Common cupping positions

Common cupping positions

In order to make the patient comfortable during the treatment, the operator can perform operations to expose the extracted part, and the proper position must be selected before cupping.

Its commonly used positions are the following 4 types: sitting in a standing position on a wooden bench, exposing the back of the neck and forward, which is conducive to suction and extraction of the neck and shoulders, lumbar spine vertebrae and thighs on the front and upper knees.

  After lying in the prone position, or head tilted or down, cushions, the upper limbs naturally inserted into the torso, muscles relax, breathing naturally, exposure adjacent, lower limbs, which is conducive to sucking and lowering the lower back, spine and lower limbsSide and other parts.

  Lateral position According to the needs of treatment, both lower limbs are flexed or one leg is flexed and the other leg is straightened.

Conducive to sucking chest.

Pelvic and lower extremities.

  The supine position lies on the back with the pillow under the head, flat extension of the lower limbs or pillow under the knees. The upper limbs are naturally inserted into both sides of the trunk, or the elbows are stretched straight, the muscles are relaxed, and the chest is exposed.

The abdomen, upper and lower limbs and forelimbs are conducive to suction and extraction of the chest, abdomen, upper limbs, anterior side of the lower limbs and other parts.