Jiang Chu heart curse cheerful, just a faint eyes looked up at the man sort of threat to his mouth still stuck on: “I, of course, I.”

This sentence almost say it’s the teeth.
Yao Ji This satisfied smile, pretend you do not see a small daughter teeth look, kissed her rosy cheeks: “well-behaved.”
Finally let go of her.
Yao Ji refreshing dressed, took the letter to Jiang Chu will have to go down to business, and they said Jiang Chu Foreign Comin body discomfort can not be played, only Chu Kang reduction in sulking angrily of the quilt.
While Yao Ji front foot out, Bowen’s eyes lit up, she knew that this time, her chances are really want to come!
Sure enough, not long after, he came to see Chunxiao sneaky she came: “Grandpa went to other homes, and this is a great opportunity!”

Chapter 157 we do not forget the convention

Bowen immediately asked: “really went the other homes?”
“Nature is true, I’ve stared at him go, but fortunately my uncle has asked to be early out of the government, will be tight

After the dip, then we know the true identity of the leaves white, but drink a lot of wine, made drunk.

  Ye also understand Xue Qingqing White’s mind, but he pretended not to know the best.
  Do not look white leaf rage decisive on the battlefield, and those chiefs get along with work resolutely, but treat this feeling, really it is a bit passive.
  Shangguan Tong together on such and, if not Shangguan Tong is the kind of love and hate, the character ascribed to the consequences, I am afraid that two people may not be able to come together.
  The next day, the leaves white as usual, after entering the class, the students see the leaves white eyes slightly change.
  A few days ago Ye Baigang first came to class, get into a fight in the classroom, Dong Xiaofeng and son are a family of three white leaf interrupted arm.
  This can not last couple of days, this son of a family of three, and have not come to the lesson.
  Dong Xiaofeng these days is like corpuscles, like a changed person, normally arrogant domineering momentum all gone, just like one of the most well-behaved students like.
  All this changes, and if that leaves white does not matter, we do not believe.
  Ma Yuan teacher can make such a simple treatment, can and Ma Baiwei so close fight

After then, Yu Pei smile like magic, like, gradually eliminate.

  .Not his illusion, Yu Chak resisted him.
  There’s something in him changed imperceptibly.
  ”Chicken soup has cooked, do you want to drink a bowl of soup?”Zhangzi Xian’s voice came from behind.
  Yu Pei away cell phones, calmly walked to the restaurant.
  Dinner was quiet, no one to speak.
  Yu Pei put down the chopsticks when Zhangzi Xian said: “You do not want to say it to me?”
  He raised his head and looked at her deep dark eyes and smiled.
  Even laugh, his face only chill.
  ”No.”He says.
  In late December because of New Year’s Eve, for various well-known artists who are destined to be a busy January.
  Donna Yu Ze followed everywhere ganchang commercial speech, appear when the lens is in the form of a child, when asked by the media and “little sister,” she said, in addition to little sister called Bo Dina, but refused to say anything.
  She asked the media not why they come here, have laid siege to Ze Yu.
  Donna Yu Ze tongue is not powerful, but his powerful Bi Tangna cold shoulder, face a board, you can make most of the media quit.
  Not to mention now we all know is Ze Yu Yu Clan Group, son, do not give

The speed thanked Mr Huang, then drove back to the home.

Opened the door, the more it is known in Tiaopi Jin and two children, he saw a Jiangzainali, foot stand down general posture is not continued nor.

Long rubber band fixed position with the seat back, the small saphenous also quite fun to play, there is no sense of the kind of stiff when I first came.

The more sophisticated look later also followed glanced self-flying brother, two children schematic homework before going back to the house, and then with his brother went to another sound-proofed house.

“Textile?”Big Brother stunned for a moment, apparently began to think about the relevant context.

Light industry and heavy industry are second, also support an important force in the city and in the country’s development of modern civilization.

Almost every country experienced workers for the period core strength, because at that stage, the presence of workers is indeed the backbone of the country.

Be accompanied by the development of mechanization, more and more insignificant human, a computer device may be able to make hundreds or even thousands of laid-off, or even the emergence of various problems of overcapacity in the steel and metallurgical industry, some companies choose to go directly pig earn extra money.

While travel and entertainment has gradually evolved into the bulk of the economy, flourishes is not that rare thing.

This is the inevitable economic development

, Sprinkled her heavy breathing on the necks.

  As the instinct of kinship, he was very eager to make her blood, and indulge this feeling can not get away, he always wanted to freeze time at this moment, so he could have her forever.
  As long as they artifact shortage nine years, Chu Ling is the supreme master here, they stay here for a long time, a long long time to micro Sim almost forget she is a person has a mission.
  Occasionally, she would let Chu Ling took her to see the world, know Chao Yu has no serious problem.However, since he will Qin flawless captive, in every possible way to please not respond, Chao Yu has her break.
  Qin flawless but for a moment outside thorn.Stimulated the Chao Yu, he contributed to the future of black, acrid long micro certainly not so relaxed.
  Going to the five-year mandate period, she counted the time, out of the nine artifact in shortage.
  For Chu Ling, in the artifact was able to do whatever they want to her, deep in Vientiane candle would still be able to do whatever they want to her, the biggest difference is probably the place for a month.
  In his words, from time to time in another location, but also add some fun.
  Xin micro-long inability to Tucao.
  Because the mandate to come, according to the story in

 And other space elevator has been looked at 7788, Cheng double within reach, the visual front of her and asked: “how do monitoring?”

  ”Still investigation.”Li autumn wrestled A:” Grass is a short section of loose flowing into the city when silkworm base is unclear, it is very difficult.”
  Alex Cheng double looking for evidence of a crime.
  There can only be convicted Xu Luo to shut up, there is a way to make double Xu Cheng Luo never come out.
  Currently only hope that the issue of a short section of grass, to the detriment of the interests of the company will issue Xu Luo to justice.Surveillance video may have found a quick week have not the slightest news.
  Lift, Cheng and Li double autumn have walked, the way a rare double blame the sound: “the difficulty and then a big week should also find out.”
  ”Yes.”Li autumn secretly these points in mind, leaning forward to press Number of floors.
  According to the process double the usual habit, Li autumn floor directly under a large press conference room is located, double peripheral vision caught a glimpse of the process, out loud: “First back to the office.”
  Cheng double bow, tone Qing Yang: “enchant clothes.”
  Black sweater outside the ride a caramel-colored coat, a look at the style is not Chengshuang Ping, Li autumn with a smile: “Miss Mu can be really intimate, this one is really both warm and good-looking.”It is not suitable for meeting.

It has its corporate social responsibility, and our culture as a company, you have to assume our responsibility culture.”

  ”I hope the media because Soong to make a good movie to make money, but also hope that we can carry the culture go out.”
  ”Uncle do not accept this idea, I understand.After all, every investor will want to make quick money.Large IP + traffic, the addition to the money fast, I do the thing for investors is unlikely to accept.But he wanted to come this far, I really never thought of.”
  Song Zhe, took a deep breath, turned Yang Wei smiled: “I would have few relatives, so he really let me down too.”
  Yang Wei did not speak, she stood beside Song Zhe, inexplicably felt, there is a lonely emerge from this person.
  She realized the benefit of hindsight, in fact, Song Zhe in life, there is always a desire for affection.He perhaps more than she needs companionship and love.
  Because she had to get through a full, healthy love.
  When she was young, her mother, though common, but she had no reservations, to give her as a mother’s love.
  But Zhao Yang Lan and Song Yanqing different, their feelings are too restrained, too tactful, Song Zhe at the time the young, it is difficult to perceive the people around him love.
  The more missing, the more

It is normal.But never mind, next time you come, we are not at home, the family is left to you young lovers Jiuhaola ~ ~ ~ ~ “

  Chen Jiayong stand up and get out, let the king aunt clean up, helpless to see the landing See incense, “Mom.You and your baby and learn.”Chaos play.
  See Lu Xiang stare, “Do not call me, gave me a call old.”Touch his face, it is arbitrary to ask” how you and introduce our referral girl ah?Chou Chou referred to frighten the people.It is not to say that I was eating the official told us of the old witch ah?”Outside people are so secretly called her, and that way, ‘you just do not say she is a teacher, I have thought she was an actor.And more juicy and more thoughtful girl ah ~ ~ ~ ~ ‘
  Chen Jiayong see that Lu Xiang is complaining that he complained about the baby bells and bad temper, and quickly waved to clarify, wind chimes quickly stood up, head down, it is to bite the bullet, he said, “Auntie, you do not get angry, are not I, I I want better performance.Jia Yong and I have never complained about anything, he is to talk about things, really.”
  ”.”This is not even Chen Jiayong feels right, and heard the words how awkward ah.
  Campanula finished body flash, suddenly looked up, pale little face, a little blankly watching Chen Jiayong, “I am, and I is not said the wrong thing?”Sniffed eyes were red, ‘today I do not know how, and we have a good word to say no.’It is as if talking to himself remorse.
  Chen Jiayong heart sighed, in the end

I do not think it is a good game.But, like Cao made this astute boss was not willing to purchase, because he picked consoles only standard, not how classic games, but what kind of game consoles make him faster payback.

  ”Hey, how, and what yet met?”Zhongchu Hong asked, his face slightly Youse.
  ”what!”Li Xuan finally recovered and found two men do not know when the car has been returned, he would like to question in this way, did not notice these details.
  Li Xuan hand affectionately touched Zhongchu Hong pretty face, confident smile once again returned to his face: “Nothing, encountered some small problems!Game room today to feel how, but also fun right?”
  Li Xuan out from the front of the game room, specially took Zhongchu Hong, let her experience a shooting on a game console called the commander of.
  ”There stinks, are second-hand smoke!”Zhongchu Hong disgusted expression on his face.
  ”Haha!”Li Xuan said with a smile,” Oh, boy video games will always be part of the world, you girls are free or lying in bed watching romantic novel!”
  ”You just know that Cao open such a game room how you make money?”Li Xuan said the mysterious.He got me there specifically to Zhongchu Hong some insight only his purpose today.
  ”How many?”Zhongchu Hong was not much interest, tease tease their hair, asked a very perfunctory.
  ”The less there are three hundred thousand a year!”
  ”Wow!There are so many?”
  Li Xuan see Zhongchu Hong finally attracted attention, this some said proudly: “red, if you let my father also open this

The most persistent thing in twelve constellation

Persistence is probably the spirit of never giving up, the pursuit as always, the precious persistence. Persistence is not stubbornness, because stubbornness is only unreasonable for a while. Perseverance is not obsession either, because obsession makes people lose their way.. Therefore, in this lifetime, one must always have one’s own perseverance. Only in this way can one have good prospects in life.. So what is the most persistent thing about twelve constellation? follow Xiao bian to have a look.   The most persistent thing of Aries in honest and frank is to pursue freedom.. They are almost paranoid in their pursuit of freedom, and they do not like restraint at any time.. Emotionally, they don’t like each other’s restriction of their freedom, and will choose a person who won’t make themselves feel bound or controlled.. In terms of work, they will choose a freer occupation..   Taurus Taurus, a practical Taurus, is probably the most persistent thing. Taurus, who loves inside, is very cowardly. Facing the person he loves very much, even if he is constantly rejected, he will pay silently and endure silently until the other person likes him.. In fact, we all know that wronged oneself will not be happy, but will only make oneself trapped in it and suffer all the time, but the stubborn Taurus will wait all the time..   Gemini Funny Fellows Gemini’s most persistent thing is to find interesting things. In their world of inside, life is to be exposed to all kinds of new things and must be interesting.. Once in love, they want their other half to be an interesting person.. If they think that lovers are not as interesting as they think, they may leave each other and try to fall in love with different people..   Cancer Cancer People are very emotional. In their world, inside family is the most important. No matter what they do or decide, family will always be the first place.. They will give up a lot of their own things in order to maintain the family.. No matter how small the matter, as long as it affects the family, they will be nervous and deal with it seriously..   The most persistent thing of Leo’s domineering Leo is the pursuit of power. They all like to master sovereignty and control others in both their feelings and career.. In fact, the ultimate purpose of doing many things is for their own benefit.. Leo’s pursuit of power will never stop.. Emotionally, I would like my other half to fully listen to my own opinions..   Virgo pays attention to details. Virgo’s most persistent thing must be to pursue perfection.! As we all know, Virgo has a very serious obsessive-compulsive disorder.. They often go too far in pursuit of perfection and finally let themselves lose something.. But they like details, like perfection, the finer the perfection, the more perfect they are, the more interested they are.. Perhaps only Virgo knows that imperfect things are not pure, and things that are not pure are not worth having..   Libra is gentle and elegant. The most persistent thing of Libra is absolute fairness. In Libra’s heart there is a balanced scale, which symbolizes fairness and harmony. As long as they find that the atmosphere they get along with others becomes less harmonious, they will find ways to adjust it.. Adjust your state of mind, everyone get along with the atmosphere, or seriously communicate with you, must let the atmosphere harmonious.   Scorpio’s strong-willed Scorpio’s most persistent thing is strong possessiveness.. In love, Scorpio’s possessiveness will be displayed without reservation.. They don’t like their lovers standing with the opposite sex.. Only want each other firmly tied to his side. The same is true for friends, Scorpio’s possessiveness is really strong to abnormal.   Sagittarius is a lively and cheerful Sagittarius. The most persistent thing is to pursue happiness.. For Sagittarius, happiness is the meaning of their life.. No matter what happens to anyone, as long as it makes them feel happy, it is good.. If they feel unhappy, they will not need it.. Sagittarius is so casual, everything is based on happiness..   Capricorn calm and steady Capricorn’s most persistent thing is work.. Capricorn is a well-known job, Delirium. In their world of inside, nothing is more important than work. In the field of work, they will find a sense of belonging. Even if they sacrifice their personal time and love, they will still be meticulous in their career and cannot be ignored..   Aquarius Aquarius with active thinking is the most persistent thing in pursuit of being different from others.. This sentence is really suitable for Aquarius. Because they are really strange and changeable, and often do some incredible things.. In fact, to put it bluntly, the bottle does not want to spend its life in the ordinary, they want more wonderful, more different..   The most persistent thing of Pisces, who loves fantasy, is to pursue romance.. Romance is an essential part of life for Pisces.. Pisces is a typical Paiyaa. Pisces in love likes to give Mobbed to his lover.. Because they think that if life is to have a sense of ceremony, it must be romantic. They can always imagine everything around them very well, and they will feel that everything is very good.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.