BATJ active distribution of the insurance industry, "Insurance technology" era

  Technology start-ups from the insurance point of view, as of 2017, the domestic insurance technology start-up companies founded more than 200。 The use of large data blocks chain, AI techniques in precision marketing, differential pricing, risk control and anti-fraud and other areas, as well as insurance and depth of integration scenarios, the insurance is becoming the mainstream model of innovation。
  Although many technology start-ups currently insured, but not easy to obtain an insurance license。
One Technology Insurance company officials in 2016 established the "Securities Daily" reporters, said the insurance is subject to license, not a lot of business in a big way to do it, we can not take the initiative to promote the insurance license is very difficult to get at present, the company is also trying to get a license through the acquisition of Shell Resources, but at this stage the insurance agents, brokers asking a lot of money。
  BAT shares last seven insurance-related licenses of insurance companies in recent years, tech start-up companies have mushroomed have been established。   Wudaokou Finance Institute of the China Insurance and Pension Research Center recently released "China's insurance industry, science and technology investment and financing Report" ( "the Report"), as of 2017, the domestic insurance technology start-up companies founded more than 200。
  In particular, the large insurance technology companies listed, as well as BAT and other Internet giants have been involved, and sometimes let the insurance hottest technology companies, each capital have also coveted science and technology in order to win a share of the insurance。
  Zhong An is completed in mid-2017 IPO, the total amount of financing for its 17.5 billion yuan, far ahead of the insurance industry, science and technology。 Financing focused on the second tier 2C class of insurance intermediary platform, followed by managed distributor model, an integrated marketing platform, as well as sales platform parity。 Internet direct 2C-acquisition mode of better access to capital recognized。
  In addition to industry giants listed, in 2017, BAT stake in the company and has seven insurance-related licenses, the current total has reached 12 licenses, the Internet giants have to set up, investment, etc. to accelerate into the insurance industry。
  Specifically, as of the end of 2017, the Internet giant BATJ, Sina, Suning shares of the company's 12 owned insurance-related licenses, which include six ants gold dress, covering life insurance, property insurance, brokerage, Hong Kong insurance license。
Zhong An online with Tencent shares and Thai Life, micro-insurance on line in mid-2017, the incident became a phenomenal event。
Jingdong is preparing for property insurance companies, and has worked with several insurance companies to carry out insurance business。
  Technology from the insurance company's main business perspective, the combination of technology and insurance marketing channels from the Internet to the evolution of science and technology depth energized Insurance。
The use of large data blocks chain, AI techniques in precision marketing, differential pricing, risk control and anti-fraud and other areas, as well as insurance and depth of integration scenarios, the insurance is becoming the mainstream model of innovation。   Specifically, the current science and technology segments of the insurance can be divided into the following categories: First, the Internet insurance companies, such as Zhong An Insurance, Taikang, EMC Insurance, the insurance peace of mind; the second is the broker exhibition industry tools, such as insurance division, Tandberg insurance, super round table; the third is a custom scene class company, for corporate customers, such as cattle guarantee, quantum Paul, Dousha; Fourth, enabling insurers technology companies, including vehicle networking technology services (OK auto insurance, Clover ), claims management (and gold online, a little stack data); Fifth integrated marketing platform for consumers (Optional Hui network, a new station), parity sales platform (truck auto insurance), managed distributor (large special protection ) network support network (water droplets mutual assistance, mutual aid 17), policy management (Insurance pocketed, bean sprouts gold service), smart insurance (snail hospital Insurance) and other categories。   In addition, innovative car networking technology services and network support network but had favored mode of access to capital, but because of tighter regulatory policies, development has been a great challenge。
Technology enabling regulatory requirements increasingly urgent in the new situation, regulatory agencies on the one hand to promote technological innovation through the introduction of the New Deal for insurance, but also put forward more demands for RegTech。   Private continue to overweight financing over six years, 11.3 billion yuan of insurance technology hot, and private equity capital in this area are not unrelated continue to overweight。   The report shows that from 2017 to the end of 2012, the total amount of private equity deals in the insurance technology industry has undergone more than 11.3 billion yuan, of which the public An Insurance to more than 5.7 billion yuan accounted for half of other non-listed insurance technology companies through private equity financing more than 5.6 billion yuan。   In mid-2017, despite the decline in the number of finance companies and the total amount of the industry point of view, but the number of incidents increased wholesale funding compared to 2016。   "At present, the insurance technology company equity financing is still in the early stages, after a peak in 2016 phased industry, restore calm market。 Through interviews with institutional investors, yet not many Lazi layout or investor before we learned that taking advantage of the insurance market pullback active layout in science and technology。 "The report mentions。
  From the amount of financing point of view, the Internet insurance companies, the insurance holding its license, financing ahead (more than ten billion yuan), and therefore also in the first echelon; Internet insurance intermediary platform 2C financing of between 700 million yuan – 1.4 billion yuan, in the second tier financing; car networking services, network support network, the amount of financing at 500 million yuan -6 million yuan, in the third tier of financing。
  Alterations of the financing point of view, and before mid-2015, private equity focused on the layout of integrated marketing platform, with Internet-acquisition, which is the insurance and technology combined with the original mode。
2016, managed distributor in private equity financing higher proportion。 Different from a simple platform for Internet intermediaries, it is deeply involved in the design of insurance, pricing, claims a series of processes, 2C dominant mode of overall financing。   In mid-2017, began to differentiate the layout of financing, vehicle networking technology services, network support network, custom scenes access to finance large amount of。 Depth technology enabling the insurance industry to become a clear trend, the insurance from the "Internet safety" era into the "safety technology" era。   From the distribution of the number of investors held technology companies in the insurance portfolio of view, investment in 212 people, 195 investors invested a -2 insurance technology company; there are 17 investors a high degree of concern in this area ( voted more than 3)。
Eight investors hold more than four combinations and become the most active institutional investors in the domestic insurance industry, science and technology, they are really serious fund, Matrix Partners China, JadeValue, brothers capital, pottery stone capital, PreAngel, Shun capital , Xianfeng Evergreen。   Although many technology start-ups currently insured, but not easy to obtain an insurance license。 The person in charge of the "Securities Daily" reporters, said the insurance is subject to license, not a lot of business in a big way to do it, we can not take the initiative to promote the insurance license is very difficult to get at present, the company is also trying to get a license through the acquisition of Shell Resources, but each stage of insurance agents, brokers asking a lot of money。

Granger 26 points and the Pacers a 2-1 lead outside downturn magic home collapse

  Ticker May 3, the Pacers away to 97-74 victory over the Magic in the first round 2-1 to occupy the high ground。
  Danny – Granger was 9 of 16, which hit five three-pointers 9, contributed 26 points and nine rebounds, Roy – Hibbert 18 points, 10 rebounds and three blocked shots, George – Hill 15 points Paul – George 12 points。
Bench Darren – Collison 10 minutes, Leandro – Barbosa 5 minutes。   Magic miss Dwight – Howard, but this season has not seen him play。 Glen – Davis replace his starter, had 22 points and four rebounds, Jameel – Nelson 10 points and five assists, JJ- Redick 13 points。 Magic survival of only 5 three-pointers in 15 shots, 8 of 20 shots while Walker。   Magic unexpected battle to cross the border, to grab home-court advantage, but the Pacers comeback, the second field to 93-78 victory in the match。
Walker just lost home-court advantage, they immediately rush back today。   Count the regular season, the two teams have played against five times, the two sides do not have any secret at all tactics。 Magic's plan is a good investment basket, in order to counter the height advantage the Pacers, while the Pacers are avoided with magic than the shot, hit the ball to the basket。
Pacers are the first two games behind the first half, but today since they did a good job opening。
  Hibbert and Hill after another basket succeeded, the Granger-thirds vote, three hit a wave of 13-3 start。 More than half of this section, Granger hit third again, they lead to 18-7。 In the second half both teams could not find this holiday feeling, the last 4 minutes and 17 seconds, the two sides repeatedly shot, but each had 2 points, the Pacers 23-14 in order to maintain our edge。   Walker successfully limited the Magic's three-point。
The first section of the Pacers hit a three, but the Magic hit only two, not long shot twice in the second magic。
Magic can only rely on the vote to chase points, this section there are 7 minutes 05 seconds, Reddick break layup, the Magic scored six points, 28-31 behind only to。 Magic once the gap to 2 points, but this section last 3 minutes 23 seconds, only to hit a ball, the Pacers lead to 44-38 at halftime。
  Pacers played the first two games more difficult, but today they proved themselves the strength higher than a chip, to throw off opponents in the third quarter。
Walker began to wave 6- start the third quarter, double-digit advantage。
After more than half of this section, Redick hit three-pointers, the Magic will recover as the score 48-57, then the Magic in this section only to hit three goals, the Pacers to a wave end of this section 19-7, 76-55 in one fell swoop to get 21-point advantage。
This section 32-17 victory over the Pacers。   Walker 得理不饶人, Leandro – Barbosa beginning in the fourth quarter on the third hit, they played 6-2 to 82-57 lead。 Anderson finally to a record one-third, but also long shot fired back immediately Granger, the Pacers thereafter maintain more than 20-point advantage, leading by 29 points at the most。   Magic even performance from beyond the arc as not walkers, in such a night, and they missed the victory。

Women usually drink tea roses Benefits

  China is re-processed to form a tea in the tea, it is molded from a tea and rose flowers scenting。 Rose tea used in the tea billet black tea, green tea, flowers besides roses, the rose, osmanthus and modern rose also has a sweet, floral, also be used to scenting tea。   ① beauty effect。   ② ease the mood, alleviate depression, improve sleep。
  ③ antegrade blood, regulate menstrual。
  ④ adjust physique。
  ① water to brewing bubbles had a good texture, mineral water, spring water or better than。   ② should not use too high a temperature of the water to wash the bubble is, usually with a flushing water placed will be better。   Special taboo 1, has the role of convergence, constipation is not suitable for drinking。
  2, Rose blood scattered silt role stronger, excessive menstrual people should not drink during menstruation。   3, stomach, diarrhea, often feel tired, weak advised not to take。

"Times": Trump presidential aspirations Road | Times | Trump | US President

    Time nearly 3:00, President-elect finally came to power, the rows of flag blue suit, white shirt, red tie, and behind him is a very good fit。
Polls, experts and data modelers are expected on the history of US woman president for the first time – was not to be, but also a male president, and one in blue suit, red tie male presidential system。   However, women who, if elected, it will determine the expected。   November 8, there is no political experience, good at self-promotion Trump (DonaldJohnTrump) was elected the 45th president of the United States, becoming the most unusual in American history, one of the most unexpected development。
When the Republican presidential candidates talented nominated, Trump is widely seen as a conceited candidate。
But he ignored the rules in the process, toppled the 16 challengers。 Then he faced one of the world's most sophisticated, the most famous politician, former secretary of state, senator and first lady, dropped three straight debates (according to polls), not recognized about 60 percent of Americans。 More than a dozen women accused him of sexual assault。 He earned millions of dollars a year boasted, but never had to pay income tax。
  He would say something?  Other people can say what?  For Hillary Clinton (Hillary Clinton), who had threatened that if elected he would allow her to jail opponents, Trump said: We are extremely grateful for her dedication to the motherland made。   To vote for Hillary Clinton's nearly 60 million Americans, Trump said: I hope to get everyone's help and guidance, let us join hands and unite our great motherland。
  For the international community, he vowed to repeal the trade agreements, as well as those of his allies questioned, Trump said: "I want to tell the international community, although we always take the interests of the United States first, but we will be fair to every nation。 "This is Trump gentle, low-key victory speech content。
He did not explain how to become that kind of gentle he spoke on the victory stage, unified, effective force。
It will be a long, steep hills。
  He will try to restore the health of the country under the government of the extreme weather contempt。 Trump cursed sessions from President Reagan to Obama during the campaign, blaming Congress and the courts, accused US military leaders and foreign envoys。
He claimed that over and over again throughout the state apparatus to manipulation。
This is what he now led government。
  He will try to win the US people of color, Muslims and Jews in the United States trust。
Trump prick wound in the campaign, and these wounds will heal bleeding before。   President Trump will work to strengthen the US position, but to withdraw from the support of the world order and security alliance network of free trade agreements。 His victory makes the major market news from Tokyo to New York once into a panic。 Exchange rate fell to the lowest point in 20 years。
Trump wins amplified shocks June UK release Europe, threatens to undermine the fragile world economic recovery。 ? Trump will ask Americans to trust him Zhirenshanren, but he could stand with home Internet conspiracy theory。
Asking people to trust him prudent, he has attacked a former beauty pageant winner on 3:00。 Requires people trust his character, he has repeatedly let yourself freak in the debate。
? Maybe none of them do other presidential election caused so many problems and the answers given so little。 The President-elect no political record, little fellow, policy positions with little direction。
He believes that the United States has been destroyed。
He claimed that the nominating convention: "I myself will be able to save America。
"? We will wait and see。
? As a veteran casino industry, Trump understand all the chips into the middle and then throw the dice tables mean。
He carried out his unprecedented campaign, betting Americans will elect a president I meet them this, for your tax situation evasive up her own charity, ignoring the fact that policies and。
When people tell pollsters how they are tired of politics in stone, Trump is very seriously。
There's nothing more unusual in politics Bitelangpu。 ? Trump favorite bet of his own。
He's a nasty second place。
The second is the "loser" – Trump's mantra – life provides endless opportunities for victory or failure。
  The married three times, in the video misogynistic former Playboy convinced than ever turned to his evangelical。 They promise to accept the change Trump anti-abortion stance, and expect him to turn to the right to promote the Supreme Court of。 ? The billionaire energy to guide the anti-Wall Street。
The Wharton School graduates found a large wave of voters did not go to college。 Trump build on progress from the edge of Philadelphia to Green Bay Street, Wisconsin, he won the Great Lakes states to win the Republican Party for many years。
? Trump's victory was revenge "Rust Belt areas", the same economic and racial fears in the early 1980s, the states of the vote "Rust Belt" to Reagan。
I was robbed Americans working in Japan, now in Mexico and other countries。
Reagan Democrat votes cast in those days children now grow up to be Republicans cast votes Trump, the fact is a fatal blow to Hillary。   However, Trump should not be regarded as a strategist, his former adviser Lewandowski (CoreyLewandowski) said in an interview with our。 Although Trump audience fascinated more than a year, but he is not an executive home。
Lewandowski said that Trump to win because he was a tribune, all the good momentum of leaders must be tribune。
For all the strange unique Trump triumph, the fundamental factor is that the White House who invariably。 Trump White House is the time, he said he was a messenger, to solve the boredom and weariness of the American people, to make them sound。
? This sounds like thunder, but the rhetoric of deja vu。 Trump claiming to be part of the American messenger, who cry issued from time to time in American history。 Suspected ruling elite, against open immigration, free trade and resist international disputes, which is part of the American Jackson supporters in the 1820s, in the 1920s as a populist, now in 2016 it is Trump advocates。
He let them emerge from the shadow of the Republican coalition, the stepson as they like to be ignored for half a century, to accept the anti-Washington rhetoric。 Trump style of rude and they also show his contempt for the established order。   Many Republican leaders refused to associating with Trump。 Only one Republican standard-bearer alive, the 1996 presidential candidate nominee Toure (BobDole) to support him。
Two living Republican president – George HW Bush and George W. Bush – are not willing to vote for him。
But from the point of view of return, whether Trump bluster and reckless because what the Republicans lose, he will usually get more from those who opt out of indifference voters。
Trump campaign senior adviser Miller (JasonMiller), told the publication, by catering to gun control, abortion and Obamacare topic "What we really started to make Republicans look like a duck."。   Trump elected without precedent in American history。
He has never been in the government or the military have served, most Americans do not always choose president。
He is not a lawyer -44 US presidents have 26 lawyers。
If you have a closer look, as a builder, he may Hoover and President engineers, architects and Thomas Jefferson have something in common。
But as overextended bankruptcy in New Jersey casino owner, the international beauty pageant organizer, enduring reality TV star, and he who likeness?  Perhaps such a person came to the election reflects the requirements of the American president's degree of respect greatly reduced。 But it is surprising it?Over the past quarter of a century, we have a president – whether he ever do any good – and await the pleasure and an intern at the White House。 After his president – the deepest into the quagmire of the US Foreign war of no rehabilitation plan, sent the economy into the Great Depression since – for whatever goodwill。 After the president's support rate has surged recently though, but its history is too thin, you can see through。
? They are very unusual, but they could not convince the majority of Americans themselves firmly grasp the rapidly changing world。 The three presidents were talking about the retention of US manufacturing jobs, but the continual loss of these jobs。 Let them talk about poor children out of despair of life, but it seems like the kids despair。 They promised to arrest and killing terrorists, but the terrorists sow the seeds of unrest in the Middle East, caused by the crisis in Europe, causing fear in the vast region from Orlando to Boston San Bernardino, California。
  Indeed, while another reality in development。
In these three presidents – two governors and a senator, two Yale graduate, a Harvard graduate, three different styles of suit from the same old company – the tenure, the size of the US economy increased from $ trillion over $ 1.6 trillion US scientist, inventor of the rise of digital technology dominate, the war did not occur interval between major powers extended from 47 years to 71 years – the longest time since the Roman Empire of peace。 But it is not a politician or an expert said as optimistic。 Especially after the war in Iraq and the economic recession, people's feelings, feelings of tens of millions of Americans living is too much, weakness and decline。 ? Without this background, Trump would not have to win。
No doubt, there are a lot of voters cast votes Trump looked at his name printed skyscrapers, jets and helicopters, thinking person can make such achievements do anything。
Trump consultant for Giuliani (RudyGiuliani) to $ 1 billion in tax Trump as a "genius" as a sign of a year, these people might nod。 But he needs to win the general election is not only these voters, he needs to bluff his way through those conceived and thought it unimportant voters – those who have doubts when the president may not be difficult, if and when the president is mainly read the intelligence reports, deal with intractable crisis, there is no way to make a commitment to abide by the words。
? There is also a Trump in favor of a deeper trend。
Forum in Davos and TED speech in the General Assembly, world leaders on an agenda rhetoric。
No one really know how to deal with this revolution sweeping the world。
Yes, this is a scientific and technological revolution, Silicon Valley bigwigs on the possibility magical compile numerous jargon。
But its social influence and political influence – has formed the overwhelming and rapid amplification – too quickly, too violent, governments by surprise。 ? The computer into the hands of everyone, and everyone has instant connection with others what it means?When Gutenberg's movable type revolution for the first time across time and space constraints make large-scale share ideas made possible after the occurrence of subsequent political and social implications of including religious revolution, the Enlightenment, the rise of democracy, industrial and technological revolution。 In other words, from daily life to all aspects of the international order has been disrupted。
This force much larger number of technological change and how fast change will result in?Elite has been superior ride in the back of the beast, the canine teeth have not seen it, feel its claws。 But more thousands of Americans hear it breathing beside their necks。 ? This is important to Trump because he concentrated fire on technology and globalization joint dislocation caused by: manufacturing employment has not only been killed in Mexico and other countries, and also took robot。
Coal industry employment not only because of environmental liberalism lost, but also because consumption and improve production efficiency and loss。 Asymmetric war is not because of weakness but because the US social media possible。
More and more people live longer and longer retirement and health insurance problems triggered a time bomb, and more longevity to a certain extent due to the power of computer elucidate disease mechanisms and possible。
Trump takes advantage of the pain and dislocation caused, but he blame the wrong person。 American leaders failed to address these alarming issues help Trump elected, but now he became leader, he was unable to do anything to turn these problems。
(Lemon Nan / compiler)。

People | great place to start!18-year-old James, to understand how to respond to questions

    This is the first time LeBron on the cover of our magazine SLAM。 Flanagan headband photo on the cover was his idea, we did not think the stylist, of course, we did not refuse – if the name of the most talented high school students want to fire seriously his style, how we could not let him go do。 It's just a small thing, but it also explains why we love this child。
LeBron – James can listen to the designer's idea, you do not need your own mind; he even refused our requests for an interview。 Because less than a week, you will see him a suit sitting in the garden court, he was shouted the name of NBA commissioner David Stern – LeBron now totally do not need to care about these media。 Instead, he is now a greater need for rest, away from the noisy。   But this is not to "need"。
Currently, LeBron largely does not "need" anything, at least he does not get anything from us。
But he agreed, in part because of our friendship and his deep enough; and partly because it is, well, this guy likes it。
  Akron is the time we arrived in late April。
LeBron first came to the apartment in Spring Hill, compose and record a few pictures, and then we drove to Rhodes region, here at home the past two seasons from St. Vincent's – very close to the University of Akron。 His cousin Ma serious training and Rick together, less than two hours, his "KingJames" T Xu has been completely wet with sweat。 We also open for a while, went to a restaurant outside the town, in addition to Ma, LeBron's brothers Randy and Frankie also counterparts, where the four of us gathered in front of a large TV looks race: Lone Ranger VS Blazers playoff fifth。 Subsequently, we conducted interviews 1 on 1。
  A long said, we love this child, the child can express to have a bright future of your love is not a difficult task。 But we are not like surface。 He always take care of people around him, every moment brought his teammate Drew, Zion, and Willie Romeo, in his light, the four men did not seem so bright, but LeBron has not forgotten them。
And his professionalism, whether in small or big: When shooting, he moved the ball to all performances, next to someone said: "Too cool, and I hope that they will。
"He replied:" I just learned。
Recently I spent a lot of effort it。 You know, if I see someone I did not do something, I would go desperately Society。
"LeBron proved he can do it, he says that: That night we spent two hours in the stadium, that is outside the field, leaving only a four baskets can be used, overhead lighting crumbling, and the keepers demand we get out of the。
But the 6-foot-8 future millionaire has meticulously trained to run back and forth, until it hit a certain number of free throws after he was left exhausted。
At this moment, you understand why you like him。   There are a large part of the reason is that he did not how they change。 Like it or not like him, LeBron is now a universal concern celebrity – was not just in the United States – in a way, he has learned to disguise themselves。 No way, this is the business world, he can understand。
But once away from these pishi (nonsense), that he was two years ago in Akron restaurant and our kids jokes, or that a restaurant will point to "hamburger" guy。
  So, yes ah, we really love this child。
Actually, we feel for him did not enter the university decided to play a trace of regret, after all, this is an opportunity to receive a better education, but for now, we have to congratulate the players – for his achievements made, and those he about to reach great achievements。
  Specific interview follows: SLAM: I guess you must be very happy, I do not have to answer "university or play NBA" this problem。   LEBRON: Yes, ah, I can now focus on the future。
About the next 10 years, or even 15 years, I probably have a plan。 I think it would be a good decision。
  SLAM: That does Anthony?I know he's your brother, watching his game did not let you still have the illusion of college basketball?  LEBRON: yes ah, the college game very exciting。 Melon this year at the university to the next level, not only their own good, but also make his teammates better, and I'm really happy for him。 He is one of my best friends, we always do not say no。   SLAM: When we met two years ago, you told me directly from high school into the NBA is not what you dream of – anyway, as long as the NBA is OK, but you can now make this decision, it is not that it has been must do it?  LEBRON: I think this is the。
I think the year is not mature。 And now, I've been so good, and even the top three overall……I think I should make this decision in good enough time。   SLAM: and the people around you talk about you, they say you have not changed。 But things have changed, the environment around them has undergone great changes, some things are not always so positive。 It looks like you have to change。   LEBRON: not。 I just became more mature it。 But my character, what character has not changed。
I know that in the next few years, I'm going to grow into a real man, and I will learn a lot。
Perhaps others will become very difficult to believe, but you have to trust people to go – especially those who really help you。   SLAM: In high moment many people think you are first in the country, and subsequent years you have no progress yet?  LEBRON: I'm better than ever, and more than a little。 A few years ago, I believe that improving physical fitness and shooting is a priority。 Now I have done it, I've got to play with NBA body, the more stable shooting。 I believe that then there will be a good start。   SLAM: talk about it training。
Do you have any training purposes do?  LEBRON: I will train every day。
Now the main shoot, the next will be to practice weightlifting increases muscle。 In the previous season, it will not have too much time to private training, I usually strength training。
Now the season is over, I will focus on training for the weakness, then I have to practice then force the。
  SLAM: You say you already have the NBA's physical condition, but many people say it is because preparation was "too" well, and after entering the league, you will not increase too much muscle up。
Looks like you develop too soon is not a good thing。   LEBRON: ah……I always thought that only physical conditions are met, you can deal with more challenges after。
So, I do not think this is my fault。
  SLAM: indeed, ah, has suddenly jumped out to a lot of people criticize you, this is really crazy。
  LEBRON: does a lot more this year。
When you are good enough, you will want to set you up in some villain behind。 You know, even if I race into 11 three-pointers, they still want to criticize my shot is rubbish。 So, with him。 I will prove them all wrong。
You know, after that event shirt, I scored 52 points, so it's not a big deal for me。   SLAM: Looking back over the past four years, there you impressed the moment?  LEBRON: high four against Oak Hill that field。 Our first two years were lost, but the game the first time we boarded the nationally televised, also won 20 points, this is for my teammates in terms of no small accomplishment。   SLAM: state championship it?You took three or four years, what impressed me most times?  LEBRON: Last。
That game we lost almost all, at halftime, his teammates looked at me and said: "You have to stand up, or else we will lose。
"I finally stand up and away game, scored 25 points the last minute, this is one of my career, the most important game。
  SLAM: What are your defeat is to make it unforgettable?  LEBRON: it must be a high school state championship to lose that game, but also because of this, we become a better team, my teammates formed a tighter group。
We all know that the taste of failure, do not want to let this happen again。 That year we focus too distracted, not focused on basketball。
  —— SLAM: Some people read your article or read your game, I think you are arrogant guy。
These views will tell you the impact it?  LEBRON: I do not know。
High emotion that I have the court, off the court, I'm not like that, nobody likes arrogant guy。
But I am desperate to win on the field, this desire than many other players have come in strong。
This is not to be arrogant……You know, everyone has their own opinion, since I can not control their thoughts, that will do more than think about the。   SLAM: As time goes by, you have to settle down right shoe contract。
Saying that thing you wondering for quite a while, there is no feeling these things also help you make a decision next?  LEBRON: Yes。
It is because of fame too early, so I understand a lot, let me deal with these things much more mature than high school age。   SLAM: such as re-signing his rookie contract, you have almost 50 million worth, and what's the idea of it?  LEBRON: Oh, this is crazy!I think this is simply crazy!(laugh……) I do not know what I would react, but……I'm not concerned about that, I yearn for the next season, meet new teammates, to help them get better, and I sincerely hope they can help me get better。   SLAM: But if you do encounter a rookie wall? – did not help the team further, as you do not expect success in general, you will do this worried?  LEBRON: I'll try to let my teammates to be better than any previous year, I will not say what led the team to the finals of this big, but I certainly will progress every day。 You know, there will be a lot of things waiting for me to adapt, waiting for me to overcome many difficulties。
I want to lead the team, I hope his teammates are willing to let me be the team leader。   SLAM: When you have such a leader experienced in high school。 You've always wanted to be the boss of people do?  LEBRON: This is what I want to do。 I always wanted to be a leader, whether it is playing games or play football, I want to win; no matter what I do, I want to be a leader。
  SLAM: For you, the next season, the biggest challenge is what?  LEBRON: I think it is a long journey。
82 games, averaging 48 minutes, for me is a big challenge。 Previously, only 27 games, and now suddenly so much more between games, every night had to feel embattled。
  SLAM: Whether you will be next season, ending what kind of results, external expectations will be very high, and you have not noticed these things?  LEBRON: Yes, the pressure is indeed not small, but as the game will be more and more。 But I will lay my game。
I believe I have the ability to succeed in his rookie season。
  SLAM: I know you can not just say that teams want to go, but look at those who have the opportunity to sign your team, do you feel a few pieces of your situation is particularly appropriate?  LEBRON 🙁 silence……) I do not know, I think which team can。 I am a very unselfish player, you can make everyone better。
I also want to win。
If his teammates can see the desire to win in a 18-year-old player who, their desire to win will certainly be inspired。
  SLAM: speaking truth, the lottery is very important for you to select it?  LEBRON: I do not mind it (Idon'tcare。 )……Well well, it is very important to me, I really want to be selected first overall pick。
Disclaimer: Sina exclusive articles, prohibit unauthorized reprint!。

Guangxi and Hunan and other heavy rain in northern and more will welcome the warmest days of the year

China Weather Reuters expected today (24) Fallen rain most of the South, Guangxi, Hunan and other local heavy rain。
Rain, while most of the country will continue all the way to the warm, north, northeast, northwest and so the temperature will continue to hit new high this year。
Early next week, Harbin, Changchun, Shenyang, Beijing, Tianjin, Shijiazhuang, Lanzhou, Jinan, Zhengzhou, the provincial capital and other northern cities, or collective ushered in the warmest days of the year。 This morning, the temperature rose Jinan, people with spring travel。 (Figure / Wang Lianzhen) In case of rain most of the southern Guangxi and Hunan and other local heavy rain since yesterday, kicked off a new round of rainfall in the south, beginning the night rain began to expand the scope, rain gradually increased。 Among them, Guizhou, Hunan, Chongqing and other places strong rain。 Central Meteorological Observatory predicted 24 to 25, the southwest region, the southern Midwest and southern China will have small to moderate rain, including Hunan and Guangxi local heavy rain。 Which today, precipitation will expand rapidly throughout the south, southwest region, Jianghan southeastern Huanghuai, JAC northern, southern Midwest, northern South China, southeastern Tibet and other places with small to moderate rain, local heavy rain。 Tomorrow, rainfall range will shrink to the south south, southern China, rain will also be weakened。
Western Sichuan Basin, eastern Yunnan, Guizhou, south-central, most Jiangnan, western South China and other places with small to moderate rain, local heavy rain。
Overall, this round of rain is not strong, but still need to pay attention to prevent local strong convective weather that may occur。 Expected 27 onwards, Southwest southeastern, south central and southern, central and western South China and other places will usher in a moderate to heavy rain process。 Because of aging far to be concerned nowcasting。
For the northern region, today in southern Hebei, northeast Henan, Shandong or weak precipitation, Shandong western and local moderate to heavy rain accompanied by thunder and lightning weak。
24 to 26 days, the mountains of northern Xinjiang will have moderate to heavy snow, local blizzard, frequent rain and snow the next few days, we need to guard against the occurrence of Snowmelt Flood。 After most of the country all the way north to northeast and other warm temperatures will hit a new high this year to enter the vernal equinox solar terms, keeping most of the warming trend。
Monitoring shows that 14 yesterday, compared with 22 at 14, southern North China, Huanghuai eastern, JAC, southern most other places 4?8 ℃ heating, such as Shanxi, Hebei and other large maximum temperature exceeded 200 prefix。 Today tomorrow, although there will be cold air intrusion, but the pace of recovery will not stop。
Today western Shaanxi, Shanxi, Henan, northern Hubei, southern Anhui and Jiangsu southern area of highest temperature will reach 20 ℃ or more with one of the cozy warmth。
Tomorrow the maximum temperature in southeastern Inner Mongolia, Shanxi most, Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shandong west, most of Henan, Hubei and other places most of the general will reach more than 20 ℃。
As temperatures continue to rise, early next week north, northeast and northwest will "tour" started this onslaught, the temperature will continue to hit new high this year。
As the cold air from the northeast into the warming temperatures will be the first "climax"。 26, like the capital city of Harbin, Changchun, Shenyang collective impulse to 20 ℃。
For Harbin, the March there is such high temperatures are of a very rare, or become history the top three in March。
Perennial point of view, the vernal equinox solar terms the majority of our capital city began to rapidly heat up。
About 26-28, Beijing, Tianjin, Shijiazhuang, Lanzhou, Jinan, Zhengzhou will spend the most this year, local warm day。
Zhengzhou maximum temperature 28 to 30 ℃ or Biao, the capital city of the north this year to the first city to reach 30 ℃; before the 29th, Beijing will be a number of days the maximum temperature reached 20 ℃ above, is very rare。 Due to continued warm, calm weather to establish stable, 24 to 28, atmospheric dispersion conditions of Beijing, Tianjin and the surrounding areas gradually slip with mild to moderate haze in some areas up to heavy haze。 24 to 25, in south-central northeast region have mild to moderate haze in some areas with severe haze, 26-29, atmospheric dispersion conditions turn for the better, the Northeast decreased haze dissipated。
Also next week, parts of the southern basin of Xinjiang, west of Gansu, western Inner Mongolia, Ningxia and other places of more than blowing sand or dust weather。

Bryant admit in the end how to fight with the sharks details of his 19-year-old mad?

Beijing March 10, according to US media reports, the Lakers legend Kobe Bryant recently participated in the "Jimmy – Ji Moer Show", and revealed details of his first year in training Lakers with Shaquille O'Neal fight。 In December last year the Lakers Kobe Bryant 2 jersey retired, he and O'Neal sat down together to do a show。
During They had mentioned that fights, but did not reveal too many details。 The Bryant participated in "Jimmy – Ji Moer Show" Jimmy certainly do not want to miss this intriguing past。
It is reported that Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal that fight took place in mid-1998 after the league shut down。 At that time the Lakers squad held a training game in 5-on-5。 "I was crazy。 "Bryant said。 When asked who should move the hand, Bryant said O'Neal first play of the fist。
"I even could not reach him (O'Neill), his fist basically there is so much。 "Then Bryant O'Neal fist gestures a bit," I was certainly the world's most crazy 19-year-old。 I actually dare to fight this guy。
"It is reported that O'Neal was waving his fist Xianxiang Bryant, Bryant escaped, and he also played a punch in the direction of O'Neill's。
Subsequently, the presence of people have been involved and They opened。
"At that time, my attitude is that you either put me wallop, but you know, I will not back down。 "Bryant said.。
It is worth mentioning that, Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal of the Lakers squad that conflict in the training match, and after the conflict, that was training season continues。
"Before that conflict, he (O'Neill) team lead of 5 points, and the conflict that incensed me, every minute I get after all。
Then my team win, I just want him to know this。 "Bryant said with a smile。