Return of Hong Kong Exhibition opening in Hangzhou

Hangzhou, Zhejiang Daily News October 12 (Reporter Chen Jiaying) October 12, "the twentieth anniversary of the reunification Exhibition" Hangzhou station opening ceremony was held in Hangzhou Library。
The exhibition of "concentric hit the road to grasp new opportunities" as the theme, in occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the reunification, an overview of major developments after the return of Hong Kong and the mainland in the fields of finance, culture, science and technology results of cooperation and the future direction of development。
The exhibition is divided into "two systems", "Hong Kong situation" "opportunity clasped together" "together to expand trade" "with introducing new ideas" and other 10 units。 "Hong Kong and Zhejiang origin far-reaching popularity to each civil government have been frequent。 The exhibition can believe the latest developments in Hong Kong 11 show in front of people in Zhejiang, Zhejiang enhance interaction and Hong Kong, Hong Kong can better play the role of super contacts, promote the development of Zhejiang and Hong Kong。 "Director of Economic and Trade Office in Shanghai Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Victoria Tang, as of June 2017, Hong Kong's total investment in Zhejiang, more than 24,300 projects, actual foreign investment reached US $ 105 billion。
Meanwhile, as of July this year, the total of more than 47 enterprises in Zhejiang financing options listed in Hong Kong, cooperation between Zhejiang and Hong Kong's increasingly close。
It is understood that the Exhibition on October 12 to 26 in Hangzhou, the library exhibited the whole free to the public。

The new "steward" Liu Kun, how to manage the country's "pocketbook"?

Data for: Liu Kun (Right)。
Chenwen She made public information, Liu Kun serving members of the nineteenth Communist Party of China Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, who worked in the Department of Finance of Guangdong Province eight years, Deputy Minister of Finance after serving more than three years, and then to the National People's Congress pre-committee for more than a year, in the area of local finance, financial performance management, budgeting and other more familiar。   Ministry of Finance is the people aptly called "pocketbook" countries, Minister of Finance called the "housekeeper" budget report is called "national books"。
Pay to see books, as the new Minister of Finance, the "housekeeper" how to manage the country's "pocketbook"?China is slowly unfolding in a new round of tax reform "blueprint", the inking how will he?  Read "national books" correct posture "national books" which include?"Budget Law" stipulates that the government budget into "four accounts": the general public budget, the government fund budget, the state capital budget and social insurance fund budget。 General public budget, for example, refers to the tax revenue of the government as the main body, the arrangements for the protection and improvement of people's livelihood, promote economic and social development, safeguarding national security, maintaining the income and expenditure of national institutions and other aspects of normal operation。   Article XII of the provisions of China's "budget law" at all levels should follow the balanced budget, thrift and capabilities, principled performance and balance of payments。
  2018 government work report pointed out, would reduce the fiscal deficit ratio to%。
How to look at this figure correct?"Although this year's budget deficit decreased rate than last year, but I clearly tell you that the orientation of the proactive fiscal policy has not changed。 "When he was Minister of Finance Xiao Jie at a press conference held on March 7 said。
  The fiscal deficit is the state financial expenditure over income part of the year, the size of the deficit to gross domestic product (GDP) is the deficit rate。
Our budget deficit is based on the general balance of payments on the public budget, consider using the budget stabilization fund, transferred funds from the government budget and fund state capital budget, the use of surplus funds carried forward and other factors calculated。   In addition to size of the deficit, the proactive fiscal policy reflected in the expansion of the scale of fiscal expenditure。 2018 budget report shows that the size of the national budget expenditures of the general public will reach one trillion yuan, according to the same caliber% increase over last year, higher than this year's budget revenues% growth。 Special arrangements for local government bonds 1.35 trillion yuan, an increase of 550 billion yuan more than in 2017; the central infrastructure investment arrangements 537.6 billion yuan, an increase of 30 billion yuan more than in 2017。
  Report and improve public expenditure and inclusive, and strictly control regular expenditures, and ensure support for the field of supply-side structural reforms, tackling poverty, environmental protection, education, national defense and key projects。   Another proactive fiscal policy is reflected in lower tax charges。 According to the budget schedule, the year is expected to more than 800 billion yuan tax, plus further clean up various charges, will reduce the tax burden of more than 1 trillion yuan。
  Who protection of national "pocketbook" money wisely?  According to the 2018 budget report, in 2018 the national general public budget income 18.3177 trillion yuan, an increase of%。
Five years ago comparison, in 2013 the national general public revenue 12.9143 trillion yuan, an increase of about 42%。
  "Pocketbook" drum countries is a lot, but the best steel in the blade, the Ministry of Finance on how to spend money better?In fact, this is to implement the performance management of the use of financial funds。
Government spending money like a family, like expenditure scheduled to consider where to use the money, the money goes, we must be effective, can not make sense。   So, the full implementation of performance management, to solve the financial expenditure of inefficient and ineffective use of other issues, from what needs to be managed?  2018 budget report notes that the performance management covering all financial resources, and the depth of integration into the budget preparation, implementation, monitoring the whole process。
Strengthen budget management performance targets, expanding the scope of performance evaluation, the establishment of performance evaluation results and budgetary arrangements, policy adjustment mechanism linked to the introduction of third-party institutions and experts involved in performance assessment, efforts to increase public performance information, performance evaluation results of the initiative will be reported to the National People's Congress send to the public。   Recently, the General Office of the CPC Central Committee issued "Guidance on the NPC budget examination and supervision to focus on expanding and expenditure budget policy," clearly put forward the reform in accordance with the CPC Central Committee and deployment requirements and budget law, law on supervision, the NPC to carry out full-bore on the expenditure budget and policy reviewing and monitoring the whole process。
The main contents include the total expenditure budget and structure, review of major expenditures and major investment projects, departmental budgets, financial transfer payments and government debt。   State Council institutional reform program clearly optimized Audit responsibilities, the Ministry of Finance of the central budget implementation and other financial revenue and expenditure supervision and inspection responsibilities assigned to the Audit Commission, to build a unified and efficient auditing supervision system。   In other words, the full implementation of performance management, financial management is a cutting edge inward self-revolution, with supervision and review of audit supervision of the NPC, while the tripartite force, promote the establishment of heavy effect, say the cost may ask the new budget management responsibility of。
  What are the new challenges "steward" There?  Two sessions per year, tax reform and new taxes are much concerned about the topic。
Return to the helm of the Ministry of Finance Liu Kun, will undoubtedly face challenges tax reform legislation and taxes。   Big party nineteenth report, "speed up the establishment of a modern financial system, establish clear responsibilities, the relationship between central and local governments to coordinate financial resources, regionally balanced。
Establishment of a comprehensive, standardized and transparent, scientific standards, budget constraints powerful system, the full implementation of performance management。 Deepen the reform of the tax system, improve the local tax system。 "Just released by the State Council institutional reform program show that broke up 24 years of national and local tax and a compound。 This will be a major reform of China's tax collection system。
Why merge national and local tax?Premier Li Keqiang in 2018 when a reporter asked the two sessions, said, "I attended a seminar, some experts told me that when he went to study found that eating in a restaurant inside the restaurant is closing business tax by the tax, and to take away the tax on to collect VAT。 He asked local stakeholders, if standing on the threshold of the restaurant to eat that which department to collect taxes ah?At that time the other party given his answer was, 'You are bickering'。
But in reality there is indeed such a thing。
"" We changed to increase in recent years through the promotion of the camp, the abolition of sales tax, to achieve tax share-based tax, such tax, land tax consolidation there is a basis to avoid long tax, interference behavior of enterprises。
So put to release energy, pipe to pipe out the fair。 Also to touch the interests of the tube。 "Li Keqiang said。   Tax reform in hard nut to "Hard" is the central and local governments jointly finance reform division of powers and expenditure responsibilities。
Financial system is the basic system of processing intergovernmental fiscal relations, including intergovernmental fiscal powers and expenditure responsibilities, division factor income, transfer payments。
  After the 1994 tax reform, the central fiscal revenue collection authority, but limited the right to adjust fiscal spending, the provincial governments are responsible for providing almost all of the public service。 That shift the financial authority, decentralization。
For places, there are a lot of responsibility, but the money has not kept pace。
  January 27, 2018, the "basic public services together central and local powers and expenditure responsibilities fiscal reform plan" introduced。 According to the budget report, this year will study the development of transportation, science and technology, environmental protection and other areas of financial powers and expenditure responsibilities reforms。   In addition, according to the Ministry of Finance to arrange the 2018 legislation, the year will strive to complete the deed method, resource tax, consumption tax, the Stamp Act, urban maintenance and construction tax, (revised), Tariff Act, regulations of state-owned assets administrative career Personal Income Tax Law, etc. internal drafting of laws and administrative regulations。   Next, how to put pen to paper on the inked tax reform "blueprint" on how to speed up the legislative process, will be the new finance minister Liu Kun test。

Jiangyin Bank stir hot money just the surface of scenery net profit fell ticket bunch | Jiangyin Bank | scenery | CBRC

Only the surface of the bank's non-performing loan ratio scenery percent, corresponding to the red line is approaching provision coverage。
The classes focus on doubtful loans migration rate rising, it is a bad signal text | "investment Times" reporter Xue Nanjun times the new bank a strong return again affects the market's nerves。
  Jiangyin Rural Commercial Bank led several from Jiangsu Province, once brave performance in the stock market early, but this also attracted a lot of criticism。 Only stable than a month, with "new times undefeated," the practice of the "agricultural and famous" once again force and led the banking sector, where the bank Jiangyin daily limit to close on August 1, August 2 intraday also was close to the limit。   "Investment Times" reporter found that the sudden rise of Jiangyin Bank shares, hot money is still the biggest promoter。
According Exchange publicly traded information display, CIC Securities Ningbo Jiangdong North Road securities business department to buy the amount of yuan to buy seats in the first row, two front-line hot money stronghold – Co., Ltd. Foshan Jihua Six Road securities business department and Ltd. Xiamen Xiahe Road securities business department, were also buying million and $ 11.96 million yuan。 In selling seats, the investment securities in Nanjing Taiping South Road, securities business department to sell yuan to sell seats in the first row; the other four Sales Co., Ltd., Hefei High-tech Zone and other securities business department to sell a total amount of about 4500 ten thousand yuan。 It has been calculated, August 1 trading Jiangyin Bank five seats cumulative net buying amounted to 76.83 million yuan, the main funds showed a substantial inflow of state。
  There are investors commented that, compared to many industries, the bank's performance is better, but in the past the bank shares outstanding, too big, hot money alone is difficult to promote their own power。
Last year, a wave of new listings of city commercial banks and agricultural firms, because of the small float caps, popular favor hot money。
  However, the share price does not hide beautiful Jiangyin Bank performance decline, deterioration in asset quality, as well as the daily management of all kinds of loopholes。
  Especially recently due to the issuance of convertible bonds, issued in response to the Commission's questions and "return on the company's public offering of convertible corporate bonds application documents feedback" (hereinafter referred to as "return") is the line of a series of questions presented to the public。   High stock prices low to cover bad assets worrying high quality light sometimes just can not see a collar lined gorgeous robe。 In fact, after the listing of Jiangyin Bank did not stop the tide of declining performance。   At the end of 2016, Jiangyin Bank realize an annual sales income of 2.5 billion yuan, down% year on year, net profit attributable to equity billion yuan, down percent。 Reported that the 2016 performance below expectations Jiangyin Bank。
  2017 every year in the first quarter, its performance has not improved。 A quarter of the bank's operating income billion yuan, down% year on year, net profit attributable to equity billion yuan, down percent。 Net interest margin also continued to narrow, when the bank's quarterly net interest margin dropped to 20bps%, net interest margin fell 18 basis points to%, the final interest income fell to percent, a decline%。
  Securities analysts from Societe Generale said in addition to narrowing spreads, high rate of non-performing loans also weighed on its performance。   Data show that the end of 2016, the bank non-performing rate of up to Jiangyin percent and was rising fast, up 24bps。
The first quarter of this year, the chain defective rate unchanged at%。 Even more worrying is the high rate of bad, but it is low corresponding provision coverage。   The bank was only in late 2016% provision coverage, has been close to 150% of the regulatory red line, the first quarter of this year, its provision coverage ratio edged up to%。
Such a level in the same type of banks is still at a low level, if future adverse generate further accelerate provision will be under greater pressure。
Unfortunately, the data from the current situation, generate bad Jiangyin Bank does not stop。   Data show that the migration rate of the SML line and doubtful loan migration rate has been soaring。 By the end of 2016, Jiangyin Bank SML migration rate%, up%, which means the probability of normal loans into NPLs increased; and doubtful loans% migration rate, an increase of%, which means the actual loss occurs greatly increased the probability of loan。 This will inevitably consume provision coverage, the bank's provision coverage or will exceed regulatory red line。
  In addition, the provision coverage often means adjusting the profit of the bank, in good years the profitability of some banks will be reduced earnings growth by increasing the provision coverage, poor profitability in the year, the reverse lower provision coverage the rate of release of the stock profits。 Clearly, the future means can be adjusted profit of Jiangyin bank less important one support。   Among the many indicators, the bank's capital adequacy ratio Jiangyin regarded as a relatively good performance, thanks to fund-raising on the market last year, the bank complements the substantial capital。 At the end of 2016, its capital adequacy ratio%, core capital adequacy ratio%, in the upper level of the comparable listed agricultural firm, city commercial banks, the pressure to replenish capital in the short term smaller。
  But it is worth noting that the bank's capital consumed too fast Jiangyin。 In the first quarter, its capital adequacy ratio fell to ring%, core capital adequacy ratio fell to%。   A big reason is the excessive consumption of capital assets to accelerate expansion。 In the first quarter of this year, the scale of the total assets of the bank Jiangyin 104.3 billion yuan, an increase of%, of which loans to 51.3 billion yuan, an increase of%, the scale of bond investment billion yuan, an increase of%。 The highest increase in interbank assets, amounted to 24 billion yuan, an increase of%。
In the above-mentioned "reply" there are issues related to interbank assets。
  Notes high incidence of cases interbank radical fined in Jiangyin Bank "reply" in case statements regarding bills issue that is causing concern of all parties。 Notice that, as of the date of the notice issued by its subsidiary Xuan Hancheng China rural banks (called "Xuanhan village bank", the located XUANHAN) involving a total of six bills dispute, Prudential Bank were Jiaxing branch case, Prudential Bank Nantong branch case, the Qingdao branch of Prudential Bank case, Prudential Bank branch in Changshu case, the case of agricultural firms, Ningde branch case, the total amount of one hundred million yuan Litigation。 Currently the case is still in litigation in court or suspended state, not judgment Xuanhan Rural Bank liable for any economic losses。   Jiangyin Bank announcement also said that registration in all seventeen volumes of corporate shareholders (hereinafter referred to as corporate shareholders) issued by the commitment letter, such as corporate shareholders have committed to the case or this results in Xuanhan Rural Bank based on the date of its initial public offering and listing of line loss, will certainly undertake corporate shareholders。   Statistics show that rural banks registered capital of Xuanhan only 20 million yuan, has frequently appeared in bill business between Prudential Bank, Industrial Bank shares in bank branches, Litigation amount is as high as several hundred million dollars。
This not only reflects the inadequate internal control Jiangyin banks, rural banks but also exposed potential problems。
In recent years, rural banks frequently exposed cases of radish chapter, fraud and other bills, such as the Central Bank's rural banks are deeply involved in a chapter event radish。   In fact, frequent and interbank business case notes have a great relationship too quickly, to this end, in recent years, regulatory supervision of interbank operations continue to overweight。
  The end of March this year, the CBRC issued "to carry out banking" regulatory arbitrage, idling arbitrage, arbitrage associated with "special notice", pointed out that the bank's interbank business, investment business, financial services and other cross-market, cross-industry cross-sector financial business high leverage existing, multi-nested, chain length, and more arbitrage and other issues。   April 6, the CBRC has issued "to carry out banking" innovation inappropriate, improper trading, perverse incentives, improper charges "to govern the work of the notice", aimed interbank business, financial business, trust business to be rectified。
  China Banking Regulatory Commission in mid-July in an enlarged meeting of the Party Committee and the end of July in the work of the forum, the parties again proposed to implement the principle of penetration, in-depth remediation industry fucks, plus leverage chaos, chaos to do sheet business and other market chaos。   Regulatory authorities to rectify interbank business, there are anti-Daoxing Jiangyin Bank of meaning。
The bank 2016 annual report, vigorously develop the interbank business is one of the main。
2017 is a quarterly, as of the end of March, the bank Due from banks and other financial institutions for the billion, loans to other banks billion; at the end of 2016, the above two million and one hundred million yuan, respectively。
  Their aggressive behavior aroused the attention of regulators, "Reply" show, Xuanhan rural banks due to non-compliance with the industry to open accounts in five rural commercial banks Ji'an, Panjin Branch, Shanghai Branch, Hangzhou Branch, Industrial Bank Linfen five bank branches, Florida regulators are China Banking regulatory Commission Bureau of fine of $ 200,000, a total of one million yuan。

Rockets thigh won a multi-year endorsement contract up to six-figure annual income

  Beijing February 27, according to US media reports, the Houston Rockets flank Gerrard – Green and well-known sports brand has reached a multi-year endorsement contract。   It is reported that Green agreed with this endorsement contracts, an annual six-figure endorsement fee。
Before that he had received multiple quotes, and finally decided this contract。
  His career so far, Gerald – Green is a typical Rangers, played for many NBA teams, including overseas teams。
  But last summer, Green suddenly no one is interested, in his words, there is no foreign team willing to give him a chance, and even the development of his coalition are unwanted。   However, in the end of last year, the home team Houston Rockets an olive branch to the Greens, and offered him a short contract。
The results Green seize the opportunity and performed well, with the Rockets finally signed a guaranteed contract。
  This season, Green Rockets played 22 games, averaging points, three hit rate of 39%。   Now, Green has received a good endorsement contract, turns out to be happy too fast。   (Rosen)。

Russian Foreign Ministry: Moscow absolutely nothing to do with the poisoning case Christi Pal

  BEIJING, March 21 – According to the Russian satellite network reported that the Russian Ministry of Foreign non-proliferation and arms control issues Secretary, Mr Palma Primakov said Moscow absolutely nothing to do with the poisoning case Christi Pal。   According to reports, the leaves Palma Cove say: The truth has become increasingly clear, Christi Palley poisoning cases most likely to be forged out illegal adventure events。
Only now we have to find out who is behind that in the end what purpose。   He said there is a clear, Russia has nothing to do with the case。 The reason is simple, Russia can not allow this action adventure, which is a hundred more harm than good to our。   Recently, the former Russian agent Christi Palley poisoning in the UK with their daughter。 Britain believes Russia is likely to be responsible。 But Russia has repeatedly said nothing to do with the matter。   14, the British Prime Minister Terre Shamei said that Britain has decided to take a series of measures including the expulsion of 23 Russian diplomats in Britain, including, allegedly in retaliation for the assassination of its former Russian agents in the United Kingdom。 In Britain expelled Russian diplomats have left Britain in the 20th。

Shaanxi and Gansu side guerrilla heroine: a broom to scare off the bandits

1933 Spring, Shaanxi and Gansu edge military leaders after authorities moved in Xue Zhai, it became the gold according to Soviet political, economic and military center。 In early 1933, in Bridge Hill Shaanxi and Gansu gold edge according to the Lingnan region meridian end, the guerrillas have been active in a women。 They toting bombs, armed with machetes, spears shoulder, carries a grenade, followed by Liu Zhidan, Xi, Li and create wonderful vegetarian Shaanxi and Gansu Zhaojin Soviet side, according to become Shaanxi and Gansu gold edge Soviet sentry, messenger, nursing the wounded, sewing uniforms, and a red dress outfit fighting the enemy。
Today, after several decades, local legends still circulating this heroine forces。 Xiangshan Temple Exploration enemy by the end of 1932, twenty-six Red Army, Second Regiment of Jiaoping, golden, original pillars moved to the village of Yao Qu food and clothing, to destroy a large number of local government and the KMT militia, the Red Army boosted prestige。 A time when famine, the KMT exactions of the poor living in remote mountainous areas is more difficult。
To save the people from untold miseries, the Red Army sent four Xiangshan Temple advancement of women go to pilgrimage in the name of the enemy reconnaissance around Xiangshan Temple and storage of food through the base of the party, etc.。
Four women after a few days, the successful completion of the reconnaissance mission, proved about Xiangshan Temple and the surrounding enemy stone temple food stocks 3000, as well as cooked food, cloth, oil life items。 January 4, 1933 (the ninth day of the lunar month), twenty-six Red Army, Second Regiment, led ten thousand people into the Xiangshan Temple, opening, and food。
Surrounding the enemy to flee。 People shouted "Long live the Red Army," "Long live the Communist Party" slogan back away food。
The opening, and food, close the ties between the party。 The majority of the people are all grateful to the Communist Party and the Red Army's End, a lot of people took part in the revolutionary ranks。 This time four women reconnaissance cases, according to the early 1930s gold women's participation in the revolution of precedent, to break the shackles of feudal and superstitious ritual for women, with his head out of the house revolution, the party's gender equality advocates in the region according to gold popular results, but also laid the foundation for the formation of women guerrillas。 Women guerrillas established Xue Zhai is located in Tongchuan City, Shaanxi Province, according to Kim Jin-Yao, the District, about 5 km from the photo Golden Street, where the pinnacle of one thousand yards, where they stand, cliffs on three sides, who exemplifies the climb, just northwest of soil and child Liangshan Ling connected, direct access to the main vein bridge hill。
The spring of 1933, Shaanxi and Gansu edge military leaders after authorities moved in Xue Zhai, it became the gold according to Soviet political, economic and military center, the Red Army's rear base。 In early February 1933 (before and after the fifteenth day), Li Miao fast rate of Shaanxi and Gansu guerrillas arrive Zhaojin North Liangcun, local Party cadres Baiming Li Liang immediately notify the north WOC meeting, specialized in the question of the formation of women guerrillas, and embarked on propaganda and mobilization work。
2 months early, north Liang village women committee convened under the leadership of Ruanjin Lian, Liu Jinhua, Wu Yuzhen and other female members, the meeting was attended Laoye, Yang Shan, mountain locust, Jinpen, Korea Jiashan, Ann slope, Chen Shan women rapeseed Ping, Xie Jia Zhuang, kiln ditch village children, a wife of Red Army soldiers, young women activists and much feudal oppression, eager to liberate women。
Meeting mobilization, voluntary registration, we review the organization scrutiny approved way, the selection of a wolf's den in the village of Wang Youlian, North Liangcun Lee ××, Korea Jiashan Du Dalian, the Yellow baby's wife Xie Chuang and rapeseed Ping Zhu to send the wife of five women, according to the composition of the Shaanxi-Gansu gold edge women guerrillas by Wang Youlian captain, first boarded Xue Zhai。 Then gradually developed more than 30 players。 Women guerrillas initially stationed in Xue Zhai One Zhaizhong, and later with the increase in personnel, the party moved to the cottage in Jiashan niangniangmiao。
There are three stone hut, hut they stone home, built battlement walls, repair post, use the creek in front of the Red Army starched clothes, but also charged with care of the wounded, the Red Army clothing and sewing tasks such as messenger。
A broom to scare the bandits spring day in 1933, the North beam WOC members, female guerrillas Xiuzhen to a thick flood pool Sang village messenger。 Night, rest in village flood pool of a relative's home。 At midnight, and suddenly along comes a robbery bandits。 Xiuzhen Jizhongshengzhi, grabbed kang a sweeping broom, a handkerchief pack when the pistol; towel knot on his head, the man dressed as appearance, in a big out of the door。 That night, as bright as day month。 When the bandits broke down the courtyard just broke into the yard, then holding Xiuzhen "Ziqiang" shouted: "The Red Army, who would rob people, who killed who move!"Dozens of bandits by this sudden shouts and hand froze, one nail in the courtyard, who would not frivolous。
Yang Xiuzhen Portable "Ziqiang", the bandits out of the courtyard。 There bandits retreated after the door at random off a few shots, one bullet hit the right leg Xiuzhen。 But Yang Xiuzhen still uphold justice at the door, seeing the bandits, fled in panic。 Xue Zhai as their male colleagues on September 21, 1933 morning, the KMT reactionary armed local militia and Joss House Bay, Willows, Yao music, photos and mulberry thick gold, while the Red Army fighting the north of the machine, launched on Xue Walled attack。
At the same time the party from enemy action Jiashan, South trip after Pakistan ditch, Kuroda valley, trees Ridge bars and other places, its purpose is to keep the Red Army troops dispersed finite Village, from the ditch attempt to attack the occupied Palestinian direction Xue Zhai。 At this point the women guerrillas who are left behind Xue Zhai。
They immediately took to the front with a gay man who participated in the battle to defend Xue Zhai。
More than 10 female guerrillas armed with machetes, carrying a hemp braid grenades and male comrades went Kuroda valley together, tree ridge bar。 When the traitor Jacky Chan with 17 bandits from Kuroda valley on the way through from east to west, and take the task of blocking the female soldier holding a sword, hidden in roadside bushes in the hillside, watching closely the enemy's whereabouts, ready Quduo enemy guns。
He was killed in the walk in front of four enemy guerrillas, more than a U-turn when the enemy fled towards the direction of the valley Kuroda, brave female Red Army soldiers from a grenade thrown a series of braided hemp bushes, cut off the enemy retreat。
Enemy hurriedly dropped a firearm in an attempt to detour south trip back to Long Zhai, Red Army soldiers in an ambush there has been slap in the face。 The fighting, the enemy sixty-seven female guerrillas seized guns, armed themselves。
Heroine unafraid of death October 13, the KMT Sunyou Ren, Wang root battalion entered Zhaojin, Xue Zhai and surrounded the party Jiashan area。
The enemy artillery onto the mountain, Xue Zhai to the shelled for six days。 Female guerrillas closely monitor the enemy's move to understand the enemy fired the shells and shot from the interval。
Once you know shot from the women guerrillas secret advancing enemy fire to nearby enemy artillery positions, killing several of the enemy gunner, then the enemy will not dare push further forward for 3 consecutive days cannon。
At dawn on the 18th, the enemy death squads organized a hundred people, at dawn I climbed Xue Zhai。
12 Red Army soldiers and the enemy launched a heroic struggle。 Seeing outnumbered guards captive in the rear, to rescue the wounded more than 30 female soldiers went reinforcements under the leadership of women guerrilla leader Wang Youlian。
They beat back a few times to help his comrades the enemy's attack, a number of female guerrillas also glorious sacrifice。 The remaining female fighters unafraid of death, broken walls in the old quarry area northeast of the cottage and the enemy launched the final battle。
Seeing bullets kick, the injured female soldier holding high the fire of hemp braid grenades toward the enemy base, die with the enemy, more than 20 female soldiers awarded by jumping off a cliff, heroic sacrifice。
Guerrilla leader Wang Youlian chase her with dozens of enemy and Three Village on the ridge top, middle encountered a small Red Army soldiers Chen Tian Gang。 Chen Gang as a cover for days, Wang Youlian resolutely out of the jungle, attracted to the enemy, the unfortunate death, buried Xue Zhai ridge on the east side of the Three Village。 Heroine always remember the deeds of the enemy offensive Xue Zhai days and nights, and female guerrillas Duda Lian Xie Jia Zhuang wife of the Yellow baby stand sentry in combat。
Soon, they received orders to go to evacuation supplies。
At dawn on the 18th, they were rushed to the enemy surrounded, accompanied by male comrades were all killed, the face of the enemy, they jump jumping cliff。
Fortunately, the two men were caught mountainside vines and branches。
She grabbed two twigs and vines, with amazing perseverance little by little climbed down from the cliff。 Because two people were injured in the legs, a full crawl for four days。
They avoid enemy after the search, the villagers found, was back home。
Another heroic jumping female guerrillas with the situation, after the survivors and the organization lost contact, until a few years later was found Organization。
After the fall of Xue Zhai, where the revolution did not extinguish the flames, leaving the guerrillas continue to adhere to guerrilla warfare, severely crack down entrenched in Soviet reactionary militia。 Then winter, Shaanxi and Gansu third side road guerrillas adopt collaborated with the capture of renegade militia Jacky Chan Ju Zhai dragon nest, completely destroyed the team by rebels。 Xue Weiwei Zhai, gray Jiashan party, sleep with a female Red Army soldiers with bone hindquarters; green pine and cypress trees, gurgling Tianyuhe Department Dangzhuo female Red Army soldiers loyal soul faint。 According to the rivers and mountains of gold and gold according to the people, we will always remember this group gave their lives for the revolutionary cause of his hometown Red Army female soldiers。
Original title: Editor: Chen Yanan。

Sina Finance Post: March 5 heavy news summary | Post

  [Announcement] green Nuggets holding joint bid 4.1 billion yuan highway project green holding March 2 evening announcement, the company under the Commonwealth subsidiary greenbelts Investment Group Co., Ltd. won the bid to participate in Xuchang Xinyang Expressway (Luohe city environment) project project estimates a total investment of about one hundred million yuan。
  The controlling shareholder of Western Resources shares were waiting to freeze judicial Western Resources March 2 evening announcement, as of the disclosure date, the controlling shareholder of Sichuan John Hancock shareholdings in listed companies 267 835 141 shares, representing% of the total share capital of the company, the second round Hou frozen shares to 267,835,141 shares, accounting for 100% of the total number of shares, the total share capital%。 The judicial freeze waiting for the reorganization of investment property preservation before litigation Sichuan Fu Run Enterprises LLC to apply Chengdu Intermediate People's Court of Sichuan John Hancock is actively consult with the relevant creditors, for the early lifting of judicial freeze shares in the company waiting。
  * ST Kunming Machine publicly listed for sale VMG6 five-axis milling and boring machine * ST Kunming Machine March 2 evening announcement, the company on March 2, 2018 the assets encoded as VMG6 five-axis milling and boring machine 066-18YL of property transactions in Yunnan Center publicly listed on the transfer, listing price is 40 million yuan。
Sale of the equipment does not affect the company's normal production and operation, if the transaction is completed conducive to revitalize the company's fixed assets, increase earnings, cash income, enhance the company's short-term and risk-resisting ability to pay。
  Harbin Air Conditioning winning Amursky gas processing plant project Kongdiao March 2 evening announcement, March 2, the company received the Russian branch Engineering Construction Co. won the bid notice。 The company provides "Amursky gas processing plant project generic unit," the first and second stage air coolers for China Petroleum Engineering & Construction Co., the Russian branch of design, procurement and manufacturing, supply scope includes: design, materials, production, assembly, factory inspection, paint, anti-corrosion, classification, FCA to form Kongdiao delivery from the factory, the total amount of RMB 83,901 yuan。   People intend to work together with China to create the song "People's Video" People's March 2 evening announcement, the company and Tencent, Gehua and North Canton Wen-owned Gehua agreement, the proposed joint venture established "People's Video Limited" to carry out information-based short video and live production and copyright trading, the registered capital of the joint venture intends to reach 75 million yuan, which the company invested 45 million yuan, accounting for 60% of shares。 The joint venture aims to create a brand new video "people's video", its original content products, all copyright People。
People, etc. Tencent open "People's Video" Independent Channel。 Gehua will open "people's videos" area on the cable terminal platform, distribute "people's video" content。
Gehua with the announcement that the company in the People's Video Limited holds%, no significant impact on its performance。
  Music Watch: No financial innovation in China plan to take over the shares held by Jia Yueting LETV 2 evening issued to clarify the announcement that the company recently noticed that part of the network media reports, "Jia Yueting admit pledged stock hit a closing line, or part of Sun Hongbin then set" and other articles。 Company Clarification: March 2, 2018, by the company with financial innovation in China Holdings Limited relevant person in charge confirmed that currently there are no financial innovation in China to take over Jia Yueting held Letv stock plans or arrangements。   Light is the Group controlling shareholder to transfer 5% stake light is the Group 2 evening announcement to natural persons Lin Chunguang agreement, the controlling shareholder of the light being Investments Limited by way of agreement for sale of its holdings of the company 25,166,640 shares (5% of total shares) transfer to natural persons Lin Chunguang。
The transfer price of the underlying shares of yuan / share, the transfer price of a total of 159,808,164 yuan。 After the completion of changes in equity, the amount of light is investing directly held shares in the company was reduced from 154,335,348 shares to 129,168,708 shares, its stake reduced from% to%; Lin Chunguang 25 shares held, 166,640 shares, representing the company's outstanding shares 5%。   Xinjiang Haoyuan actual control between man and Wei Sheng Industrial Co. signed agreements persons acting in Xinjiang Haoyuan evening announcement, the controlling shareholder of the 2nd, the actual controller Zhou give east and Ak Su Shengwei Industrial Investment Co., Ltd. signed the "persons acting in agreement"。 Zhou Wei Sheng Industrial lift East and the two sides together hold 215,424,000 shares, representing 51% of the total share capital of the company。 After the signing of the above agreement will not lead to the actual controller changes will help to further consolidate and stabilize the existing shareholding structure control, reduce administration and control risks that may result from dispersed ownership。   ST Bus: Beijing dense environment have a greater impact wind terminate the authorization ST Bus 2 evening inquiries reply letter said the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, Beijing dense environment and wind terminate the authorization to produce the company's wholly owned subsidiary bus technology business situation compared to bus technology business big impact。
Currently, bus technology and Beijing dense environment and wind on the termination of this authorization, under negotiation with the aftermath。 If just from 14 customers and discuss cooperation has been signed in the potential customer point of view, the impact on the number of 2018 annual revenue of about 70 million yuan or more。   Hanson proposed acquisition of Anhui East Saida remaining 49% equity trading commitments to one hundred million yuan holdings of company stock Hanson East 2nd night announcement, the company and Zhou Jie on February 28, 2018 entered into a share purchase agreement, will be held by Zhou Jie Anhui Province Saida technology Co., Ltd. 49% stake in all transferred to the company, for a total transaction price of 294 million yuan, Zhou Jie offset the company's price adjustment to cope with paragraph 4, the yuan, this final transaction price of 24 to 10,000 yuan。
Based on confidence in the development of Anhui after the match to reach the company a wholly owned subsidiary and the recognition of long-term investment value of the company's shares, trading in the company to its commitment to Fangzhou Jie payment transaction price within six months in which withholding taxes payable after the transaction price of 120 million yuan holdings of company stock for one hundred million yuan Hongrun construction won the bid to build two projects HongRun evening announcement, the company on March 2, 2018 in Ningbo City, received public resources trading platform construction tender notification of award , Gijón Bridge and connecting engineering (town of North – North Central Expressway) construction tenders II project consists of the construction company won the bid, the price of 580,000 yuan, accounting for the company 2016 annual operating income%。   Zhongli Group won more than 200 million power cables centralized procurement project in Lee Group 2 evening announcement, the company recently received the power cable on China Telecom China Telecom tender agency China Communications Construction Group Co., Ltd. issued (2017) focus notification of award procurement project bid amount is 210,000 yuan。   Zhongfu information subsidiary to acquire weapons and equipment research and production units of two secret credentials Zhongfu Information 2 evening announcement, the company's wholly owned subsidiary Shandong Zhongfu Security Technology Co., Ltd. has recently received the "weapons and equipment research and production units of two confidential qualifications certificate ", the certificate is valid as of July 27, 2022。
According to the State Secrecy Bureau, the State Administration for Science, General Armament Department issued the "weapons and equipment research and production units confidentiality eligibility certification management approach", Zhongfu security level can take confidential, secret-level scientific research and production tasks。
The qualification achieved is important for the company to develop in the military, the military market。   DBN Sun Company to terminate the acquisition WaldoFarms, INC。Equity DBN 2 evening announcement, the company's wholly-owned Sun Company Limited Chang farmers in March 2017 signed an agreement on "DBN wholly-owned Sun Company Limited acquired WaldoFarms。Equity agreement "to $ 16.5 million purchase price of the acquisition MaxWaldo held WaldoFarms, Inc.100% of the shares。
Acquisition by the United States for failing to review the relevant departments within the specified time, according to the agreement, the relevant departments did not get through the review is terminated acquisitions。   Chuanhuagufen reached a strategic cooperation with a number of banks financing 16 billion won Chuanhuagufen March 2 evening announcement, the company respectively, and Bank of China branch in Sichuan Province, Sichuan branch of China Construction Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank Branch Office in Sichuan Province, China CITIC Bank Chengdu branch, Chengdu branch of Huaxia Bank, Industrial Bank and China Everbright Bank branch in Chengdu, Chengdu branch signed a "strategic cooperation agreement", reached a strategic cooperation, the establishment of a comprehensive strategic partnership, to obtain a total of 1.6 million yuan credit support or financing service。
Help the company broaden the financing channels, to reduce financing costs and improve financing efficiency。   * ST Jean: Lithium their investment and financing companies in North America or lose their control over * ST Jean March 2 evening announcement, the company's wholly-owned Sun Company subsidiary of the North American International Jean lithium production and construction industry due to the need to increase the capacity expansion shares in December 2017, the North American lithium determined in accordance with market mechanisms inquiry issue price per share of C $ Ningde era through its wholly owned Canadian company Sun Times at a price per share of C $ 50 million Canadian dollars invested a total of lithium North America industry capital increase。 Meanwhile, the North American Lithium issued $ 16 million of convertible bonds to the Canadian age, maturity date of December 31, 2018。 After the North American Lithium common shares issued is completed, the listed company held by a subsidiary of Sun International company Jean Lithium% stake in North America, the North American Lithium still fall within the scope of the Company's consolidated statements of subsidiaries。
According to the convertible bond agreement, of which $ 6 million if the convertible bonds into common shares at C $ 10 million Canadian dollars to Canadian dollars of convertible bonds into ordinary shares of the company under the Sun Company holds the North American International Jean Lithium % stake, will hold the era of Canada lithium percent of North American equity, the company will lose control of the lithium industry in North America。
  Northern Trust intends to Tianyaogufen% equity listed on the transfer Tianyaogufen 2nd night announcement, the company intends to Tianjin Property Rights Exchange public listing transfer holdings of Northern International Trust Co., Ltd.% stake (33,702,397 shares)。 According to the relevant provisions of the transfer of state-owned assets, the equity transfer assessed value be not less than by the state-owned assets assessment project record。
In Beijing with China Assets Appraisal Co., Ltd. shareholders' equity for all Northern Trust in assessing the market value of the base date of April 30, 2017 were assessed, the assessment result is one hundred million yuan。   LandOcean: subsidiary signed a 70 million agreement for the construction of natural gas LandOcean (300157) March 2 evening announcement, a wholly owned subsidiary of Sichuan oil Design and Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Ganzi County, Sichuan People's Government signed a natural gas utilization project investment building framework agreement, the total investment of 70 million, will help the company to expand the use of natural gas sectors。
  China Star Venture: subsidiaries bid one hundred million yuan Shandong Mobile project China Star Venture (300025) March 2 evening announcement, the company's wholly-owned subsidiary of Xin Public Communication recently received notification of award issued by Shandong Mobile, confirmed Xin Public Communication "Shandong Mobile 2018-2019 indoor distribution system construction project, "winning unit, the total bid amount yuan (including tax)。 If the Public Xin communications can successfully sign a formal contract of these projects have a positive impact on the company's future operating results two years。   Chuanhuagufen: the Bank of China, China Construction Bank branch in Sichuan Province and other strategic cooperation Chuanhuagufen (000,155) March 2 evening announcement, the company March 2, respectively, and Bank of China branch in Sichuan Province, Sichuan branch of China Construction Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Sichuan Province branch Office, CITIC Bank Chengdu branch, Huaxia Bank Chengdu branch, Industrial Bank branch in Chengdu and China Everbright Bank Chengdu branch signed a "strategic cooperation agreement", reached a strategic cooperation, the establishment of a comprehensive strategic partnership, will help the company expand financing channels, reduce financing costs and improve financing efficiency。
  Mobi: Actual Control spouse divorce proceedings to ask the controlling shareholder of 60% stake in Mobi (603,908) March 2 evening announcement, the company's actual control person Lu Tun Hua spouse Huang Fang to land Tun Huawei defendants sued request decree of divorce and division of property。
Huang Fang required to register in the land division Tun-hua animal husbandry under the name of Ningbo Investment Co., Ltd. 100% stake, confirmed that the 60% stake owned by Huang Fang all。 Ningbo Investment Co., Ltd., animal husbandry as Mobi controlling shareholder, holding shares of the company%。 Mobi said, whether there is an actual change of control occurred uncertainty。   Baosteel: the controlling shareholder intends to Chengtong Holding, the new Investment% of each sale of shares Baosteel (600019) March 2 evening announcement, approved by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, the controlling shareholder of China Bao Cheng Wu intends respectively Tong Holdings, the new investment company Billion a transfer of shares (accounting for% of total equity)。
After completion of the above-mentioned free transfer, China Bao Wu and concerted action% stake; Chengtong Holding, the new Investment% stake, respectively,。
  Zhongli Group: winning more than 200 million China Telecom power cable project in Lee Group (002,309) March 2 evening announcement, the company recently received a notification of award China Telecom power cable (2017) centralized procurement project bid amount to one hundred million yuan。
  DBN: Sun Company to terminate the acquisition of US breeding business WaldoFarms DBN (002,385) the evening of March 2 announcement, a wholly-owned Sun Company Limited Chang farmers originally intended to purchase price of $ 16.5 million acquisition of MaxWaldo held WaldoFarms, % stake。 Acquisition by the United States for failing to review the relevant departments within the specified time, according to the agreement, the relevant departments did not get through the review is terminated acquisitions。 US WaldoFarms, company。It is one of America's largest pig breeding company。
  Hanson East: the proposed acquisition of Anhui Saida remaining 49% equity trading commitments to one hundred million yuan holdings of company stock Hanson East (300081) March 2 evening announcement, the company entered into a share purchase agreement with Zhou Jie, Zhou Jie intends to purchase held by Anhui Saida 49% stake, the total transaction consideration billion yuan, Zhou Jie offset the aforementioned price adjustments to cope with the company after paragraph 45.49 million yuan, this final transaction price of 248.5 million yuan。 Based on the development of confidence and recognition of long-term investment value of the company's equity after the game to Anhui to reach a wholly owned subsidiary, Zhou Jie in the company's commitment to its trading price to pay within six months after which the withholding taxes payable one hundred million yuan transaction price for the company's stock holdings。   Gimpo Titanium: titanium dioxide price increase domestic customers increase 600 yuan / ton Gimpo Titanium (000545) March 4 evening announcement, given the recent major raw material sulfur, natural gas and energy prices rose rapidly, logistics costs and improve the environmental levy taxes , resulting in a substantial increase in the cost of production of titanium dioxide。 According to recent market conditions, the company's price committee decided: from now on, the company anatase and rutile titanium dioxide based on the original sales price of all types of domestic customers increase 600 yuan / ton, for various international clients, up $ 100 /Ton。   Poor roads lead to continuous limit: only focus on delivering millet and downstream management consulting and implementation services lead to P (002,769) March 4 evening disclose stock transaction announcement, the company's controlling shareholder and actual controller does not exist on the company's It should be disclosed without the disclosure of important matters。
After investigation, the media recently reported on millet listed more, but the company as millet supply chain partners, only focus on specialized supply chain management consulting and implementation services for the millet and downstream, and can not confirm the media on its authenticity or listed the progress of the case, please the majority of investors of investment risks。
Stock prices, general lead to two consecutive days limit。   Changsheng Life: 500 million yuan to subscribe for the proposed industrial investment funds Changsheng Life (002,680) March 4 evening announcement, the company invested 500 million yuan to subscribe Ding Ding Sheng, a letter initiated the establishment of investment liters (Pingtan) investment partnership (limited partnership ) fund shares。 Target investment funds to raise the scale of 15 billion investment fund for professional biomedical investment fund, the main investment direction of the Fund for the therapeutic biologics, monoclonal antibody drugs, cancer therapy, gene therapy and prevention classes and other biological products industry prospects of the pharmaceutical industry related fields。   Gloria Britain: a subsidiary signed a long-term commercial contracts total subscription amount of not less than one hundred million yuan Gloria Britain (002,821) March 4 evening announcement, the company subsidiary Gloria British pharmaceutical and drug development company signed a long-term commercial purchase contract。 According to the contract, the contract period of 5 years, the total contract amount not less than one hundred million yuan。 The contract becomes effective, innovative drugs Gloria British pharmaceutical anti-tumor therapeutic areas of products for a drug company to provide verification of batch-related production services。
A drug company's commitment at the end of confirmatory batch production of new drugs from a drug company in line with the date and Drug Regulations date, at least five consecutive years to provide production services related to the product by the British pharmaceutical Gloria。
  Fanta: winning more than 300 million yuan curtain wall project Fangda Group (000055) March 4 evening announcement, the company's wholly owned subsidiary, Shenzhen Branch Group Co., Ltd. won the bid side Dajian Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (a) seven tenders wall engineering projects with a total amount of about billion, is the percent of the company in 2016 and curtain wall system materials industry sales。   Qiming Information: acquisition planning Qiming Information automotive electronics manufacturing enterprises daily limit for two consecutive days (002232) March 4 evening announcement, the company is currently planning to issue shares to buy assets manner, the matter may constitute a major asset restructuring, trade the amount is expected to reach or shareholders' meeting standards, counterparty for the legal entities registered in China, belongs to the automotive electronics manufacturing industry, this planned transaction does not constitute a connected transaction。 In addition to the self-examination confirmed that matters, not matters should be disclosed without the disclosure of。
   · To send high-CTI navigation: Annual Report intends to switch 10 to send 10 yuan CMEC: Annual net profit growth Sicheng be 10 to switch to send Yuan advance by pre-cut · Hollywood-off annual net profit growth of 38% annual Hefeng animal husbandry GD annual net profit growth of one percent drop in net profit due to coal prices rose Yu Wucheng · · Wansheng holdings holdings of shares actual control of people planned to complete the holdings of shareholders of Jinzhou Chi Hong Sheng Yun environmental Protection intends to holdings of shares does not exceed 1% of the shares of the Company in Shahe Kehuitong intends to continue to reduce holdings of shares% of shares songs: actual control intends to holdings does not exceed 2% of the shares Younger: obtain actual control holdings of 1% of the shares of the secret Iraqi shareholder Iraq PolyU cumulative reduction of up another 5% stake in science and technology the controlling shareholder of early termination of the reduction plan Jidong equipped with a large shareholder to complete the planned Chinese holdings of shareholders BARI GCI complete reduction plan Sealand Securities: 2017 mid-year net profit down Liucheng GD: coal prices rose sharply year net profit fell more than five percent secret Iraq: Iraq shareholders PolyU cumulative reduction of 5% stake · stop Replay shares resume trading announcement · third base continue to promote the underlying shares of major asset reorganization to third base on the 2nd evening announcement, this company planning a major reorganization of assets to be purchased Assets of Beijing Mei Jim stake Education Technology Co., Ltd.。 The company is not expected to disclose major asset restructuring plan or report a few days ago March 5。
The company's shares will be March 5, 2018 opening date for restoration, and continue to promote a major asset reorganization after the stock to resume trading。   Wu Tong Holdings: Adjust the restructuring plan for the proposed acquisition of 100% stake in Hi skin network Wu resume trading tomorrow Holdings (300,292) March 4 evening announcement, the company has major asset restructuring the acquisition of two digital marketing company, adjusted for the shares to be issued and Hi skin pay cash to buy 100% stake in the network and raise matching funds, and the transaction size increased from about $ 2 billion goes no higher than 1 billion yuan。
Mainly due between shareholders of a target company's failure to agree on the terms of the transaction, the company decided to terminate the takeover of the target company。
Adjusted trading scheme, would not constitute a major asset restructuring, the company's shares resume trading on March 5, will continue to promote the resumption of the purchase of 100% equity of Hi skin network。   Ferrer shares: the proposed purchase of 80% stake in force Fest pharmaceutical company or cause a change of control Ferrer shares (300,049) March 4 evening disclosed restructuring progress, this company intends to issue shares by way of the purchasing power of about 80 pharmaceutical Fest % of shares。
Stewart Pharmaceuticals force is mainly engaged in national drug research and development, production。 The issue of shares to buy assets of matters related party transactions, and could cause a change of control occurs。 The company shares remain suspended, it is expected to be disclosed no later than June 4, 2018 issue of shares to buy assets and resume trading plan or report。    · · 300,427 restricted shares lifted the red-letter material phase power 300 537 300 407 603 015 Hong Hyflux Electric Technology 300 296 300 260 Liard new Lay Applied Materials Department of Crown shares 002 311 300 282 sea large group 002099 Haixiang Pharmaceutical shares 600,433 000,530 large cold crown hi-ho 000,421 Nanjing public · suspension and resumption of the Shenzhen stock exchange announcement · stock code short duration of the suspension resumption of suspended time period reason 002,085 Wanfeng Auto 2018-03-0509: 30 suspended on major issues 002,621 shares at third base 2018-03-0509: 302018-03-0509: 30 cancellation 002,765 Hallyday suspended on major issues drive 2018-03-0509: 30 300073 suspension on major issues when the rise 2018-03-0509: 30 300 292 suspended on major issues Wu Tong Holdings 2018-03-0509: 302,018 -03-0509: 30 cancellation suspension on major issues · suspension and resumption of the Shanghai stock exchange announcement · stock code short duration of the suspension period of suspension to resume trading time reasons 600112 * ST Tiancheng 2018-03-0509: 302018-03-0509: 30 managing the resumption of trading iMPORTANT NOTICE 600777 trendy energy 2018-03-0509: 30 suspension for managing major issues not notice 601,366 shares of ABBA 2018-03-0509: 30 suspension for managing major issues not notice。

Liver five favorite kinds of food and five acts (1) most afraid of

  Different organs have different favorite foods, today night for everyone on the network less like what in the end!Everyone in daily life what food should eat more to conserve liver。  ① vegetables can help resolve various integrated chemical toxins and carcinogens。Vegetables contain a variety of phytonutrients, flavonoids, carotenoids, sulforaphane and indole, the liver can be integrated to help resolve various chemical toxins and carcinogens common cruciferous vegetables, cabbage, Chinese cabbage and white radish。
  ② seaweed can help detoxify, prevent the body to absorb cadmium and other toxic heavy metals and other environmental toxins; kelp, seaweed and other algae helps detoxify the liver, prevent the body to absorb cadmium and other toxic heavy metals and other environmental toxins, Canadian researchers at McGill University found that, compound contained in brown algae can reduce the absorption of radioactive particles bones。  ③ sprouts rich in various enzymes, can promote the absorption of protein decomposition; sprouts rich in various enzymes, can promote the decomposition of protein absorption。  ④ sulfide-rich foods can promote the production of glutathione, can detoxify anti-aging; onion, garlic, onions and other vegetables rich in sulfides, can promote liver production of glutathione in the cells and free radicals, play a detoxification anti-aging effects。
  ⑤ Berries Berries are rich in phytochemicals that help protect body cells from free radicals and oxidative stress response attacks。
  5 1 liver injury behavior, depression, irritability。Depressed people often "liver qi stagnation"; irritability will lead to liver tribulations, hyperactivity。These two types of negative emotions will hurt the liver。
  2, casually take medicine。The ability to take multiple drugs prone to drug interactions, drug metabolism。If you do not take medicine prescribed by a doctor, there is the risk of liver injury。
  3, stay up all night。When the break is not a break, it will cause the relative lack of blood flow, affecting the normal metabolism of liver cells。For people already infected with hepatitis B virus is concerned, already damaged liver cells will be difficult to repair, and is likely to exacerbate the deterioration of。  4, smoking, drinking。
Organ nicotine contained in tobacco and smoke thousands of harmful substances will damage, it is one of the major risk factors for the disease, causing cancer。
Metabolite of ethanol alcohol on the liver is extremely unfavorable, alcohol will increase fatty liver, alcoholic liver risk。  5, eat greasy。Fat is the hub of transportation。Part of the fat digestion and absorption into the liver, later converted into fat stored up。Hunger, storage of body fat may be first transported to the liver, followed by decomposition。
Eating too much greasy food, easily lead to fat metabolism, fat accumulation in the liver fatty liver。Liver belongs to the dumb, does not itch, do not call, so do not have any symptoms appear early functional decline, while other problems, too late。

2 people fled more than half of Chinese temple incense money Zhuantou thought no one held accountable

  The next day, the police launched a wider range of Mo Pai and found two suspects that night taxi to Henan, Shanxi and later go。
Shanxi police arrived and found the suspect more clear in front of a video monitor in the street。 Then the strong cooperation Jizhen Xingtai PUC Interpol detachment and detachment, the police locked the two suspects, namely Liu, Yuan Mou。 This year, March 17, two suspects were arrested in Xiamen, Fujian。   The police interrogation, the two men also are dissatisfied with twenty, that temple incense money does not belong to personal property, theft no one will be held。
November 24, 2017 in the evening, the two men climbed to the roof of the temple, the temple door while before, when we clean up the implementation of theft。 They fled to Succeed in Shanxi, Chongqing, Sichuan, Yunnan, Fujian and other places, many times the temple property theft。   Currently, the two have been under criminal detention, the case is under further investigation。

Diabetes very useful five-step massage

Members of Friends of sugar, try。
Of course, everyone's physique and lifestyle are not the same, the method can not be stereotyped, if it does not work, or need to go to a regular hospital for regular treatment, wanton Vermer stop needle withdrawal。
First, introduce push belly pushing the belly of the time: in the morning push belly pushing an empty stomach 20 minutes, 20 minutes before to bed at night (two hours before to bed do not eat) and 40 minutes a day, before pushing the abdomen to drain urine。
30 minutes before a meal, do not massage within 30 minutes after a meal, drink plenty of water massage to finish, do not drink less tea。
Push the abdominal approach: abdominal massage should lie flat on the bed, with sliding wear a chest and a little exercise clothes without buttons。1, the other hand gripping the wrist portion, the press his hands from the chest to the abdomen down by pushing down (palm focus, the direction from top to bottom), 200。
2, hand grip another portion of the wrist, rubbing the navel, Shunni each coil 200 (which may be bent portion feet, and hands do not leave the navel, the wobble amplitude as large as possible) 3, hands and chest from the chest to the sides of the ribs along ribs to nod, underscore (slide to a large extent) 100。
4, on the one hand the navel, navel at hand, each of the ribs from the lower left and right sides alternately pull back and forth by both hands, a total of 100。
5, the palm force, hands separately, are pushed above the navel abdominal (stomach through) 50 from both sides from top to bottom with the palm; forced four fingers, right and left hand pointing rubbing (Roudong place a hold down force, change from time to time local knead) the abdomen below the navel 50 times。
6, four fingers bent hands, from top to bottom, with the palm or fingers rubbing scratch abdominal (stomach through) 100。As shown in FIG. 7, the four fingers Stretch hands, from the throat to the lower abdomen fossa (Ren), the push stroke 150。More related knowledge, please pay attention to the public health network Grandview Micro Signal: Grandview -COM (Long press to add a copy), health, health experts online to answer your questions, you can also press the right attention fast two-dimensional code!。