6 makeup remover misunderstandings that hurt the skin most

6 makeup remover misunderstandings that hurt the skin the most

Many girls now make up. A lot of makeup products on the face really add a lot of burden to the face.

So we must do a good job of removing makeup.

There are actually many girls who approached the makeup removal misunderstanding. I do n’t know if your makeup removal is equivalent to disfigurement. Let ‘s take a look at which makeup removal misunderstandings are easy for us to make?

  Misunderstanding 1: Do n’t use cleansing oil after cleansing oil. Many people see that the cleansing oil emulsified is white, and thought that the face has been cleaned. In fact, otherwise, the residual heavy metal ions, dust and other dirt that remain after removing makeup need to be cleansed by cleansing oil, otherwiseThese dirt can clog pores and, over time, can form closed acne.

  Misunderstanding 2: Washing your face is equal to removing makeup. Increasing the number of times you wash your face is not a good thing. At the same time you remove the dirt from the makeup, the oil and moisture that protect the skin are also taken away. If you wash your face too much, your skin will feel uncomfortable.

If you are painting heavy makeup or applying waterproof mascara, you ca n’t even use simple face wash products to remove makeup, because ordinary cleansers ca n’t dissolve oil paint, and the cleaning effect is much worse.

  Misunderstanding 3: General makeup removers can also remove eye and lip makeup. The lip area is thin, and there is less sebaceous glands. Special gentle makeup removers are required.

Eye and lip makeup removers can completely clean greasy dirt, and are specially designed for delicate skin. General makeup removers do not have these conditions.

  Misunderstanding # 4: Remove makeup without makeup and many advertisements. Now air pollution is very serious, and makeup removal products are also needed without makeup.

But is it really necessary?

Most of the air pollution is dust, dust, sulfur dioxide and other traces of dirt. These dirts can be solved with face wash. If you do n’t have makeup, you need to add makeup to remove the makeup. The skin is too clean, which will cause sensitivity and dryness.

Note that if you use high-power sunscreen or cream, you still need to remove your makeup.

  Misunderstanding 5: Makeup remover cotton / paper remover makeup is mostly oil-soluble, especially anti-water color makeup, so use “oil-soluble oil” remover oil to clean up without harming the skin.

The cleansing cotton / paper does not need oil-soluble dirt, so it must be removed with a strong organic solvent. After a long time, it will penetrate into the skin, make the skin dry, sensitive, and even lose elasticity, and produce wrinkles.

  Misunderstanding 6: Remove makeup and wash your face in one step. Many facial cleansers write that you can remove the light makeup, so it is quite easy to use mm cleansing, and you will be fine with just such a cleanser.

In fact, makeup removal and face washing are two separate skin care steps that cannot be performed simultaneously.

Just like a two-in-one shampoo that doesn’t work well.