Boge Ba innocence: Napoleon but always aspire to be someone criticize me bad

"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">Sauna night sports network reported June 13: All along, Boge Ba are confident of himself, his desire to become France's Napoleon。On the upcoming World Cup, he wanted to be like a national hero as the former lead the French team forward。However, Boge Ba's recent performance is not satisfactory, it has been a lot of criticism。For his recent bad state, Boge Ba today to give an explanation: some things beyond my capability。France's friendly against Italy, Bo Geba to get lost, their own fans booed him。After the game, the survey showed 73 percent of French fans want him to sit on the bench。Former Marseille player Meco also known as Bo Geba does not deserve as a starter: he played mainly because of fame。"Once you have some people play two bad games will be abandoned in France, but actually could have been Tixia Qu Bo Geba。"Meco very puzzled。France coach Didier Deschamps still behind Boge Ba, said he was "indispensable", but Deschamps also urged Boge Ba quickly get back the state。25-year-old Bo Geba an interview today, he considers himself a slump mainly external causes, rather than their own reasons。"On the court, I sometimes arranged on the left, sometimes on the right, kicking midfielder position。"Boge Ba said:" I think I played also, but I did not get the best chance of success。"" Make a metaphor, it's like someone says to you, 'ah, this is my big house for you, but you do not have the key'。Some things, it really was not a person I can decide, which is the team's responsibility。Once I did not affect the overall situation, some people will criticize me and say I played bad。"Boge Ba stressed。He did not find a cause from their own, but put the blame for the team and coach。Boge Ba concluded by saying: "On the pitch, I play No. 8, the outside world should be standard No. 8 to judge me。Sometimes, they are not so to look at me, for I am asking for too much。I want to be the team's brain, but the prerequisite is to ensure that the team on the right path。"Before, Boge Ba Mu Bapei also proposed to solidarity:" He is a midfielder, not a striker。We can not expect every game he scored his greatest contribution is the vision and scheduling。No matter what he does, people say he has done enough。We should recognize the fact that the objective of。"

Belgium big "infighting"!Feichan, anger push, cuckold not even think about the World Cup!

"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">(Original title: Belgium large outbreak of infighting!Feichan, anger push, cuckold, think about the World Cup!) Near the Belgium squad training, the former Manchester United star Gunuzhayi sideline alone are practicing June 15, suddenly popped up within Debu Lao, at great speed Manchester United blond shoveling off their feet, and then leave if nothing had happened, leaving under pain of the victims lying on the ground crying。Around the coaching staff indifferent, this scene seems commonplace。This action within Debu Lao quite dangerous, if not timely Jianuzhayi leg, then a great chance of ankle injury。德布劳内飞铲飞铲 June 13, Belgium with Costa Rica carried out a warm-up match。The game drew to a close, although Belgium has a 4: 1 lead, but Azar does not seem to have fun。Carrasco foreign aid in Dalian, one of the ball near the sideline, Azar will rush Carrasco pushes and forcibly grabbed the ball attack。Pushing the 2018 World Cup in Russia, in addition to the traditional tyrannical Brazil, Germany, Spain, there are high hopes for the team。On paper strength, the Belgian had a fantastic star cast: Azar, within Debu Lao, Compagni, Courtois, Carrasco, Fellaini, Loukakou, Witsel。Especially in the Adjara and Debu Lao, young age to become Premier League team Chelsea, Manchester City's main core, limitless future。But this star-studded team might well be the first World Cup pseudo-teams。When 阿扎尔德布 Laoneibili has always been known as the "European infighting team", before the outbreak of the conflict within the team contest has become a habit in recent years of strife with infighting has overshadowed the limelight known for the Netherlands, France。Belgium is very serious domestic ethnic conflicts, French-speaking and Dutch language ethnic silos, while French-speaking and Dutch-Belgian Naoqi infighting to fight for the World Cup what should be put aside。In this season extremely good Roma midfielder satisfied that the British national team defeated the Golan accident, caused discontent within the team, Fellaini, Courtois is satisfied that the British public solidarity with the Golan, to question the authority of the coach。 Before then Courtois, the Belgian team's story is even more wonderful。Debu Lao inherent autobiography description, team-mates, the Belgian goalkeeper Courtois had an affair with his girlfriend。Because the original good friendship between the matter, the two fell through, but Courtois has not been expelled from the national team。

These points, keep you away from breast cancer (1)

  Pancreatic cancer is one of common malignant tumors of the digestive tract, is the most common malignant tumor, occurred in the pancreatic head, abdominal pain and painless jaundice is a common symptom of pancreatic cancer。Diabetes long-term heavy smoking, high-fat diets high in animal protein, the relative increase in the incidence of this disease occurs in the elderly, much higher than male patients more than premenopausal women, the incidence of post-menopausal women and men similar。  Early pancreatic cancer patients may have symptoms of the diseases of the digestive tract, such as nausea, indigestion symptoms of anorexia, tired of the oil, fatty diarrhea, etc., eat high-fat and high-protein diet, the symptoms get worse。
When not diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and these symptoms should be vigilant, early treatment。In addition, when diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, the more should pay attention to diet, to prevent disease progression, speed up the recovery of physical function of patients have a positive effect。
Overall, dietary considerations pancreatic cancer in the following areas: 1, to have regular meals, three meals a day to five meals, do not stop to eat snacks, this will cause the pancreas to secrete pancreatic juice continuously, increase the burden of pancreatic function。
  2, with a reasonable diet, pay attention to the proportion of carbohydrates, fat and protein to carbohydrate-based, fat and protein to be appropriate, should be eaten to digest protein, such as lean meat, eggs and fish, to use reasonable cooking methods for cooking, stew, boil, steam, slip, boil for a short or the like, not fried, deep-fried, stir the like, preventing excessive pancreas pancreatic secretion。  3, advanced pancreatic cancer, symptoms, left upper abdominal pain increased, and significant weight loss, patients usually have no guarantee that oral intake of food the body needs, which would be by intravenous nutrition in order to improve the nutritional status of the body。Yet unresectable patients should try to take a positive approach to remove the lesion by surgery。
  Etiology of pancreatic cancer has not yet entirely clear。
But research shows: pancreatic cancer and lifestyle have a great relationship, smoking, high-fat diet, the incidence of diabetic population of developing pancreatic cancer was significantly higher than other groups, so always pay attention to their own habits and dietary laws。

Bank of England Financial Stability Report: Only one bank is not over stress tests

Remittance Network December 16 hearing – the Bank of England [microblogging] (BOE) on Tuesday (December 16) in the Financial Stability Report pointed out that the stress test is displayed in addition to the UK Cooperative Bank (UK cooperative banks) is not the only reach 400.Outside the threshold of 5% of the capital requirement, all other major British banks who are involved in testing standards, the ability to withstand the impact of sharp decline in prices。This is the bank stress tests within the Bank of England for the first time a nationwide。  The Bank of England said the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) and Lloyds TSB Bank (Lloyds) (Lloyd Banks, the same below, editor's note) just to make it through, because the two banks to take preventive measures, in time for the central bank to do concluded before strengthen capital。The two banks before resuming dividend will be subject to approval by regulatory authorities under the Bank of England。England during the 2007-2009 financial crisis, the two banks to inject 66 billion pounds, making them from bankruptcy and triggered a reform of banking supervision methods。  Bank of England Financial Policy Committee (FPC) suggested that bankers can be regularly tested to determine its own sufficient capital to withstand market shocks。The committee responsible for dealing with potential risks in the banking system on the economy。FPC, said Tuesday's test shows that the British banking system is more secure than a few years ago, and does not require new security measures。  Bank of England Governor Carney (Mark Cayney) said the test results showed that the core banking system more resilient, and even under severe pressure, also has the ability to continue to serve the real economy。  FPC said it would create more risk buffer banking system, but urged banks to strengthen supervision, to solve recent misconduct and operating the wrong question。The worst situation envisaged by the Bank of England, including the British pound fell and inflationary pressures intensified, leading to tighter monetary policy and interest rates from the current 0.Adjusted to 4% 5%。These factors will lead to the country's economic output by the end of 2013 compared with the level decreased by about 3.5%, nearly double the unemployment rate will reach 12%。Rates will therefore fell by 35%, commercial real estate prices fell 40%。  FPC also said that pressure from the UK property market has not increased since June, but household debt remains high。  Britain's largest eight banks – Lloyds Bank Group, RBS, Barclays (Barclays), HSBC Holdings (HSBC Holdings), the British branch of Banco Santander (Santander UK), nationwide, cooperative banks and the UK Standard Chartered Bank [microblogging] (Standard Chartered) need to prove that they hold sufficient core capital, it can withstand the impact of this situation to live without the need for additional financing。  Stress testing requirements, banks in various scenarios forecast, the core capital ratio to risk-weighted assets must be at least 4.5%。Stress tests show that the British cooperative banks core capital ratio could fall to minus 2.6%, even if the measures taken previously it announced。The core capital ratio Royal Bank of Scotland and Lloyds Bank may be reduced to 5, respectively,.2% and 5.3%。  The Bank of England said that normally require RBS to submit the revised capital plan, but think that this is not necessary, because the bank has announced during the stress test will increase capital。Barclays core capital ratio of 7.5%, 8 HSBC.7%, Nationwide Building Society (Nationwide Building Society) 6.7%, Banco Santander and Standard Chartered were 7.9% and 8.1%。  In addition, the Bank of England financial stability report that, since June, the market for economic growth remained weak, and concerns about geo-political risks have increased。Risk recent plunge in oil prices should support global economic growth and the UK, but also lead to financial stability。Since June, the risks to global financial stability outlook has also increased; the UK banking sector gradually more toughness, has been a substantial increase in capital。

Abe: Japan hope the World Cup finals in France semi-final off PK Russia

"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">Sauna night sports network reported May 26: from 2018 World Cup opening only less than three weeks time, countries are seriously preparing。The Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visited Russia this week, at a news conference he also talked about the prospects for the Japanese national team's World Cup, and hopes the Russian rhetoric in the final against hosts。Prime Minister Shinzo Abe trip to Russia to participate in the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, time is May 24 to 26。In addition to his participation in this international economic forum of leaders as well as French President Make Long et al.。Abe said, "Let us imagine that the Blue Samurai (Japan national team nickname) won three wins in the group stage and final encounter in Russia。This is my dream, probably because of the time difference, I am optimistic about this dream。"Japan was in the World Cup?Group, with group rivals Colombia, Senegal, Poland, Japan wants to qualify from the group is not easy, let alone three straight victories like Abe want it。It seems the Japanese prime minister on the strength of the national team seems to have overestimated。And then Abe also said he expects to beat France in the World Cup semi-final, but he said with a smile, "To be honest, the French president Make Long's dream is, big win over Japan at that time。"It seems that the leaders of the two countries attended the Economic Forum over, also talked about the World Cup。

"Pharaoh" return to life and death battle war Egypt coach: Water God did not mean to hurt him

"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">Sauna night Sports Network June 19 report: Beijing tomorrow morning 2:00 lore Uruguay suffered in the first round group stage of the Egyptian team will challenge the hosts。 Before this life and death, Egypt's top players Salah has announced the resumption of health。Coach Hector Cooper debut this name star striker expressed optimism。In this regard, 切尔切索夫 not very worried, he said that Russia has a plan to defeat Salah: "His level only he and his coach knows, but our mission is to win, we will complete this mission。I believe in my team, I believe my players, I'll give you a simple answer: we are ready, we will do so。"And for the previous Champions League final Salah injury, Ramos does not want to think 切尔切索夫 intentional injury Salah:" I only saw Ramos holding a trophy, he did not mean to do so, this is a contact sport, I know nobody wants to intentionally hurt other teams of people。"

How to nine coup resistant depression treatment of depression

How it can treat depression Depression is a common mental illness, it is already the world's fourth largest disease, and has a very wide range of hazards。
In fact, depression can be treated, the patient's own home will be able to treat depression。 So, what a coup it is resistant to depression following on with small series a look at it。
1, diet study found that if the body lacks certain nutrients, it can also cause depression。 Foods contain vitamins and amino acids on mental state is important and its effects, mild depression patients should pay attention to personal eating habits, eat more foods rich in vitamin B, such as soybeans, fresh fish, whole grains and many more。
Take some vitamin B drugs are also useful。 2, listen to soothing music clinical psychology, there is a music therapy is the preferred mode when a psychiatrist to consider how to treat depression。
After a busy day in the city people, may wish to use a short break and listen to your favorite music, a good reward themselves about it, revel in the beautiful melodies, not only can relieve fatigue, but also to relax the spirit, the peace of mind it。
3, communicative locked himself out at home, avoid contact with people, are common manifestations of depression, and this is the first place they need to change。 Change the premise of this vicious cycle must force yourself to go out, more contact with friends, participate in social activities or to travel, despite the beginning of the heart will be painful, but as long as over time, negative emotions will be felt slowly ablation external environment your self-confidence will rekindle up。
How to treat depression 4, sports training movement can not only strong physical body, and can also be an excellent person to release a variety of mood, after exercise the kind of relaxed feeling of freedom, can relieve depression in an excellent mood of patients。
Some aerobic exercise like jogging, decentralized patient's depressive mood, so that patients get control of the condition, the treatment of depression is beneficial。

Food vegetables containing vitamin a dimension of which contain a

A food containing vitamin What are?Vitamin is a great need for us, we can also get some of the things that you know a food containing vitamin what are you?Following small to tell you about the food containing vitamin a。 A food containing vitamin 1, fruits: pear, apple, loquat, cherry, banana, longan, apricot, litchi, watermelon, muskmelon。
In addition to apricot, most of the yellow fruit of a vitamin A content are less than 400 units。
2. Vegetables: dent vegetables, cabbage, shepherd's purse, tomato, eggplant, squash, cucumbers, green peppers, spinach, alfalfa, pea sprouts, red sweet potatoes, carrots, etc.。 According to the food analysis table shows that the average (100 g) contains every vitamin A most abundant (about 12,000 units) of green leafy vegetables, such as chard, kale, spinach and other green vegetables。 Even a beans, broccoli, carrots, yellow squash, apricots, sweet potatoes or yams can provide vitamin A 5000 units, and the amount which is required for adult day。
A tomato, the amount of peas, celery, lettuce and asparagus contained an average of close to 2000 units。
It has lost its original color or never turns green vegetables in the absence of this vitamin。 3, plants: green beans, rice, walnuts。 A food containing vitamin 4, animals: pork, chicken, eggs, turtle, crab, snail。
This class is directly utilized by the body vitamin A, mainly in the liver, milk and milk products (not skim milk) and eggs of。
Animal liver contains extremely rich in vitamin A, and the amount of offal and animal kidneys contained too high。
Eggs and cream contain vitamin A, which depends on the number of food animal feeding。 Per liter of whole milk vitamin A content of 500?7000 units, but the average is 2000 units。

Hong Kong female taxi drivers drove fear of being robbed possession of guns and knives was arrested helmet

Hong Kong female taxi drivers drove fear of being robbed helmet hidden guns and knives was arrested || Figure: Gun pregnant female taxi drivers were black pieces of cloth head away。
Source: Hong Kong "Ta Kung Pao" Hong Kong "Ta Kung Pao" report, circulated on the Internet last month, a Hong Kong taxi driver wearing a helmet woman driver photo of the New Territories taxis, caused by Internet users lively discussion, the name of the driver yesterday (3 May) morning suspected " strengthen equipment ", equipped with special air gun and driving a fruit knife, was arrested in Tuen Mun, once drew police alert, the situation is tense。 It is said that the driver was arrested suspect for fear of being robbed while wearing a "heavily armed" driving, the police are further investigating。   × Fang Shen arrested the driver (57 years old), five days last month, Internet users in the media upload a helmet, armor photo of female taxi drivers, according to Like attracts more than a thousand Internet users, multiple media outlets, Internet users talk one after another, the driver "overnight", there are Internet users said with a smile that race drivers more adequate equipment。   Police received a report yesterday morning nearly nine o'clock, a woman pregnant with a pistol while driving New Territories taxis, taxis reaching No. 45 Lung Mun Road, Tuen Mun, were police officers stopped and searched the car the driver really pistol wrapped around the chest, police have members engine immediately alert the gun, stop drinking all of its actions, and then slowly approached, the solution to their pistols and frisk。 During the seizure edged fruit knife, then submitted the alleged "possession of firearms without a license" and "possession of offensive weapons" to the arrest。 Police confirmed the investigation, the branch is suspected pistol airgun, the fourth case to the Criminal Investigation Team, Tuen Mun。   The taxi belongs to a garage, car dealers surnamed Feng official, began to pick up the car after Shen Xing Nvzai Lunar New Year in February, only to return one or two days per week, most Saturdays and Sundays do more for driver, four in the morning when half to half past four p.m., daily rental 330 yuan (HK $, the same below)。 Feng and other experts are not familiar with her, but strangely deep impression on her attire, including helmets, tactical vest, her foot while wearing equipment called a "personal safety" to Von, Von verbal exchanges with her, I believe she no mental problems, so she continued to Car。 Experts have discovered the day before yesterday, sinking to his chest hung a pistol, although the look is known to be a toy, but still persuade kindness。
Surnamed Feng, head refers to her behavior no harm, PDI "corporate management", but if the rent again taxis, must first "disarmament"。
  It is said that Shen Xing Nvzai early years with family, Tuen Mun Chi Lok Fa, many years ago because of all the home per capita suicide or other causes of death, now living alone, it is unknown whether resulting in weird costumes to wear。 Another means heavy Xing Nvzai was a piano teacher, piano early complaints too noisy, they did not and then heard the sound of the piano。
There are neighbors describe her eyes empty, without warning, dress weird, but no other abnormal behavior。   Female taxi driver was charged with one count of "possession of firearms without a license" and a "possession of offensive weapons," today appear in Tuen Mun Magistracy。

Hong Kong and Macao to open in travel movement Safe

Hong Kong and Macao tour opened in Safe movement || Abstract: Every spring, the streets of Hong Kong always happy, whether it is a theme park or mall, you can find new and interesting games are played, the whole family can enjoy it。
Year of the Goat Chinese New Year approaching, visiting friends and relatives apart, Cantonese favorite to Hong Kong or Macau, a turn。 In Hong Kong and Macao to open, dynamic, or quiet freely choose, for example, you take a vacation if you want a quiet place in the old city of Macau live two days to explore on foot the way out on a World Heritage Tour, feel that years of quiet good。 And if you want to Carnival music, to Hong Kong, there are a lot of fun festive festive program, adults and children are happy!? Special New Year Carnival every Spring Festival, Hong Kong's streets are always beaming, many opt for a family to experience the spring special programs and activities launched, whether it is a theme park or mall, you can find new and interesting gameplay , a family can enjoy it。 If recent play to explore the world of chocolate to Hong Kong Tsim Sha Tsui, Harbor City, you will find here has been transformed into a bustling world of chocolate。 Harbor City organizing "ChocolateTrail Amy chocolate" campaign to March 1, everyone can participate in the "chocolate taste guide group", the journey to your liking chocolate delicious participate, or participate in a variety of chocolate workshop to understand the chocolate production process , more disposable taste and variety of chocolate from around the world know it, the size of a large food goods were estimated to be interested in this。 It is understood that, for the first time in Harbor City launch of the "chocolate tasting guide group" can be described as delicious trip journey, everyone can participate in their own preferences are the size of a chocolate fan, sweet couple and other body in the Harbor City "Chocoland" design guide tasted group, while visiting side can taste and learn about the culture of chocolate。
During the event, the chocolate brand agnèéLICES, DALLOYAU and other GODIVA chocolates from famous masters in the field will be making demonstrations, chocolate sweet moments to share with you, to make a one-time reward the brand-name chocolate production process, which is very rare opportunity Oh。
Information: It is understood that, in Harbor City, February 20, 2015 (early) special opening night Ocean Terminal, Harbor City, open-air car park to the public to watch the fireworks show。 Customers Where any two businesses in Harbor City Consumer HK $ 1000 or more, with immediate effect machine printed documents and HK $ 20 donation to the Hong Kong leukemia fund can redeem tickets for a New Year firework。
Sisters play with the snow and ice left Hong Kong Chinese New Year photo as popular theme park, Hong Kong Disneyland will be a big change on the eve of the Spring Festival, Main Street USA is full of vibrant flowers, trees and gardening sets, so spring atmosphere throughout the park。 A public Disney friends have put on new clothes New Year, everyone left in the park and lifelike Chinese New Year photo。
It is worth mentioning that "Frozen" super hero fire Aisha Queen and Princess Anna, waving to the trophies they upload pictures to the micro-channel circle of friends, it is absolutely stunning thing。 Information: before February 8, the purchase of Hong Kong Disneyland tickets and pay an additional HK $ 40, you can between now until 30 June (discount tickets not available for February 19 to 25) arbitrarily selected two days tour paradise , then enjoy 20% off food and beverage exclusive privileges。
Macau survivors quiet resort town as early as 2005, there are 25 attractions in Macao selected United Nations World Heritage Site, and the core Ponte is this old town。 Ashore from the Inner Harbor, is a short stroll from Ponte area。
Today, Ponte still retains the old style of the Old Town, historic old house, there are all kinds of old arcade shops, quiet, demonstrating a taste of life in the old Macau。
Play waterfront neighbors product in an old French elegance of the old city, a bright yellow Portuguese spectacular buildings exceptionally eye-catching, it is located in Ponte Sofitel Macau At Ponte 16 zone。
Many people choose to live here, seeing is its location and the ubiquitous French elegance, a vacation away from the hustle and bustle security Jingjing here is no problem。
Sofitel Macau Inner Harbor stands on the side, across the river is on the Zhuhai Wanchai。
Entered the hotel and found its interior very well be Chinese, Portuguese and French architectural style mix together, and with just right。 Open the door, a glance out the window and saw the beauty of an open window, the other side is in Zhuhai, the river is calm, sometimes slowly passing vessels, an increase of a little piece of the beauty of the dynamic elements, either sunrise or is the lanterns, the scenery is always charming inner Harbor。 Sofitel room decorated with the famous "the MyBed", sleeping on a pure white feather mattress, the body covered with lightweight duvets, waterfront neighbors, natural open mind sleeping soundly。 Play MJ theme rooms enjoy singing connected with the hotel main building is a floor Shaoai, but the style is the same strain of "Ponte Nova" Suite area。
This has a separate entrance lobby, from which, as if to another seat luxury palace。
Suites here have different styles, such as that of the most popular romantic honeymoon guests white theme rooms, like falling into a snow swirling into the world of fairy tales, furniture, bedding, white walls sober, glass coffee table, multi-slice crystal and marble floor smooth lubrication, penetration of sunlight through the white gauze room, all the French romance are softened in a deep clean in。 Of course, the most popular is MJ themed suites, that is superstar Michael Jackson-themed suites, opened the door, you see that sparkling crystal sticker on the entrance wall, go down to the bedroom to go, that leopard sheets, independent dressing rooms, massage bath has a large screen really amazing, even this suite comes with a separate?Room, where no one bothered also enjoy singing。 This suite is said to open up to people booking a private party, there are superstar Fan, really different。 Play stroll to explore the World Heritage views from the Sofitel Macau Ponte 10 minutes walking distance to the Ruins of St. Paul and Senado Square, and the new road, distinctive October Fifth Street and New Street, so Fulong in neighboring, here is the old Macau's most famous scenic spots, all kinds of churches, libraries, old villa spread the meantime, there are many old people live here in Macau, Macau marketplace is full breath of life, you would have found most of Macau authentic scenery。
Information: available at the Border Gate Sofitel Macau at Ponte ride to the hotel's free shuttle bus, about 20 minutes to。
The hotel has SoSPAwithLOCCITANE cooperation with the French brand L'Occitane, the SPA just opened the first anniversary of the launch is now 1000 MOP net of promotional activities SPA Experience。
(Chen Weiwei)。