To refrain from excessive attention FED rate hike!The biggest factor affecting the financial markets during the year is it

A more hawkish policy direction, he directly said that Libor is already high, "the biggest theme of this year's"。
(Three-month dollar Libor trend, source: Zerohedge, FX168 Financial Network) as of yesterday, Libor since February 7 31 consecutive days of gains, reaching% this morning, the highest since 2008。 At the same time, the gap between it and the risk-free rate (the so-called Libor spread of -OIS), has doubled since the end of January, reaching basis points, which is not seen since 2009 levels。 Ghana explained: a key reason, "which is struggling market performance。 Accelerate the expansion of private lending market size is this year's theme, rather than the Fed。 "He added:" I think it's really interesting is that in the Libor market, the dollar Libor has performance than the federal funds rate more active, so you can find six-month dollar Libor has actually reached%, while Federal Reserve federal funds rate was raised to%, so we decided to actually clear the real cost of doing business is experiencing a substantial increase in interest rates。 Therefore, unless the transition superdoves Fed appears to some extent, otherwise I think we can already conclude that the United States is a substantial tightening of monetary policy, in addition to China is also showing signs of sync tighten monetary policy, this situation is our the key reason for market trends very carefully。
"For those who think the most important thing this year is the Fed hawks or doves, and whether 2018 will be completed three or four times to raise interest rates, Ghana retorted:" In fact, from the company's cost level, not at the Fed leading position。 In fact the company to borrow six months US dollar Libor interest rate has risen%, which is a major market struggling, because the private market is tightening and accelerating this year's theme, not the Fed。 "Another reason for the rising Libor will have a major impact on the entire financial market, because the dollar has generally lagged positive correlation between 3-month Libor and change, which means that the dollar might usher in a wave rally, which I'm afraid that will have an impact throughout the market risk。 (Three-month dollar Libor-OIS spreads and the relationship between source: Zerohedge, FX168 Financial Network) but equally noteworthy is that, due to the rapid expansion of Libor spread of -OIS show global shortage of funds may eventually lead to financial credit risk as we have seen earlier today, representative of the uS financial credit risk IGOAS spreads are wider again towards。
(Credit risk of changes in the US financial sources: Zerohedge, FX168 Financial Network) at the same time, bank credit default swaps (CDS) also surged to a six-month widest。 (Bank CDS trend change, source: Zerohedge, FX168 Financial Network) However, the worst aspect of this sharp tightening financial situation is that almost no one can make a coherent explanation of the reasons for this situation, or projected to produce what results。 Bank of Montreal Capital Markets (BMO) MargaretKerins head of fixed-income strategist said: "We do not usually see that in the absence of some kind of problem credit situations such interest rate differences, all of these situations can cause some damage, but in the end how much the unknown, and that's the problem。
"We can use the word RussCerto BreanCapital as a conclusion:" The market has formed a perfect storm of a variety of financial position after tightening。

Golden State Policy: No winner in a trade war stocks short-term and long-term pressure for the better

  Main points: ① This is the modern history of China out of the US president's biggest trade deal "ticket"。
This also marks the long-awaited Trump officially started a trade war with China。
US "national security" grounds to limit imports of practice, actually "trade protection, on US interests" performance, serious damage to the World Trade Organization as the representative of the multilateral trading system, WTO members have been more opposition; degree ② "Sino-US trade war" will directly affect the expected global economic growth, global commodity prices impaired。 The lessons of history show that high tariffs not only failed to increase domestic employment opportunities for American workers, but greatly deepened the "Great Depression" process; ③ the United States or major damage to the industry: China will take active measures to deal with the challenges, has announced its intention to self part of US imports imposed import tariffs of about 3 billion US exports to China, currently taxed above products are also mostly remain in the "()", do not rule out the possibility China will follow the US tariffs imposed further to take counter-measures, "automobiles, aircraft, agricultural products, imports of paper" areas will be the focus, of course, import restrictions on agricultural products, China will also consider its own inflation; ④ no winner in a trade war, global risk aversion rises, shares a short-term pressure, long-term trend is still to improve, maintain "working slowly and deliberately" view。
Sino-US trade war affected not only the Chinese companies, in fact, more US companies will face a trade war brought huge impact, "shooting itself in the foot", global economic integration, have been inseparable, yesterday US stocks fell already is the best proof。
A-share short-term pressure。
Long-term trend is still to improve, maintain Strategy Weekly "working slowly and deliberately" point of view; ⑤ "trade war" of industries affected by the short-term: in addition to the damaged bulk cycle, the Chinese short-handed by the US "anti-dumping" major policy implications for the industry smart technology and communications products, and other fields of intellectual property disputes, tariffs of goods would include "railway, and high-tech information products" such as。

Zhang Xiangning a block chain Nostalgia Series: Bitcoin is not a "digital gold"

  The block chain Nostalgia series entitled 🙁 a) Bitcoin is not the future "digital gold" (b) the law of value resolve Bitcoin (c) answer and encryption currency Satoshi (iv) block chain revolution (e) the gap between the parallel world constructed block chain technology ideal and reality (six) most concerned about the direction of technological breakthrough is the first article to share before starting our discussion of Bitcoin, I would like to explain that It appeared to prove the vitality of Bitcoin block chain technology。 However, by no means all coins bit, it is only interesting application of the first block chain block chain, and is a primary application。 For Bitcoin's attitude (especially the attitude of the Bitcoin price change), the attitude of all digital encryption currency, the attitude of the ICO, attitude block chain, which is four attitude, do not be confused。 We will be discussed separately, but start with the understanding Bitcoin talk。
  Block chain to create a consensus system, is a mechanism of "natural consensus" Therefore, this consensus proved natural origin in credit terms, better than any "secular consensus'。 "Secular consensus' representatives in the field of currency is legal tender。
"Natural consensus" on an innovative attempt in the field of monetary, currency encryption。
However, this innovation is verified as successful if the last, in particular, is seen whether a specific product innovations can be confirmed available, there are still great challenges。
The following discussion is in order from a logical point of view, analysis of the properties of these innovative products, in order to help predict the future of these innovative products。 (Above this "natural consensus" and "secular consensus" was for discussion, as I hit, if wrong, can learn。
In my opinion, the national governments of these concepts belong to the secular areas, and technology founded by natural basis, is a natural category。 ) Encrypted credit currency from the perspective of the origin, naturally better than any legal tender, the tamper-proof block chain, and irrevocable non-repudiation, provides an excellent tool for credit。
Meanwhile, the non-repudiation, can not be altered and is irrevocable unprivileged, are equal, there is no need third-party credit or guardian, which is the key block chain technology revolutionary innovation。
However, wait a minute!Although the origin of the credit itself, encryption win the legal tender currency, however: whether the "user" to accept, particularly critical is the ability to be "how much" user adoption and get started, then re-enter the "secular" category。
Encryption currency "natural consensus" property, if you want to be widely accepted, must still go through "secular consensus' that threshold, which is the first conceptual block chain industry generally confused。
I hope that in future discussions, we can generally put "natural consensus" and "secular consensus" separate and not confused, this will be very helpful in understanding the current complicated situation。 "Natural consensus" is pure and purely "secular consensus" is complex and changeable。
So, encryption currency owned by the "natural consensus", can logically evolved into the popular "secular consensus" mean?(Referred to in the above discussion "credit" word, but also a very abstract concept, not here to discuss, in fact, the credit can be divided into the established laws of nature established by the "natural credit" and worldly ways "secular accordance with the above logic credit ") because of the limited total number of Bitcoin, and in order to obtain the true costs of mining bitcoin behavior carried out by the corresponding analogy can be carried out and the traditional gold, so Bitcoin is often likened to 'gold numbers'。 So, we follow this logic, and the opposite, with the field of logic encryption currency, reduced to the traditional concept of social sphere, to provide a new perspective we observed encryption currency。
  If we follow the traditional gold coins analogy a bit, then all sorts of other areas of encryption monetary currencies, it must enable us to expand the following analogy, that is, the real world of "gold" is not only a species, in addition to "gold" there are green gold, blue, gold, green gold, pink gold, red gold, black gold, rose gold, transparent gold, blue, green and gold, yellow gold, red, green, gold, red, green, blue and gold and so on countless similar gold "rare metals "simultaneously exist。 So, even if a limited number of overall gold, green gold, pink gold these "gold" of any single species, but the gold variety is endless, diverse, and therefore the overall number of various "gold" added together in fact, it is infinite。
  These green gold, blue and gold, pink gold, gold various examples, in order to discuss the current corresponding to various encryption currencies, such as various coins bifurcated bits, such as BCH (cash credits bits), of BTG (gold bits credits ), BTD (Bitcoin diamonds), Ethernet coins, reboxetine coins, litecoin numerous types of encryption and other currencies, and even tokens, including dozens of species, one hundred, one thousand kinds of native currency, cottage coins, currency derivatives。
As we all know, almost all of the encryption currency, enjoy the same "natural consensus" position, in principle, even if the industry position is quite low thousands "cottage money", in fact, its origin are genuine and original Bitcoin is fully equal。   If human beings do have thousands of varieties of gold, "yellow" this kind of gold, or because the first to be discovered, the earliest being used, the oldest, or because lead worship, how much chance to stand out in all kinds of gold, how can the number of user acceptance and adoption and use, making it a more universal value exchange basis?This process of secular consensus established in the early stages of their development, especially like a religious。 At present just in the early stages of encryption currencies, secular worship can spread far, for how long, which directly affect short-term price trends Bitcoin。
From a technical point of view, all of the virtual currency together, their number is infinite, thus losing the limited amount of assumptions – unless it reached a "secular" some kind of consensus, leading to enough people stick with one of or a few specific encryption currency in order to make a limited amount of this premise back to reality。   As a summary, the underlying encrypted currency is "natural consensus" inherently superior "secular consensus'。 But encryption currency has numerous branches, its acceptance of how much the user process, then re-enter the "secular consensus' category。 In the early stages of development, Bitcoin phenomenon is very similar to a religious phenomenon。
Under normal expectations, encryption currency family will go through their own evolution and iteration, it is reasonable and practical constantly upgrade。 This means that more advanced stage comes, the adoration and faith will decline, elements of pragmatism will rise, will become the dominant ecological advantages。
In fact, the so-called ecological advantages in the early stages of the current encryption money has come in the form of a primary, such as various encryption currency exchange transactions which type of encryption to support the currency, tokens can be issued where the system runs on any platform ( In fact, most applications are still not running at all)。 But this is still very junior ecology, eco difficult to be regarded as a powerful closed loop。
In this regard, we will continue to discuss the follow-up content。   Therefore, Bitcoin is not supreme, unique, irreplaceable fetish, and will follow in the "secular" selection and survival of the fittest rules。 It is the first encryption currency innovative products represent the first generation of innovative products, it may be just because you do not understand the mystery, so that "unknown Li Jue"。
This innovative product has demonstrated a certain dynamism and demand, but still need to go through the test of the market, its development potential can not be overlooked, but critical to how evolution。 In order to understand what Bitcoin in the end is whether reasonable, we must first understand the law of value Bitcoin, the initial establishment of "Bitcoin economy model", which is the content of the next。
  Tsing Yi Zhang Xiangning founding partner of investment Author: Zhang Xiangning, China's first generation of Internet entrepreneurs, founded in 1995 million net (), was acquired in 2009 by Hong Kong-listed Alibaba Group, as "Ali cloud" predecessor。 Now Renqing Yi investment Founding Partner, Tenth, Eleventh National Youth Federation, the China Internet Association, vice president of Beijing Normal University Alumni Entrepreneurs Association, Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST) Beijing Alumni Vice president will。

Male midwives: birth year, 500 children

  Liu Wenming at work。
  After I for "full two children," the New Deal map, up more than two children mother, the midwife profession more attention than ever。   In recent years, male midwives gradually more up, Zhejiang University Women's Hospital obstetric male midwives Liu Wenming, is one of them, his daily work, that is, and colleagues, greet the birth of new students。
  Delivery room door, it is a special, outside the door, their remaining joy, also hard not easy; it is just great and promising female, also of deep complexity of human nature。   Delivery 300-500 cases annually, "after 85" Liu Wenming guy enjoy this gender-specific career brought honor and sense of accomplishment, but also appreciate the new life provoked by the one of the world sorrows and joys。   Male midwife turned science, science birth of "craft" rushing through the crowded aisles, waiting for a glimpse of the family of Liu Wenming。 They looks different identity, but has a similar look: joy, anticipation, apprehension, worry and other complex emotions intertwined。   Opened the door to the delivery room, Liu Wenming careful disinfection, put on a blue short-sleeved dress midwives, pick up the pace。
He will be smiling, introduce yourself to the pain of contractions usually have been tortured women screaming in pain。   Breath, hard, deep breath, cheering……The next stage of labor, regardless of maternal or him, is a fierce "war"。
  "War" is the normal work of Liu Wenming。 Zhejiang Women's Hospital delivery room a total of six team, on call 24 hours a day。
When the catch is busy, within a group of eight hours shift to delivery 10 newborns, "this is often just finished delivery, we must 'jump' to another go," said Liu Wenming。   He was short, speed calm smile on his face often linked。 In high school, he had learned not to take the world of science, until the college entrance examination is to adjust the nursing profession。 In 2012, he and a group of students from Jiangsu candidates to Hangzhou, Zhejiang Women's Hospital delivery room assigned。
At that time, professional midwifery is not broken down, more male midwife looks fairly fresh。
Liu Wenming was feeling very good, "unlike the surgery within here, and to deal with the disease, a person is two people coming out, people feel very pleased。 "So, from odd jobs he began to seriously learn from the birth of the 'craft'。   In 2014, not yet married, he followed the first "master" came to power。
So far he still clearly remember, at that time, tension, emotion filling our hearts novel, "gave birth to a girl, born mothers is very difficult, with the force for a long time, and finally made a lateral。 Later, looking at the baby, the new mother not to cry, I looked at the side, also want to cry。
"There 'gender discrimination', although there are many embarrassing medical broke gender boundaries, Liu Wenming male identity, initially questioned or even maternal and family members 'gender discrimination'。   Some mothers did not know prior to the delivery room have a baby boy, saw Liu Wenming surprised, again and again refused。
There are mothers in the prior consultation, will be designated to female midwives, they believe that women are more experienced。
"Now more and more men and midwives, many people have learned from the Internet or other means have male doctors in the delivery room, there are psychologically prepared," said Liu Wenming。
  A few years ago, almost every month, Liu Wenming always been "returned" once or twice, "how is a man to delivery?"In short, let Liu Wenming speechless。   He can understand the concerns of women, but this is two years, with the idea of progress, Liu Wenming never been refused。
  Such as male midwives Liu Wenming, Zhejiang University Women's Hospital obstetric total of nine。 Optimistic Liu Wenming think, in fact, male midwife has irreplaceable advantages, such as some labor for a long time, physical strength is a test; such as gay men almost year-round in the post; another example departments printer is broken, drinking no water, he can come forward。   His gender, and gave tense labor adds delight。 One of his colleagues said, a few days ago, a second child to a maternity hospital, very excitedly told Liu Wenming said, "Doctor, I've seen you, when you hold me have been very gently。
"Colleagues are aware, Liu Wenming is to help women who do Doula, but to hear these words, or into a laughing。   As another example, pain coupled with exciting, easy maternal body sweating, some people simply off to the cleaners lying in bed capacity, Liu Wenming not listen to persuade them to put on clothes, "That scene is a bit indescribable," Liu Wenming shyly Laughed。   Often after maternity, grateful to find Liu Wenming, he said students do not come out without him。 Liu Wenming feel, in addition to interest, bookish, but also master the skills and maternal communication, for example, use some white lie: "Sometimes I 'cheat' they said, I have seen the child's hair, or that half certainly born within hours。
Of birth, the confidence is very important to adhere to maternal, child and sometimes quickly out。
"The ways of the world of possibilities, sometimes evil pregnant, Liu Wenming had to face the worst outcome: placental abruption, umbilical cord prolapse caused by neonatal asphyxia, fetal miscarriage fetal heart rate suddenly disappeared……"Some people are really unfortunate, not pregnant to do a test tube, the result was not security prison, family members crying in childbirth outdoor。 "Some people say," China's national conditions so that every little life came to this world is full of a sense of ceremony, anxious feeling, full story。
The obstetrics and gynecology is a highly concentrated in the Red Dust。 Here assembled a struggle of life and death, homes and get tangled, young and old generation gap。 "Has just been finished 30th birthday of Liu Wenming also lamented, here seen many sorrows and joys of the world: there are women on a bed capacity begged Liu Wenming, do not tell her husband that he had given birth or miscarriage; premature children as well , I have been able to cry dynamic, but forced by economic reasons, the parents decided to give up the rescue。
  He also experienced sometimes accompany the mother hold the child back to the ward, her mother fell out on the spot, because no grandson looked forward; there is a maternal placental or because the two daughters at home to worry about loss of status, the result of severe uterine contractions, leading to postpartum hemorrhage。   Liu Wenming also seen a more extreme example: women suffered domestic violence, a child is already 28 weeks fetal death, on the mother's belly full of bruises, so Liu Wenming could not bear to look, because only the husband suspected his wife derailment; there is a risk of sexually transmitted diseases in the hospital miscarriage in pregnant women, all in tears – her husband was infected with syphilis, the child is born, it is likely that syphilis child, she took the hand of Liu Wenming, he warned he will have money, but also do not "go out fooling around." ……Fortunately, the vast majority of new life born into the world, fairly safely and smoothly。   Liu Wenming mood of stagnation, often also because pregnancy safer, mothers gave thanks, a candy and vanished。
  Business for nearly six years now, has become Liu Wenming new Hangzhou。
For health care workers with his wife bore him a son, now 1 year old, lovely。
However, his wife choose a Cesarean section because physical condition, he did not help her baby, the hearts of some little regret。   Role of the father, Liu Wenming make their career with a deeper understanding。
Every day, he run around in a few small production room, when retired and sit, will brush circle of friends: The number of women discharged from hospital, added Liu Wenming WeChat finger across the screen, to see Liu Wenming, who own hand delivery of children, grew up, he could not help pressing the thumbs up。

Alonso: Levante best left at Bayern when he was one of the best world No. 9

  Former Spanish international Xavi – Alonso recently said in an interview with the German media Sportbuzzer: "I think for Levante, the best place is Bayern。 "For Lewandowski's future, Xavi – Alonso said:" He is definitely one of the world's best No. 9 player, but I think that for him, the best place is Bayern。 Every year he was able to score, he was familiar with the club, is also familiar with the Bundesliga, also won the championship。 If he wants to get a different experience, then it would have to be his own decision。 "For now astronomical transfer fee of football market, Harvey – Alonso said:" When you are part of this industry, you have to accept these things, because no matter how say you can not change it, but you are derive benefit。
However, I can understand some people think this kind of thing very crazy。 Believe me, this madness will not end for a short time。 The foam will become increasingly large, then the money will be more and more。 "For Bayern in the Bundesliga's ruling, Harvey – Alonso said:" The more special these years doing very well, but compared to narrow the gap, all these years they increased the gap。
This is not a good thing for the league, the team needs motivation, Bayern need an opponent, no matter how special, Schalke or Leipzig。 "For he had faced the strongest players, Xavi – Alonso, he said:" As a young player, you are easily shocked, but when I first faced Zidane, I was like: "Wow!what is this?"He can complete a very difficult thing, but if those things are very simple, like。
I love to watch him play was very, very annoying to do his opponents。
"(From the Stanford football off)。

Then cut three pairs!Beyond the strongest rookie magician sit tight in the history of the second person

  Beijing on March 16, Philadelphia 76ers away to the New York Knicks, the two sides battle four, the final by virtue of this – Simmons outstanding performance, helping the team to win 118 more than 110 Reversal。 Simmons played the entire 33 minutes, 5 of 11 shooting with 13 points, there are 12 assists and 10 rebounds, hit triple-double success than their predecessors, also reached a glorious milestone。
  Simmons as a rookie, before the game he has got seven triple-doubles。 By virtue of their superior performance, and today he got part of his eighth triple-double, which go beyond 1979–1980 season of "Magic" Johnson, became NBA history to get three pairs of frequency in his rookie season, second-most players。
Ranked first is the "Big O" Oscar – Robertson, he scored 26 triple-doubles in his rookie season。   In addition Simmons today to get 12 assists, so as to enhance personal career assists total to 507。 He became the first NBA history to be able to get the 1000 (score) 500 (rebounds) 500 (assists) player in his rookie season, the first two are Oscar – Robertson and Magic Johnson。
  Game reached two historical achievements, Simmons dominance in the league has been revealed。 On the road to the future development, will become the master of the rookie NBA superstar。
  (Shen Wei)。

Israel due to "suspected smuggling of weapons" to the arrest of a French diplomatic personnel stationed

  China news agency, Beijing, March 20 – Jerusalem news: Israel State Administration of Work Safety said in a statement on the 19th local time, Israel arrested a suspected smuggling of weapons from the Gaza Strip to the West Bank, Judea and Samaria French diplomats。
  Agence France-Presse reported that a total of nine people arrested in the case, including the French consulate staff and the French Cultural Center in Gaza Palestinian employees hired。 The Israeli side of the allegations very rare and sensitive。 French media also reported that the people involved were arrested during last month's Department of smuggling, the 19th trial。   According to a statement issued by the Israeli State Administration of Work Safety, he was arrested by the French man named Frank Roman, French consulate in Jerusalem。 A security personnel of the consulate were arrested at the same time, this person is a resident of East Jerusalem。
Was arrested along with other members of the smuggling gang, they are Palestinians from the Gaza Strip。
  Israel State Administration of Work Safety said in recent months, Frank has five times smuggled 70 pistols and two assault rifles。 He drove the car into the French Consulate French Cultural Center in Gaza, a Palestinian from where access to weapons in the hands of the employee, then leave Gaza into Israel, after walking dozens of kilometers into the Israeli-occupied West Bank, will be handed over to another weapon Palestinian arms smuggling gang members, who then sold it to arms dealers。
  Arising from either the French consulate said the behavior of Frank does not know。 French Embassy spokesman said Israel attaches great importance to the event, working closely with the Israeli authorities to follow developments。   Israel said the survey shows that Frank is involved in smuggling weapons to gain an economic advantage of its parent does not know their behavior。
The event should not harm relations with France。

MediaTek February sales 127.One million Taiwan dollars: Over the past three years, the worst

MediaTek looks not very good day too, under siege Samsung, and other chip manufacturers, MediaTek's latest revenue seems to come hit a three-year low。 According to information provided by the Electronic Times, MediaTek in February 2018 revenues of 127.NT $ 100 million, or about 2.7 billion yuan, the chain fell 24.5%, down 25%, which is MediaTek worst monthly sales data since the last 3 years。 Since the downturn in February, the first two months of MediaTek revenues of 295.NT $ 400 million, down 16.2%。
The statistics agency predicted MediaTek first quarter will be shipped 75 million to 85 million processor than the same period last year 1.100000000-1.200 million processor sharp decline。
However, this decline MediaTek With the arrival of new machine tide of March has slowed, especially the recent launch of the P60 processor much consumers, is expected to begin from March, there will be many new phones equipped with MediaTek processing device。

Dietary needs of young people pay attention to what young people food taboos

Dietary needs of young people pay attention to what young people are the flowers of the motherland, so their dietary needs extra attention, something to eat is bad, then what young people need to pay attention to diet and small series together to see what young people need to pay attention to diet the introduction of it!Young people need to pay attention to what 1 diet, eating regular meals, relatively more young people less than three meals a day this time of consumption, dietary needs regular meals, and eating three meals a day must be。
Teenagers need more than 250 milliliters of milk a day, you need to supply rich nutrients of fruits and vegetables every day。
For example, you can eat mushrooms, fungus, animal blood, liver and other foods。 2, low-nutrient foods and fast food should be eating older teenagers is a need for adequate nutrition, diet usually best to eat high-calorie low-nutrient snacks, fast food or。 Young people to develop a love omnivorous habits, for example, can eat walnuts, nuts, black rice and other food。 3, not overeating or dieting dietary needs of young people pay attention to what female adolescents are prone to bad habits follow the trend of weight loss, such as dieting, improper diet can lead to a serious imbalance in human nutrition, decreased immunity, there will be some girls even amenorrhea the phenomenon, also may lead to "anorexia nervosa"。 Overeating also should pay attention to this age of a bad habit, it makes nutrition overeating out of balance, the impact on the body。
Finally, Xiao Bian reminder: Teen balanced diet should pay attention, pay attention to add nutrients, eat more nutrient-rich foods。

The overseas students' training by ": seize the opportunity to face the challenges of the workplace

In an interview during the basketball player, Lu Yu Ran feel their humor and vitality, but also feel their longing for China's。
Pictured Lu Yu Ran (left) and Miami Heat player photo。
Students study abroad, internships and practice to grasp the opportunity to enhance their professional skills, determine career planning, to adapt to the future of the workplace environment etc help。
But in practice to bring help to the students at the same time, often full of difficulties and challenges。
Internship opportunities, for acquaintance recommended for students, finding a favorite professional counterparts and internship abroad is not easy。 Zhao Yu studied at Emory University, he studied business studies and economics double degree in mathematics at school。
In the just-concluded mid-summer 2017, he introduced into the New York investment bank internships through alumni。 Zhao Yu said: "China and, like most US companies only recruit interns juniors, sophomores to find an internship is very difficult, especially for international students。 "He said that because the company is not publicly recruit interns, only to find internships through an acquaintance recommended way, this process is not easy。 Contact Alumni and seek their help, like a process of exploration in the dark, do not know who can help you, but need to constantly try。 Every opportunity is through the efforts come, we are hard to come by。 Zhang Qichen now studying film editing professional Dongguk University, through internships, the expertise to apply their knowledge is particularly important for the profession。 She said: "internship opportunities to enter the crew are generally acquaintances acquaintances to get in the way。
For international students, the company entered a joint venture between China and South Korea is relatively easy, but the difficulty of entering a Korean crew on the big lot。 The more internship experience, the more people who know, practice time will find easier。
"Internship experience, face the challenges of the workplace to get internship opportunities, in terms of just the first step for overseas students internship experience, into the real workplace environment to work, began to truly challenge。
Zhang Qichen in the internship process, once went to the shooting scene, the scene of the data as an administrator, she needs to stay in the field all day。
Exposure a few days in the August sun, her arms on the sun off the skin。 But can experience the production process of the film, the crew experience in a team to complete a work of feeling, all this made her feel quite worth their pay。 Zhao Yu in New York during the internship also encountered many challenges。 Because it is a sophomore, still lacking in terms of professional knowledge, and therefore can not easily get started work beginning。
Therefore, during the internship, he used his spare time catching up expertise in analytical modeling。 At the same time, his language skills are also being challenged。
Because in the work environment, in addition to daily communication language, many professional vocabulary and expressions are unique to this industry, and it is no previous contact with the。
"As a fan, I can be just like living in paradise team work to overcome these difficulties are not a problem。
"Lu Yu then studied at the University of Miami Sports Management。
Internship he found during operations abroad is the official Weibo account and Chinese website for the Miami Heat basketball team。 Because other Americans sectors except fast rate of speech, but also talk about some slang when speaking, so in the adaptation and integration into the team, Lu Yu then faced with a great challenge。
By listening carefully, boldly ask, humbly learn, eventually Lu Yu then slowly adapted to the pace of work。 General Secretary Xi Jinping real knot, a bridge leading to workplace training is a process put theory into practice, as well as students from the campus of the transition into the workplace essential link。 "Paper come Zhongjue know this practice is essential", such as some overseas students can grasp the basic internship opportunities will be thinking and summarize study experience and practice the process, together, will be entering the job market in the future and lay。
Zhang Lu Yuan studying forensic accounting at the University of times Mao Park Heights Britain, and the accounting profession in great need to improve their professional skills through internships。
However, due to Portsmouth times it is a port, not as many companies in London, so the limited opportunities offered internships。 So, she chose to return home, an accounting firm in the domestic practice。
During the internship, she has been greatly improved in terms of audit and accounting practices。
Zhang Lu Yuan said: "The school is a purely theoretical study, after accounting firms to practice before they feel progress in the field of practice, career planning for the future and more clear。 "Zhao Yu said:" Now, whether it is to find a job in the United States or return to employment, employers are valued experience seekers。
The more internship experience, the more bonus points。
Strive for internship opportunities, is to enhance their competitiveness in the future when job。
Now more and more returnees, domestic competition increasing pressure。
Since the decision to return home after graduation to development, then, we must learn as much as possible before returning home to some of the feelings of some multi strive to lay the basis of professional internships, enhance competitiveness, make yourself go in the future career path of some smoothly。
"(Editor: Fan Fei, Xu snow。