Bacterial vaginosis is better how to Sibu

Bacterial vaginosis is a vaginal discharge due to the micro-ecological balance in the vagina caused by imbalance, white with vulvar itching and burning fishy odor syndrome。 Bacterial vaginosis harm to the patient is very serious, so patients need aggressive treatment, as well as attention to proper diet, have a good supporting role in the treatment of disease。
So how bacterial vaginosis Sibu squatters Here take a look。
Bacterial vaginosis how a better tonic, bacterial vaginosis should eat foods should eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, to keep the stool; drinking water; prevent urinary tract infections merger。 1, more food rich in active yogurt containing Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium such as yogurt, soy oligosaccharides, etc., has a function to promote the growth and propagation of bacteria in vivo, inhibition of harmful bacteria survive。 2, edible cinnamon and garlic juice: use both as a food seasoning, to fight infections, urinary tract infections caused by killing of Candida albicans。 3, eat more complex carbohydrates: digestion, such as whole grains, whole wheat, brown rice and vegetables is relatively slow, it is impossible to promote the growth of yeast。 4, anti-oxidation never too late。
Eat foods rich in antioxidants, which will help enhance immunity, anti-infective, such as vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin?As well as zinc, iron, magnesium, copper, and selenium and other antioxidants belong。 Second, bacterial vaginosis therapeutic side 1, ginkgo chicken soup Production: The black-one (about 500 grams) of living slaughter, to the hair, viscera, washed; lotus meat, 30 grams, 15 grams rice, pepper little wash。 10 to the ginkgo, meat, seeds, rice, pepper into the chicken abdominal cavity, after sealing, capping, and put to Dunzhong, impermeable simmer 2-3 hours, to chicken Shulan, seasoning for use (divided into 2 -3rd order food, drink soup, meat, ginkgo, etc.)。 2, rice porridge Poria composition: Poria 30 g (powder), rice 30?60 grams。
Directions: First rice porridge, half cooked, adding Poria end, and after uniform, cook until rice cooked, empty stomach。
Indications: TCM Spleen wet weight。
3, Carp bean soup composition: a carp, 60 g red bean。
Usage: carp to the head, tail and bones, from meat and cook until rotten beans Chixiaodou。 2 doses。
Indications: For vaginal discharge, hot and humid poisonous person。

EIA Shen'ao power plant by Wu Den-yih: cross-strait peace should fight economic development

  Shen'ao power plant "Ring poor" by Wu Den-yih: Taiwan authorities better not to do so China Taiwan Network March 19 hearing, according to Taiwan's ETTV cloud coverage, Shen'ao power plant corrected by the EIA, due to the mining of coal-fired power generation, nearby the air quality will be affected, so that cities and counties in northern Taiwan are worried。 In this regard, the KMT chairman Wu Den-yih 18, said the Taiwan authorities expect the policy to take care of people's lives and health, Shen'ao power plants there are many people who still had doubts and objections, it is best not to do so, the Taiwan authorities should make better energy measures to fight economic and cross-strait peace and development。   Wu Den-yih 18 evening to attend the "Crawford House Fudezhengshen Christmas party Chiaki pray", out of the three questions giveaway A scene with people interact, warm atmosphere, one of the questions is, "What kind of tiny substances in the air can harm the human body lung, liver, kidney and nerve and other parts?Now several counties in the northern region caused concern is that the Taiwan authorities to which the EIA reluctantly by thermal power plants?Whether in Taipei within the scope of the power plant pollution?"Wu Den-yih went on to say, there are still many people Shen'ao power plant doubt and opposition, it is best not to do so, the Taiwan authorities should make better energy initiatives, economic revitalization and development of cross-strait peace。

Layoffs turmoil sweeping the global IT giants

Dell January 10, according to TheRegister website reported that Dell may be the United States District sales team cut 20%, the Europe, Middle East and Africa marketing and sales team cut 30%。
Dell spokesman David Frink (DavidFrink) had an e-mail said, "In order to ensure long-term success, if necessary, we will make painful decisions, some decisions may affect employees。 "Intel January 18, Intel announced plans by the end of 2014, a 5% reduction in the number of employees。
Calculated as the total number of staff people, the staff reduction plan will affect more than 5,000 people。
The cuts mainly for smart phones and tablet PCs to create a sizable chip business。 IBM February 26 this year, IBM announced the launch of "Apollo program", about the number of people laid off。
The cuts are part of IBM's annual "workforce adjustment" program。 Although the official did not give the exact numbers of layoffs, but the company's chief financial officer 马丁施勒特 (MartinSchroeter) has said, IBM plans to save $ 1 billion in spending cuts through 2014 activities, "plus or minus $ 100 million."。 Sony February 27 this year, according to media reports, Sony Electronics said in a statement it would lay off 1,000 employees in 2014。
At the same time, Sony also closed 20 US stores, accounting for two-thirds of the total。 Recently, there were reports that Sony is implementing cost-cutting plan, retired employees to consult in advance, in order to reduce expenditure by 30% in fiscal year 2015。
Analysts say that the practice is equivalent to a disguised layoffs, Sony is a good way to quickly get rid of loss-making。 Siemens joint venture company based Guangming quoted Bloomberg June news that Siemens and private equity firms GoresGroup joint venture between Siemens communications software and services company SiemensUnify will lay off 3,800 people, equivalent to about half of its total number of employees 7700 people, most of retrenched staff from Central Europe。 Haier According to media reports, in June this year, Haier CEO Zhang Ruimin, Haier layoffs admit when attending a business forum, said early last year, Haier is the number of staff people, reducing to 70,000 by the end of layoffs million, a ratio of 18% this year is expected to again cut 10,000。
Microsoft July 17, Microsoft announced plans to cut up to million employees this year, it will be the largest in Microsoft's history of layoffs。 Microsoft said the company's top job cuts could reach people, ongoing layoffs million people, of which about people from the Nokia device and the service sector, roughly half of the employees in the department。 After Microsoft's acquisition of Nokia's mobile phone business in April this year, the total number of employees reached 127,104 people, this calculation, the layoffs accounting for more than 14%。
Cisco Cisco after August 13, 2014 fourth quarter earnings, announced that Cisco will lay off up to 6,000 people, accounting for about 8% of the total number of Cisco employees, the count will be charged up to $ 700 million in costs related to layoffs。 Cisco CEO John Chambers (JohnChambers) said that Cisco must be able to focus on growth areas, thus becoming the "number one IT supplier"。
He said the transformation of Cisco's "requires us to make very difficult decisions."。
Hewlett-Packard on August 22, HP announced the 2014 third quarter earnings, showing the quarter, Hewlett-Packard paid the cost of layoffs billion。 While HP will be as planned, in order to cut costs, HP will continue to expand the scale of layoffs next year, it intends to cut 9,000 jobs。

Japan's new accelerator to start in April or the beginning of simulated space environment testing

  March 23, according to Japanese media reports, Japan's KEK 22 news release, the new accelerator has officially started after the modified "super KEKB"。 And plan the fastest start in April, the initial test simulated space environment, trying to unlock the mystery of the universe。   According to reports, Japan's KEK is located in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan。 The disclosed mechanism, 19, mounted in the ground, the duct 3 km perimeter start the electron beam incident。
21 am local time, the electron beam accelerated to nearly the speed of light reached around the steady state, confirmed officially put into operation。
  It reported that the future will be normal incidence and electronic properties of electronic contrary, it with electronic collision, and strive to observe extremely rare phenomenon。
  The new accelerator "super KEKB" put into operation in 2010, the old accelerator greatly improved, the test data to 50 times。
Earlier, in 2008, to verify the Nobel Prize in Physics Makoto Kobayashi and Maskawa theory correctness of the two, has conducted tests with the old accelerator。

Health spend the summer summer diet of common sense to know what the

What common sense diet summer weather is very hot summer season, so a lot of people like to eat too much cold, in fact, this is wrong, then what summer diet of common sense and small series together to see the summer diet has introduced what it common sense!What a summer diet of common sense: Summer light-based diet summer diet to light, bitter cold, nutrient-rich, easy to digest food better, not to eat sticky foods, gastrointestinal obstruction, not too hungry fed。 The hot summer heat, high temperature wet weight, suffer the taste of food, you can Qingxie heat, they can spleen, increase appetite。 Summer sweat more easily Shangyin, sweating can eat acidic foods。 Two: summer diet should pay attention to the deployment of flour and rice and coarse grains to eat with, lean and dry to appropriate arrangements。
One weeks should eat three meals whole grains, lean with two thousand is appropriate, eat pasta, milk, lunch to eat cooked rice in the morning, eat porridge in the evening。 The preparation of meat or fish and vegetables should be reasonable, it should be summer vegetables, melons, beans and other vegetables, supplemented with meat or fish。 What common sense summer summer diet, meat with lean pork, beef, duck and fish and shrimp as well, the old man to fish, supplemented by lean pork, beef, duck, etc.。
Three: summer water loss and more, drink plenty of water in summer drink plenty of water, and warm water is better, cups of water a day to drink seventy-eight。
To keep the body retain moisture and add water, the water in the body plays a vital to make clear, to maintain the body's normal physiological function。

From Shanghai to Taipei: "Peach Blossom Land" witness cross-strait youth exchanges

  Which, by the mainland amateur groups performed the show, get professional guidance Taiwan。 Since last week, the drama has officially performed four games, the team will also hold multi-multi-episode mixed performances, there will be a total of around 88 people on stage。   Drama "The Peach Blossom Land" is one of masterpiece theater director Stan Lai, Taiwan by the Performance Workshop and rehearsal, production。   Over the past thirty years, many versions of "The Peach Blossom Land" has performances in the country, of which a considerable part of the cross-strait students' campus assignments ", and some schools will this work as a classical teaching contents will learn。   Today, Taiwan's Performance Workshop in Shanghai have exclusive theater "the theater"。 "Peach Blossom Land," the actor's interpretation of several generations, also witnessed the interaction cross-strait youth around the stagecraft of ongoing。
  This is a theater background with the "play within a play" works on stage, "Secret Love" and "Peach Blossom Spring" two unrelated crew on the same stage scenes tragicomedy, to the peculiar dramatic structure and resurrection staggered Watch the effect is known for, which there are some elements of traditional Chinese culture and contemporary thought of collision。
  The earliest plays drama "The Peach Blossom Land" actress "cloud where" Ding Nai-chu, and Stan is loving his wife, she has been active in the theater followed Lai production areas。   "Well quiet!Never seen such a quiet Shanghai!"This is a 'cloud of Van' a classic lines。
Now, in the "theater" saw far apart from the "cloud of Van," said the lines, Ding Nai-chu very mixed feelings。   She said that a drama can spread the work for so long, so broad, so a lot of students whom echocardiography, feel that they are engaged in business is particularly worth。   In 2006, cross-strait simultaneously launched the "Peach Blossom Land" in Taiwan and the mainland version edition to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the premiere of the play, which also spawned a new generation of cross-strait "fans"。
  February 2013, Lai inadvertently learned that there are so many amateur teams and "fans" spontaneous show "Peach Blossom Land," he questions on the microblogging: "If you know that you acted in school or have acted in, please reply to this micro-Bo。 "This micro-blog more than five years to be forwarded more than 7400 times, received more than 2800 responses。
  From the reply of view, Beijing, Shandong, Hainan, Henan, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Chongqing, Hebei, Sichuan, many colleges and universities "fans" have rehearsed "Peach Blossom Land"。 Newer users a reply in the March 2 this year, recorded a performance of Xinxiang Medical。 The friends had also responded that, he also starred actor "Riverside Willow" in 2016。 "Before and after the team went through two months of arduous rehearsals, taking pains, can not describe the taste of which, eventually turned into a night of glory and joy。 "He said in reply。   Lai had their own micro-blog wrote: "Seeing 'crush' to bring so many good memories of school life, but also moved。
"Since October 2017 'on the theater' recruiting team appeared in the mainland 'civil version'," since the Peach Blossom Land ", dozens of teams from around the world show support to start competing。
  One to attend the extravaganza amateur team "fat zebra" comes from Shanghai, with members from all walks of life。
Every day after work, they get together to rehearse。
Let these amateur team is excited, including Ding Nai-chu, etc., "Peach Blossom Land" Taiwan original men became their instructor, such rehearsal face to face communication, it is to think about before they。   This year, March 8 to April 15, "the theater" hold "Peach Blossom Land" performance season activities for the introduction of the first "Commemorative Edition", "Classic", "exclusive edition" and extravaganza event。 "Participation," Peach Blossom Land "gives us a bigger stage。
" 'Fat zebra' members said Zhou Jingjing。   (According to Xinhua News Agency Shanghai Electric)。

Sauce small yellow croaker practice how to do authentic Shandong cuisine

Big fish and small fish distinction: large fish and small fish layman is very similar, but the fish head is larger than the small fish, the length of caudal peduncle of peduncle height of more than three times; anal second spines is equal to or greater than the eye diameter, scales small, well organized, with scales dorsal and lateral line 8?9; big head, oblique fissure mouth, eyes large head。 Fish and small dorsal high, large scale round, stubby caudal peduncle, upturned mouth wide, the smaller eye。 1 small yellow croaker.Small yellow croaker contains a lot of protein, minerals and, on the human body have a good role in nutritional supplements, on the weak and the elderly, consumption of fish will receive good results; 2.Small fish are rich in selenium, can eliminate free radicals generated by human metabolism, can delay aging, and various types of cancer prevention and treatment efficacy。 Small yellow croaker for the crowd general population can eat。
1.If anemia is especially suitable for people to eat small fish life, including, dizziness, loss of appetite who can eat small fish。
2.But note that the small fish are fat objects, and if the patient is allergic people do not eat。
Therapeutic effect of small yellow croaker fish sweet and salty, hepatic, renal two classics; sauce small yellow croaker how to do fish have spleen and stomach, soothe the nerves Zhili, Qi fill fine effect of; small yellow croaker fish grams of food and medicine can not Jing mustard with food; not with the buckwheat with food。

UBS: US stocks to build into the final stages of the history of the big top | bull | M | Volatility

  Sina Wall Street FRANCISCO 2 morning news, in (UBS) strategist JulianEmanuel, the US stock market is close to the historical big top。
  Emanuel in a report on Friday pointed out, more and more signs that the bull market in stocks for six and a half years, after rising more than 200%, is entering "the last inning."。
  UBS believes that pharmaceutical giant recently (Pfizer) and (Allergan, Inc.) merger talks may be a danger signal: "Pfizer's merger talks with Al construction reminds us of 2000 (AOL) merger with (Time Warner), and in 2007 (RBS) to acquire ABN Amro (ABN), led by industry heavyweights market consolidation is usually a precursor to the big top。
"But Emanuel said the large top US stocks have not yet come。 Although this bull market since Roosevelt came to power in the 1930s longest bull market, bull market is usually not "die of old age," the。
But some signs that the top is very near。
  We have seen the amount of the transaction M & A activity this year is expected to hit a new historical record, and the occurrence of M & A boom is usually a three-year cycle, this round is from the beginning of 2014, Emanuel said the case。   In 2000 and 2007 the number of years before Wall Street big top, the M & A activity also presents prosperity。
  In addition, the volatility of the stock market also began to rise again。
  UBS report noted: "While it is generally believed that the inevitable rise in volatility marked the bull market coming to an end, in fact, volatility 'last game' rally continued rise is a very natural phenomenon, especially in the case of the Fed rate hike such as the end of 1999 – 2000。 "。

Teach you how to shrink fibroids to relieve symptoms

How to shrink fibroids Uterine fibroids are more common gynecological disease that is on the female body has a great harm, it does not cause pain by the will, but also may affect fertility, it is a Note that very kind of disease。
So how to shrink fibroids do the following small series to tell us something about how to shrink fibroids, teach you to relieve symptoms!How to make smaller uterine fibroids Uterine fibroids are more common disease of women, so many women are very concerned about how small uterine fibroids or even eliminate, the continued development of modern medicine, the treatment of uterine fibroids already is fairly complete, and uterine fibroids and cure rate is very high, and no mortal danger。 But if left untreated is also the risk of cancer will occur, then uterine fibroids how can smaller or even eliminate, here are several ways of treatment。
First, expecting therapy for early symptoms are not severe, and some do not need treatment, just pay attention to lifestyle。
Without any medication and other treatment, every three months to conduct a gynecological examination and B ultrasonic examination, if no rapid growth of the tumor, bleeding, pain symptoms may be dependent hormone increases with age and is characterized by decreased expectations fibroids shrinking……Advantages and disadvantages: This therapy is less dangerous, but applies to early treatment, no physical injury。 However, a relatively small restriction applies only to within 40 meters of uterine fibroids; over 45 years of age, and no significant bleeding or pain。 Second, drug therapy: This is the conservative treatment of uterine fibroids, the effect is slow。 To remove uterine fibroids through endocrine conditioning, to bring the pain and avoid the traditional open surgery complications, drug treatment is generally not ideal to consider minimally invasive treatment or surgery……How to shrink fibroids advantages and disadvantages: a narrow adaptability, mainly for uterine fibroids less than 2M; months pregnant uterus, and mild symptoms, patients with recent menopause age。 Drugs can improve symptoms, but can not make fibroids disappear, long service can have side effects。 Third, open surgery: For patients with long-term drug therapy, surgical removal of the uterus can be taken or excavation fibroids。 Surgery is the incision in the patient's abdomen incision and uterine incision, the fibroids removed, and some are even removal of the entire uterus, and then wound closure。
Advantages and disadvantages: trauma, bleeding, postoperative recovery period longer。 It may appear premature ovarian failure, and postoperative sexual dysfunction, increased risk of cardiovascular disease, etc.。