A comprehensive inventory of traditional Chinese medicine cold therapy

A comprehensive inventory of traditional Chinese medicine cold therapy

Colds based on colds.

Patients with nasal congestion, runny nose, itchy throat, cough and sputum are all patients with respiratory problems.

The patient had fever for only two or three days, but the cough lasted a long time, and it was not easy to heal quickly, and the infection was fast.

Cold infections, physical weakness and poor resistance are most likely to occur.

Especially when the climate changes rapidly, the clothes are not properly dressed, and they can’t stand the cold and the heat, and may be infected.

If you suddenly sneeze, it may be the first warning of a cold.

At this time, it’s time to be alert and try to dispel the wind chill felt in the nasal cavity as soon as possible.

The most effective method of dispersing is to take the decoction of warm and hot powder, so that the patient’s sweat can be delivered and the whole body sweats.

After sweating, you can quickly diffuse the feeling of wind and cold, so as not to cause high fever caused by in-depth illness.

Now introduce several kinds of decoctions for colds and colds: a variety of soup noodles to deal with colds and colds[Onion oil Kaiyang noodles]People from the two provinces of Jiangsu and Zhejiang, usually start with cold onion oil, Kaiyang (ie shrimp)Effective method.

Method: Scallion six or seven roots, cut into fine grains, roast thoroughly with oil, add Kai Yang alignment, and then add water below.

After the onion stalk undergoes high blood pressure, it has a great power of divergence. The noodles should be cooked and soupy. Add ginger slices, ground pepper, and warm the whole body after eating.

Cantonese also have ginger and spring onion noodles, but the soup is not much, and the noodles are too hard, so they need to be cooked into Jiangsu and Zhejiang style spring onion noodle soup. This way, the effect is more significant.

[Scallion and white bean soup]Seven or eight white heads of onion are smashed with a knife handle, a pinch of tempeh is added, and it is boiled with water. After drinking a large cup while it is hot, it covers and sleeps.Evil, whole body comfortable.

There are three types of tempeh. The black ones sold in grocery stores are all salty tempehs. There is a yellow type called noodles, and the medicinal shop is called light soya.

This soup refers to the black salty tempeh. After eating it twice or more, there is a lot of sweat and tears, and the cold can spread.

If you do n’t have a lot of sweat or sweat after eating, you can use light soy bean paste and four-money soup, basically until the sweat comes out and the nasal mucosa is warm.

[Red Oil Scallion Noodles]Since the beginning of the cold, noodles are best eaten.

When northerners encounter this situation, they all use soup noodles as a divergent.

However, when cooking noodles, the noodles must be cooked until cooked, not hard, smooth and refreshing.

Add more soup, add scallions, and when cooked, add one or two spoons of red spicy oil to help spread the cold.

This method is commonly used by northerners and Sichuanese.

Cantonese are not used to eating chili, so you can add less spicy oil.

A bowl of hot red oil noodles, after eating, snot sweat communication, nasal congestion can also be smooth, very effective for the beginning of colds.

[Ginger Onion Tablets Soup]The northern climate is cold and susceptible to colds, so there are many foods for treating colds.

One type is called Pianer Tang, which is rolled into thin slices (similar to the wonton skin in Hong Kong) and cooked with garlic, ginger, and green onions.

Add pepper when eating, effective for nasal congestion and runny nose.

However, when you have a cold, eat pepper, throat and nasal cavity, and feel dry every time. This is caused by a temporary irritation, but it is quite effective for divergent anti-inflammatory and easy to stop the runny nose.

The above methods are easy and can assist the treatment.

However, some adults and children have both milk moths (that is, tonsillitis), so you can only use onion noodles and so on, without using peppers and peppers, so as not to over-stimulate.

In addition, you can cook soup with olives, Sydney, or soup with olives and green radish, which can also moisturize the throat.

Cough should not be taken lightly. Many people treat influenza. They only want to reduce fever. The cough cannot be stopped immediately, and it is often left unattended.

But the cough doesn’t heal, and only adults who are unwell can turn around after a few days.

Your child is thin and may be infected with other complications at any time, such as pneumonia, wind temperature, whooping cough, or prolonged cough (chronic bronchitis).

There are also a small number of children that may cause patients such as lung dysentery.

In fact, anyone who suffers from a cold and fever after having no other illnesses will have a cough alone. If it is delayed for more than half a month, it can also make people lose five pounds to more than ten pounds.

Therefore, when the cold is about to heal, the cough must be treated with care.

After the treatment is relieved, if the cough of the jaw is left unhealed, after seven or eight days, it will still be revived, and the cough will inevitably worsen the situation of Kashihara.Now introduce several kinds of food therapy products for cough: drinking tea in stages to treat cough.[Yanye Jiancha]Yeongye can cure cough, which can be purchased from a pharmacy at any time for about five dollars each time.

Wash the loquat leaves gently, wipe off the white hairs on the back of the leaves, and fry them with black tea to make tea, which is very comfortable for the beginning of cough.

At the beginning of the cough, the throat is itchy, which makes it intolerable.

You can add ephedra for one and a half money to the loquat leaves to relax the trachea and relieve the cough.

[Ephedra honey water]After treatment of sore throat and cough, it can’t be cured immediately. You can still use ephedra two money, a bowl and a half of water, cook into a bowl, season with honey and serve as sugar water.

Ephedra can relieve tracheal inflammation, and honey can moisturize the throat, which is very beneficial for itching and coughing.

If you don’t use honey, switch to maltose for the same effect.

[Almond Mint Water]The cough lasts for a long time, and the phlegm chokes up the throat, making it difficult to spit out, which makes the dry or cough worse.

You can use four dollars of northern almonds and one dollar of mint leaves. Cook into tea and drink at any time to make the sputum in the throat spit out smooth and avoid coughing.

Almonds are very effective in reducing phlegm and cough. You can’t eat mint water continuously. You can use almond almond paste, almond butter, or almond maltose syrup.

For example, Qiannianhuhuqianqian, Sichuan fritillary and a half of money, and Bei Almond boiled into sugar water, the effect is also good.

[Chuanbei stewed Sydney]Six or seven days after the cold, the cold has resolved, and the cough has not healed. You can use one Sydney pear, dig out the pear heart, and add the Sichuan Fritillaria powder for one dollar.Or simmer in water, drink pear juice, or chew the spit of Sydney.

This method is very effective and tastes good.

When children refuse to take the medicine, they should be allowed to drink Chuanbei Pear Juice, and even if they eat it for many days, they will recover quickly.

[Olive melon seed tea]After coughing for many days, the throat is dry and the air is not smooth. You can use ten olives and five melon seeds (sold in pharmacies) to cook tea together.Work.

Winter melon seeds are the essential medicine for medical cough. For example, one or two winter melon seeds are used daily and stewed with rock sugar to form sugar water, which is also effective.

[Fat Sea Sydney Tea]During the onset of influenza, some people will have hoarse throat, especially after a long cough, the vocal cords lose their luster, and the appropriate rustling.

You can use two slices of Sydney and boil syrup with the fat sea five money, as a daily drink, drink at any time.

But it will take quite some time for the voice to return to normal.