, I have to go meet.  Good girl, about one meter on June, oval face, hair shawl, red jacket slim figure, small white boots.But her first words were, “You do have a house in the local?There are more than six figures on the passbook deposit it?There are elderly people to take care of it?”Friend was very embarrassed, I feel very depressed.The results broke up.  Couples, should be based on emotion-based bar?Even to talk about friends, she is not concerned with this man you how, but how much, and how such a person can make you rest assured that your wealth and burdens?In many people’s eyes, marriage, love, the original is to be bought.But Happiness?  There was a foreigner evaluation of Chinese people, said Chinese people too focused on feelings.As everyone knows, many Chinese people have become reality, and the reality as well as to forget the existence of feelings.  The backbone of the Chinese people, once the whole world was shocked.Had countless suffering, our parents, grandparents, by virtue of a solid backbone to carry a common past, now settled in exchange for the rich.But now, if a big misery again, we can carry over yet?  Pampered, materialistic, we are a little bit of backbone corrosion.  Take a look around your friends.If you lose everything down and out, then there are a few people in?  To touch your heart, if you put aside the interests, put aside money, you really dated for a few friends?  Do not be scared’s not your fault.The world is changing.  Not believe it?You just go knocking on a building housing other people do not know, look at people’s attitude towards it!Then you then knocked on a farmer in rural areas where the door to see if other people have the same anti-Fangzei with you?  Chinese people’s stubborn, arrogant Chinese people, Chinese people’s kindness, Chinese people’s feelings.Work together to build the backbone of the Chinese people, the backbone of many Chinese people to build the backbone of China.If you realize what you and I all work together, at least, can not let the backbone of China collapsed in our generation!

Autumn misty fog

REVIEW: Lang Lang events of white, long the world pale light, misty vaguely see nothing, no rain had wet clothes Feisa.Unwittingly find skirts slightly damp hair has been wet fog, feeling a bit of chill very hot.Looking over the eastern sky was slightly pale, slightly sun through the fog, but not dazzling sun rays fleet between the fog layer.When cloud cover cloud cover there is always scattered clouds, no matter how thick the fog is always how thick to thin out.It now appears that the fog will loose, opaque dense fog has begun to slowly fades, the sun has become so pale, white dough trace of a long absence, the tender.  After the Mid-Autumn Festival, getting into the late autumn, evergreen Guangdong, still feel the summer wound.It feels different is that in recent days the temperature difference between day more and more significantly, the day sky was clear and sunny as summer, the autumn wind blows people feel cold at night, have been required to add more clothes.At night standing on the balcony, facing the field, has to hear insects chirping, surrounded by silent, only occasionally heard the rustle of camphor tree.Such a scenario really lonely, late autumn is no doubt at this time given.    Autumn wore on, more and more intense fog began.Early morning fog between rural, quiet no wind, only white one, such as gauze hangs over the earth.See in the distance lies to the immediate field dim Yiyi venues.This dense fog standing sheet is covered up space, good sleep becomes dull confused.I could not see because of fog in front of things and feel forlorn worry, because mist fans can not see the road and somewhat alarmed, confused fog make people lose heart.    Since ancient times, literati like to write poems about clouds and fog, clouds and fog which then becomes pure and elegant.It is often illusory ethereal cloud floating cloud in front of scattered, how helpless mortals are Kanbu Po, so often an illusion, said the clouds but Xianjia was immortal by means of hiding it at Tamkang University.It is simply a beautiful fantasy legend, but it’s hazy, soft, ethereal often people feel, often with cloud and fog to express their own inner emotional changes.    Blurred psychedelic fog can cover the earth is, people can not see the road, can not distinguish right from wrong, people can not judge the foot of the road where whither.We can only imagine the ideal step by step in accordance with the so-called hard-line fumble and.Good luck in life by way good line of smooth sailing, poor road rugged all her life, and more roundabout way of life lost before the lost line back I do not know.Walking in the countryside road, though he blurred the eyes, but they are familiar with will not go the wrong way, even if the fog lock Aoyama even days, the lift are all the white head, I would not have any mistakes.Because of the familiarity, so he confused too few, and too few panic, the mood is particularly relaxing, you can see a thin quietly near a distant plants and trees.Since people in the chaos, not meditation actually feel unique scenery in the mist.    Step slowly forward, eyes still trails, roadside trees can be found, vaguely vegetable garden.Approaching pastoral land near a vegetable, green one, mesenchymal covered by the atomized into drops of dew glistening.In front of green beads dripping saliva, such as greenstone lay everywhere, I think, these vegetables must absorb the essence of fog, so stout green growing discontented then.Further away, such as trees faintly across the veil, can not distinguish yellow leaf green leaves, just a hazy, colorful world seemed so monotonous, ordinary and pure, without distinction of vulgar Ya, irrespective of social status.That tree, that flower, that grass, a touch of tulle, a hazy film, such as birds faint but Jingqiao silent, vaguely like a mirage but no real magic.Fog let the world know if it really unpredictable, fog make it difficult to judge the world half-truths, such as entering into the fog King dream, can not use his eyes to see a plainly genuineness.    I believe, see clearly are not good, then I see it clearly became apparent flaws, the more carefully, the more shortcomings.So hazy is a beauty.Misty, opaque feeling a vague reverie United Pina resonate.Life hazy, hazy eye heart – Hui, hazy eyes to see the world and less worries, more of a beautiful, look forward to a stay.Life woolly-headed, people tried to say in the heart of the fog, to see through the world of beauty and ugliness, honor and disgrace, is the highest state of life hazy.    Lang Lang vast expanse of the universe, the world yo matt pale, misty vaguely see nothing, no rain had wet clothes Feisa.Unwittingly find skirts slightly damp hair has been wet fog, feeling a bit of chill very hot.Looking over the eastern sky was slightly pale, slightly sun through the fog, but not dazzling sun rays fleet between the fog layer.When cloud cover cloud cover there is always scattered clouds, no matter how thick the fog is always how thick to thin out.It now appears that the fog will loose, opaque dense fog has begun to slowly fades, the sun has become so pale, white dough trace of a long absence, the tender.    Autumn fog locked, solidified thoughts, imprisoned happy; autumn fog locked, locked mood, confusion of life.    When the mood like autumn fog locked, the current path is hard to determine in serious confusion, pushed open window of the soul, quietly, quietly intentions sentiment, confusing journey will be beautiful and moving, lonely narrow space, there is always a way out.    The haze enveloped unstoppable, Feisa sun, the sun always quietly, stay on the small crystal Caojian, shining colorful light, the gently crossed his eyes, softly landed on the spiritual, burning heart, but also of hope burning.    The fog lifted, the wind, the sun was shining, the world is still clear, autumn is still beautiful, the mood is still good.Everything we knew it, no wind and dispersed, suddenly disappear, and come out of thin air, sunshine still lit up the earth, the earth is full of hope.

Asked tracing ancestral name says

My second stop was tracing Daming County, Hebei Province.    The day after leaving the Town, they drove to the Daming County.Town that is the seat of government, local county magistrate Guo had worked.Sitting in the car looking for the old way, but turn a few Waner, Mayor said: “Yes, right here.”?He also questioned the.Retired for several years, the county happened to complex change beyond all recognition, he was actually unexpected.A large wasteland or old farmhouse, has been erected as early as numerous workshops, and a variety of era of convergence of private enterprises mushroomed stand, farmers early to jump the trend of the times, chasing beautiful Chinese dream.    Daming County is my ancestors once thriving place, and that is good music camp their roots.How many generations of family heritage Xing things, created a splendid national culture.    ”Daming County” after the beginning of the 15th generation of Chinese name.Tang Wei Bo Jiedushi Tian Yue Wei Zhou arrogated to change Daming Fu, Daming, county name, since the Han qianyou by the Later Zhou Dynasty, Song, Jin, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties six largely unchanged, until the Daming name in two years government waste diversion unchanged, incorporated yuan County Daming County, Daming County name has been passed in the Republic of China has continued for three years.Daming County is located in the East Village hole 5 li north, bluestone monument to quality, the first monument dragon, seat, part of a tablet Yin Zhuan “Tang Di Lianggong shrine of the monument”.4 high monument.46 m wide and 1.46 m, a thickness of 0.46 meters.Beizuo deep underground, the first monument carved Silong, whenever rainy weather, as if on Black Dragon around, so people commonly known as “Black Dragon monument,” part of a tablet Yang Zhuan “Tang Di Lianggong ancestral monument”, the words arranged in three rows.Silting monument half of the ground segment cracking, monument male engraved inscription procedure described in Wei Zhou Digong (this name) when Cishi performance and rehabilitation of the monument and ancestral.Li Yong author, book Zhangting Gui Dan.The inscription font neat, handsome powerful strokes.    AD 696 (Wu Long live Dengfeng first year), Khitan invasion, Hebei shock.Wei Di Renjie to any provincial governor, settled people, the Khitan caught from the back, the people De, Wei Zhou people against the war.Wei Zhou People gratitude Digong End, magic in two years (698 years) for the construction of a Shengci to report Ende.Rebellion spent in the war shrine.Now we see the ancestral tablets in AD 812 (Emperor Xian Zong Yuan and seven years) Wei Bo Tian Hiromasa Jiedushi to site rehabilitation DiRenJie shrine, erected in mind making.    Mid-1982 the Hebei provincial government announced for the provincial key cultural relics protection units.1995 mid-repair booth, to protect bridge.    This monument narrative Digong Ren Jie deeds of merit, although the age-old, but never forget the people to the monument tree name Li Wang.    Five Rites monument stands in the two-stage Village Daming County township streets, this is a well-known large monument in Handan.Tang Kaicheng five years (840 years) Li.The 1195 m-high monument, wherein turtle seat 214 m, 643 m monument, monument head 338 m, 304 m wide, 11 m thick.This monument is a famous calligrapher Liu Feng Tang Wenzong public rights of life, Weibo Jiedushi He Jintao as written benevolent monument.Ouyang Xiu, who is described in the writings.Such tall stone is rare in China.”Five Rites” The central idea is to promote feudal ethics, five Rites monument has withstood 1100 years of wind and rain erosion, writing most vague, but the monument two Liu public rights written in font well preserved, visitors can enjoy the bold and beautiful Liu body style, this is the kind of research precious calligraphy of the Tang Dynasty Liu.    From the 15th generation Han-year period, there is a famous palace, thousands of years of ups and downs, the creation of such a splendid national culture, and I was really proud of my ancestors.Di Renjie many stories that have been descendants for the elephants, the codification of the TV series “Detective Di Renjie” as early as household; the five ritual monument is to promote feudal ethics benevolent monument, 1100 years of wind and rain erosion, it still stands firmly in Hebei on the ground in China has created a miracle of history.    Over the past many years, I do not know the ancestors of this land survival, with so monumental national culture thousands of years, if not Xungenwenzu of the event, I was still five miles fog of their home.Their own pro-family, completely unaware of, secretly thinking, self-deprecating laugh, “towering trees, must have its roots.Mountain Water pregnant, must have its source.”Although I am not born in Hebei, but born in Beijing Legation Quarter, but consider themselves upright Pekingese, Pekingese and even Shihai to pride itself, foreign people, slightly biased, do not you know yourself actually foreign person after generations, have good sense of satirical ridicule.Not long ago, on the Internet there are outsiders.The debate Pekingese, now think of it is funny, in a Chinese family, no points inside and outside, there is “any.Righteousness.ceremony.Cause.The division channel, Xungenwenzu.Family Style is the heritage we all.    Between thoughts, we drove to Daming County Bao Thai food company, which is a cooked meat halal food processing plants, its development is to achieve duck meat goose brood development, breeding, slaughtering, food processing, packaging one-stop production, its products are exported to Arab countries, most recently in Beijing Niujie selling halal food supermarkets, where it produces filled with cooked food, I go there often when idle Niujie ya repurchase big bag Hui food, which were naturally have my home products, I say, why it tastes so good actually, pure and pure, it turned out to be another contribution to the people of his hometown.That the industrial park more than one hundred million yuan in the whole industrial chain of more than 30, with a total investment of 100 billion yuan.    Good hometown, home rich, happy people, I naturally elated.    By nightfall, we had returned to the city of Handan, that the urban night scene so beautiful, strings of red lights hanging in the trees, constitute beautiful city streets, skyscrapers.Ablaze with lights, car taillights suspended flushed red, echoed the tree red, so beautiful ah!I was deeply intoxicated!

And who meet only when and how about with joy

All the way to dusty, Tage and the line Xu.The story of his writings eat only a little in deep thoughts in light, dusty memories of the past quietly sneaked into the severance of time in the water, the memo that eclipsed sentimental verse covered with rich heart, leaving only a touch of sad crystal clear.    - Inscription Juxiu words only labor delphinium, flower drunk residue difficult song Fu Jian, the passage of time, ranking the dark step change.Fleeting wind tearing distressed ended in frustration, the other under the sparse youthful smile has gradually gone.In the youth away, hear the chord Zither Palace’s rhyme, rhyme express fragrant ink a piece of paper fly, tie down new words that wine no longer sing song sound like that’s suddenly.    Wind and rain silent, tearful reunion hope.Skylight is a repressed weeping into the hidden when surrounded sending the unsolicited lonely, bored under such a cloud sky, already live up to the old fine, Yunxiang.It seems that in the interpretation of chest decisively, with only one person alone hard marching footsteps elegant in rough hustle Bliss.    Habitat four phase from the clean, long knowledge of poetry and wine tea.When the humble grind down countercurrent, ferry in the Red river every day beating the Bells in Qingshenyuanqian Buddha’s.Although chewing Masaoki long, but it is deeply infatuated heart barren, dressed in dust removed, Hiei self-pity, this is a human melancholy off, ask where I come from, what way go away, this is not to ask who knows know…..    Do not forget how could meet later, the storm had bright hall.Looking back, step by step, through the course of footprints, tears rain down, he felt a bad injury, many times or too heartless.As for my play has been zoned off clothes cloud, been so torn do not think listen, hardship frequently look back at the thin cold ferry, hoping to see the vision of the future, and thus, often feeling lonely waves of Guling sigh in Trinidad in Lakeshore.    Rushiwowen, after tears.Li word chapter monument, the tomb of the outcome, defeated shadow Depression, and from this the pulse of life, running from one another plot, but is a self solo theatrical roles, on stage to play to enjoy the beautiful lonely Seduction, lifted the audience is endless sad and tired.It ripped through the attitudes of the true meaning of, really sad because the charming style of thousands become a.    Worldly air, listen to the waves Lan Cang.At the far-sighted, like drunk wine Lin Feng, laughing joy several times the Spring and Autumn; like view, West Lake, Willow whisper into Masaoki poem; like living disappearance mountain stream, shallots veins language.Over the years, however, both willing and unwilling, to read and not read, always drifting away like the wind suddenly remembered those glittering cordial encounter, want to keep the good is gone already, call Adams said: Love Lock Spring flowering wrong, the end is Drawn Brows.    This sad situation is difficult to draw, this scene is difficult to subside Concerned.Breakdown of cumulative life of sadness, Man flying fireflies drifting night, a heart how much will have to bear the cold become so numb, or who knows a few rooms?Leila silent, cool music to make people loose tea, moments of beauty but the day a few deep earth, and who ask?Turn around, a ray of Lengxiang far, passed away snow depth, shallow smile, the afterlife you cross me, may wish?    Cantabile years, who’s mind, he was in the water with one of wandering melancholy subtle fragrance surplus sleeve?Countless swaying to a tender, with tears can not restore vaguely attachment, wind and rain will not lead to a total limp walk?    Such as wine Love, who thoughts, who kept watch at one end of the horizon promises alone if Qingchou?Zuiwo bite bone cold dream wedding day, read the old bonds of smoke residue with half a cup of wine, annihilation yesterday became elusive smile empty hang around.    That night, only I.Anju Shi Yi is like a Liufang “Sheng Sheng Man”, once again subjected to thin cold emotion, searching, desolate, desolately sad of.The first, in which numerous endured the pain of suffering, the vain illusion of sadness.    Touch the strings, the wind slim, the light liquor, such as water clear posture.I want to dream that a red makeup, in a chic Su, long-sleeved solo, of longing for the pliant, graceful my idle word worry Fu, gently drifted to the window of my book case, in the month Gambhir color with blush bright eyes, dotted with serene quiet time at the moment, so, touch the heart of the sweet smell rhyme scene, forever, forever.    How worthy of wandering, meaning who knows me, to express a gentleman chapter, title graceful sentence.He actually dip Yun wind window late, late phase Fu document intended myth, long ago in the days of standing in the vast silence, the kind no one looked strong sense of loss, would break my heart’s Parting knows no boundaries, a piece of paper Su Jian do emptiness.    Looking back over the years, he went to the north and the water, heaved the future, just like the rest time.That lack of emotion, which is free Happy?Clearly bitter and stronger music!That there were numerous, which is fly?Parting is clearly!That desolately Lili, which is rain?Tears from the people clearly do not!Mo Han Yancui, mountains reflected setting sun red.Dream fly light, thin, such as depression Siyu.    Sleepless cold nights raving dream, then go away feeling.Do not do when wandering away from home, too difficult to know who is sad tears.In the distant party, wandering lights in the Ming Zhu, a touch less than happy colors, remember that part of your phone’s soft gentle fine words, those whom he felt let me read fragments of thought, the kind of mood Yeah, like It is thrown in the moonlight on the water waves ripples.But, you will not make me feel at the moment that you also think I will not let my lonely cry in the corner.    Cup REUNION, divination count when, across the cheek sad when youth are no longer bright, when the past is no longer blowing hot and cold recovery.Listen to the song melodious sound of that distant, quiet trail poetic lantern bloom Hua Chuan, who is in and who refused to tell this parting of heartfelt love, and who will know each other at the time to dare and the king must, together forever.    Three thousand black hair, crazy point into the ink, look for some bridges, to a smoky smell Cannian.Yo come and go, Juyi Peng water, sediment every shadow, brush a wisp of wind, not only the mind and people willing to violate.Harmonious retreats into rhyme book, but do lean on a railing roots meaning.    Somewhere, surging, such as springs, continue to turn 100 back to read.How I want the pen of emotions can be integrated into the fragrance of flowers floating into your smile in my heart, in Zen, the only quasi-Bodhi I understand you.I beg you meet, the end of my life without regret, do not say goodbye.    May edge Sparse, wind off the pre-trial.Upload a constant ancient poem, the dream pick-up Dan ink painting that portrays the cherished a tie ze new words, to the scent of ink flow rhyme graceful to miss as letterhead, waiting for the letter, good shallow describe some eternal good news paintings full moon, vertical bustling troubled times, killing elegance, the passage of time, but also to meet with your friend spend the ends of the earth.

About my book “Ali Baba brand marketing 108 trick” behind the story about

Looking forward to a few months, “Ali Baba brand marketing 108 trick” finally meet with you, and we also have the support from the number published March 31, Jingdong Dangdang shelves, book selling okay.So it is a little busy.Today, stop and write down words. Under the terms of our book, also speaking at the story behind our book. Alibaba start writing articles, publishing house editor had actually been approached me.He asked me to do a book, but before I always say directly, not the.Why, because at that time I have been thinking about, the book is not to make money. At that time, will be thinking of things, we must take things done.I want to come back, his small pattern. So, we write the text, as long as you insist on writing.Many of the opportunities will come to you. Last November, I decided that, because there is just time.Also thought, this is really one of the.Nothing touches, you suddenly come up with.So I contacted one of the editors.He added to Q I have a long long long time. Ok, deal.Because he has to see me to talk about every day, watching my words.He said so directly, you can, before finishing down the line.I said, does not work.Or not, to the, to the best.I’m going to have every word original. Every word of new writing.So we now see our book.Every word can not see in other places, I have not written.Because I thought, I group where a lot of people will buy.Be sure to give them something new. The first is our title, this is quite an art.Middle Press once to many times many times to change the title.But I have always insisted.So Press, or to use my.About this title, it is a trick IP 108. As we look back a lot of books is 108, 108 is a lot of beads.108 In short, we are all familiar. Trick, that is dry, you can directly do mean. In fact, our book stands for “Ali Baba brand marketing 108 trick TrustPass Pu marketing book,” understand people will understand, this name there are a lot of keywords.I want others to enter Alibaba in Jingdong, you can find my book.Search integrity, you can find my book.Enter a keyword can find a lot of my books. So we can look our name, how many keywords.And to make a Ali IP. Because I was thinking at the beginning, or we do not do, or we will do our best to do first. In this book, under my terms, we have been in accordance with this theory to go. About positioning the book, because I see a lot of books, in fact, they are talking about theory, about the future, talk about trends.But I told myself, I can not like this.You must be operable.He looked able to do, did have the effect of.Another point is that it must be to use the most popular language to express.Because the group where a lot of people are big boss, but they are very basic. I also had to study seriously, in fact, the best-selling book, must be the most popular books.It must be operable book. It will have such a position, which I preface: not to disseminate knowledge, only to tell you how to do. So many people got our books, you will find our book, highly operational, and even people who do not usually love reading.Read our books are not brake.It will be a one-time reading.Too many junior high school graduation, can understand. To a profound writing is not difficult, difficult to write simple.But I still have to ensure, so that everyone can understand. Why our Dharma spread easily, because the world is the same, the same slogan, easiest, and hardest. So the book, a lot of stories, a lot of practices, a lot of text can be read many times.I have been reading, after a decade or two can still read.Each stage people can read, because there really profound meaning, really meaningful. So this book, we have 10 years, 20 years, it is not expired.Referring back to, like do not forget the early heart. After positioning, it is to write articles.In fact, this is not difficult, because Meiyi Zhao are real trick.So people must seriously look it can be found in our brand positioning to do.But Ali is open from the beginning of the account, starting from selected industries. Ali behind the operation, and then to do the old customers to do real cultural experience to do the brand to do, to the back of sublimation to integrate resources investment company.True to the back of the first industry.Examples of especially inside.Some one day can be tens of millions. The Meiyi Zhao’s hard work is in the title, all declarative sentence.Simple, straightforward.Let everyone know at a glance. So there are a lot of pictures, there are many examples of.But what title I tell you how to do. Speaking of this, the publishing house editor, who put me into that directory with some modifications questions and answers.For example, my high-margin brand products more suitable for this trick.He modified, high-margin products really do make the brand more suitable?I say, no, to change overnight.Because we recruit.It must be dry.Like a sword, like a knifed down.Simple and direct, behind all modifications back. Positioning clear, then it must be operational, it must be easy to understand clearly.The other is not difficult. Many people say that to me before finishing we are talking about is certainly more content.Out of the book with a completely different lectures.Like a person to attend the wedding, he attended with the game, wearing clothes is not the same. Maybe we feel, can it.On the surface of a can.But if you want to do, I really want in-depth, it is not easy. Speaking of this, in fact I really appreciate very grateful to my editor, Posts & Telecom Press editor.My book, he is a little bit of modification.I wrote 400 pages.He slowly, slowly changes, frequent changes to 2 am 3:00. And continuous two weeks, a month.So I’m really grateful to him, because it is free help publishing. There is what I said earlier, we either do or we should do first.This concept, we are very carefully. For example, on paper, in the beginning, I said to the book, I said, we must use the best paper.It can not be a general printing paper.So, I read this book you will be very comfortable.Many people say that, for a long time did not come across such a good book paper.Because it is so that the printing press purposely bought abroad, like this paper is expensive, not casual use, but still bought. About design and layout.In the beginning, I said, you must help me go to the best designer, best publishing division.So we get a lot of people in this book, I feel, really very different, very carefully, can be a plus.Even the small picture, will be designed to be very clear.Where the text, where pictures.See comfortable, harmonious. Such as color, he says, we do not color it, after all costs while increasing.I said, no, it must be to color printing.So we see our book, will feel very comfortable.Because it is two-color printing.Color printing. About packaging, I say, any of our book, every plastic film packaging.He said that very few people do it, I said, no one to do, we have to do oh.Therefore, we in Jingdong, Dangdang buy our books, you will feel great grades Oh. Of course, I also request more oh.For example, the cover must have my head.The text in order not to affect the reading, Chen Zhihong these three words, I try to appear less.However, each page must have my head.Then write on the chest Chen Zhihong. Because we are doing the brand.He said that over ten years the publication of, never seen such operation.I say we must fight at the next oh.Therefore, we can see that the top of each page, have my head, with my name on Avatar. In fact, there are many, many, such as crowdfunding, we all need to do a table.It will look like this on tall.And the table must use two colors, the best layout designers are scheduled to be hard.But really are all done. Also, each one of our picture, frame by frame must be up.So we look at our pictures, you will feel very natural beautiful.The single-frame these pictures.In fact, they have spent a long, long long time. There are many many many.Because require the best. And these, many of which are publishers had not met before.Press editor said, I did ten years of publishing, never seen to do so.I said, a lot of things that I invented.Oh, it really is.Only to do better. For example, I designed cartoon pictures, but also took a long time, but really beautiful.Because I’m looking for photos to put them, and then they find someone to draw.Middle also modified several times.It was early, the picture painted of the man himself is a master. For example, our cover of this book, now appears to be relatively simple.Feel beautiful.But even the best designer also designed the cover of this two weeks.Due to the good design, then asked people in charge of Jingdong, Dangdang, read books Lynx.Our first edition is not like, white.Also integrated their views, many changes, so only. So, finally doing a book.There are many, many details. Of course, there is our recommendation, the general recommendation is to find people around, I said I will not.That boring.Do they need to do top.So, I found two listed companies, chairman, president and four listed companies jointly recommend. Because we fight so what, every detail is well.Other certainly a good will. On sales of the book, I was very happy.Better than I thought.Because we book just came out five days out of stock.Many Taobao to buy no stock.So press immediately printed.Press also very happy, printed overnight. Because our book came out, it was several major booksellers also pack away.So, actually, it should be printed on the two days.Because the middle three days of vacation time is.Also Jingdong, Dangdang not on, it has been recommended to buy Lynx. But there are still many people to buy Jingdong Dangdang.And I am most happy is to enter a list of books Jingdong management classes. To be honest, I think this for me is a small growth, small breakthrough. For example, from the very beginning I wanted to write a book, to do our best every detail, to find the back of listed companies recommended to the back on the list Jingdong.We can say that many, many people are more difficult to achieve in a lifetime.But because fight, I have reached. Of course, the dream is very far away, a long way.I need to do now is fight for this book sold better, and then to move forward. Because there are too many things waiting for me to do, the old publishing house said, and quickly wrote a second book, I said, put this to curry favor. A good book, good or bad depends on selling.Business is business because we.We do things is to sell.Also our little bits and pieces of details are doing well.So, okay sales.So now, we can be very happy to. Of course, the most important group is Azeri, is everyone’s support.Therefore, our sales can be so good.Thank you. The price of the book is scheduled to last 49.8.In fact, this is what I have been asking the price.For a long time to communicate with the press.Because according to the above standards.You must be 59.8.A discount network to sell.Others monochrome printing, but nothing of.And only 100 pages.Also to 45.But I said, really not, higher cost.So that everyone will be comfortable watching. So we have been fighting for.Jingdong Dangdang also communicate with for a long time, only later to set the price.We really convenient. In fact, every detail, really spend a lot of hard to do. In the back is a signature.For the signature, we also deliberately let the press added a more advanced paper, only the signature of.Then with others is not the same, I also specifically to do a chapter.Like this look more tall on. Because I want the signature is not a common front, but everyone got the book, go with life feeling. Of course, everyone signatures buy the book also has a small gift.With my name on the gift, but also my intention is to do.As a small memorial.All in all, just to do every thing, every detail.So that we really like. Because even a sentence, we are to discretion over and over again, carefully effort. Including pre crowdfunding, including looking for Posts and Telecom Press this relatively big domestic Press.We have been fighting for.The fight will have more opportunities, at least for a recall after a decade or two later, you will not regret it.The fight will progress.Because it is running, you fight a little, you can go a little earlier.Life on the road, always starting a. Finally, a few little under me to answer questions about the book: For example, a book sure to make money, because there are Royalty.There is, 2%.For example 100,000, you 2000.This really is a little money.Editors’ so hard, I ask him to dinner.And I think that is not enough Oh, really hard.If people really can not be that fight.So I think I should give him more. For example, the family would like to see how a book.Very thought, I did not feel them Mom and Dad.This concept did not seem to. After my book, do you feel.Really I did not feel, because for me, I feel more and more things waiting for me to do.Out of the book, it is just one small part.There are also a lot of distance Oh. Of course, in fact, I hope that everyone can see me do Ali’s book.Because well, really not easy.And there are too many points.I hope that everyone Ali salesman, can take my book to run a business, let guests order. Tantamount to an essential tool to do Ali.I hope this book is our best gift to give as gifts electricity supplier.Gift books.Because of the above recommendation of listed companies, and are practical dry.The best use, extra points for their own. I hope above these can slowly slowly realize.Then we ourselves are trying very hard to grow. In fact, I have been thinking, our life is like climbing stairs.No one wants to do the most basic cycle, so we hope have been working to climb.Some people may climb to the 10th floor, some people may go to the 100th floor.But anyway, we are all up.For me, I have my own dreams, I know where to go next, slowly slowly up. Although still very basic very basic very basic, but I have been working very hard in one direction to the. Chen Zhihong, a whole life to the pursuit of progress and growth of people.This is my simple little dream. Our group where everyone has their own dreams, life, go together.As long as we will be able to realize the dream. Finally, hope, this article is to get everyone’s support Oh forwarding.I really appreciate it thank you. Jingdong purchase link: HTTP: // project.JD.COM / 11898691.HTML, you can go buy point Oh.Author Q: 838 504 315

Alone in a landscape

Today is National Day in October.In the third year of his son to school as usual, and as usual, after his son went to school, I would walk up the hill. Mid-October weather, some in the morning when it was cool earth, he could feel the breeze, East of the Sun seems to be layers of thick clouds covered the field of vision, looking at the clouds gap exposed to the plume of dawn, I seem to feel they fight in an instant of!I breathe deeply the fresh air, and sure enough, this is refreshing after a burst of cool into the intestine. Because today is a holiday, hiking in the hills a few more people.Some vendors in order to take a chance, still came early on a morning market in the hillside, cries, cries, far away to break the tranquility of this small town! Came to this morning, is already six points, the market is already crowded together on the slopes.This market through the crowd, I walked straight towards the mountain.Climb stairs, walk in the mountains in a square, overlooking the mist found to be buried in a small town nestled like a sleeping child in his mother’s arms so serene!I came here many times, but never deliberately to overlook over the foot of the town, overlooking one of today’s unconscious, suddenly made me feel peaceful from the big foot of the hill in the town for some time like a quiet woman touched my hearts! Such is life when you ignore its existence, which is the same as ignoring your presence. Twenty years ago, after graduation, because I came to this strange allocation town.At the time the town is almost two blocks, with no high-rise buildings, and no decent scenery, at the foot of the mountain and I, like a forgotten world, until the development so far, already has injected too many people with wisdom toil.The town I live in is also a great many times, not only has a high-rise buildings, as well as modern flavor of a Unit.Shuttle flow of people and vehicles, buses and creepy night bright enough to tell the world, no longer a small town of the year here – unlimited stained earthy. In this town, I am like a traveler, I am used to admire here alone in a landscape. Alone, I think is not only a state, but a state of mind.Because of this, often in their leisure time I will take more of a yearning for life to think about. Over the years the formation of this habit, I gradually realized that, alone, not alone, is more a platform for his life, like a door, a window, open the window, pushed open the door, we’ll see own scenery. In the chaos of life, loneliness is inevitable, but I talked alone will not replace the lonely.In some of the troubles encountered when all alone and helpless when I was alone, either locked himself in the house, or walking in the mountains.Can truly alone when is my kind of scenery. Alone when thoughts unlimited flying like a bird with wings kite, fly higher and higher in the blue sky, the farther away; you can continue to sort out the chaos of your own mind alone a person, not only can highlight the vitality of our thoughts, we can also open-minded, we will be in front of road widening, us into an infinite situation. Like the time to shake hands with a man when alone, can precipitate an impulsive feeling, so in all alone, when we carefully look back at some hastily traveled, you can carefully pick-up those neglected or forgotten their own years, and carefully looked at those things yourself or intentionally or unintentionally left out, giving us thinking of life! Years rush, into middle age, I look back, walking life is so hurry and rush, thoughtful pursue their own dream is so far away and clear, so alone in the world can be our own sober life , repair themselves, their blind rehabilitation medicine ah. Right now is an information age, all the changes from the moment of our stay, so the change in a hurry, we have unconsciously put down their early heart, so in this fast pace in our increasingly being swallowed this years, our the world’s only outside the hustle and irritability, and thus find a quiet place to go their own lives pastime has become our generation, even after several generations expect, because of this, alone, has become a shrine to appease our hearts. Here I am reminded wrote this passage: alone the human heart can be rich, can be simple; may be open; be clear.Alone, Feelings is a grass with dew; is a quietly want to put flowers; is a slow stretch of the leaf; is a vibrant tree; is a rippling river.In such a time to soak up the sun’s gentle, the trend of wind and rain baptism, let the thought of erosion, wash away the dust of the soul, and hurried life in the dirt – back home, I feel the need to write about it on my heart a person alone understanding of the. Out of the window, the weather was gloomy, there seems to be signs of rain, then sit in the house beat at these words! Yes, one person alone to write some text in a deserted space, I had become a habit.Written text at the same time as other people talking about it in the belly Tang, a text for this purpose after the trip, I found myself feeling a lot easier.I insist that this is one reason to write text.Because a person’s heart filled with a mess of things, and my heart there is a load.Make the text in line with this commitment, we will be able to sit back and enjoy a happy life! As I love to jump text on this keyboard, the window of a ray of sunshine shot into my house, so when I looked out the window, the sun had receded a mist of! Sunny place to live happy, yes, as long as we are filled with sunshine in the heart, they went into the living. 2017.10.1