[How to make bun buns at home]_How to make_Making method

[How to make bun buns at home]_How to make_Making method

In the past, people did n’t have the money to go out to buy food, and they usually made it at home. Unlike in the current era, everything can be bought and eaten outside.Some people think that the steamed bread outside is not as delicious as the one made by themselves, so they started to learn to make steamed buns at home, but it is simple and not easy to make.


The raw materials of buns and steamed buns must first be noodles. Ordinary noodles are made from dead noodles that the old people often say. So where does the noodles come from? There are two ways. One is to buy yeast powder and ordinary flour and stir them in proportion.Together, the other is to buy bun steamed buns; 2.

Put spontaneous powder and warm water (25?
30 degrees) mix according to the ratio of 2: 1, you can add a small amount of sugar, and then knead and evenly, not too soft, it is best to pick up the whole noodle after mixing well; 3.

Add a wet cloth to the good noodles (white cotton gauze is the best) and let it stand for more than 30 minutes. The experience of Xiaobian is that it can be left naturally for 30 minutes in summer, but if the temperature drops below 20 degrees, the mostPut the basin in warm water above 40 degrees, so that the fermentation of the noodles will be refreshed, and the steamed buns will be more fluffy; if there is no gauze, you can use a large basin to cover it, but you still need a wet cloth pad when steaming the bunsBelow, so you still need to prepare a cotton white cloth in advance; 4.

While waiting for the noodles to ferment, you can prepare fillings. The Xiaobian uses vegetarian fillings. The main ingredients are night blossoms and pumpkins and eggs. In order to taste more fragrant, you can fry the fillings with a small amount of oil for one minute and add salt.4. In fact, it seasons evenly;

Cut the noodles into small pieces. If you make buns, roll them into a circle with a rolling pin, not too thin, 12.

It’s about 5px, which is equivalent to four times the thickness of the dough of the dumplings. If it is too thin, the bottom of the bun will rot. Then put the filling in the middle and insert the wrinkles on the side of the dough. If it is,5. To make a bun, just knead it into a bread-like shape directly; 6.

The steamed buns or steamed buns can be placed in a boiling water pot for about 15 minutes and then steamed for about 20 minutes in the steamed rice dumpling. It is no problem to directly put them.

According to experience, it does not need to stand for 15 minutes, wrap it and add it directly to the boiling water pot, so that the buns and steamed buns can be fermented in the pot for a second time, and the steamed texture will be softer;

Steamed buns and steamed buns should be removed from the steamed buns within 5 minutes, otherwise the steam will drip on the steamed buns or steamed buns, which will cause the texture to become hard;