A variety of foreign fitness

A variety of “foreign” fitness

The way of leisure and fitness not only belongs to personal interests and hobbies, but also reflects the cultural characteristics of the nation to a certain extent.
Throughout the world, there are a variety of leisure and fitness activities that are dazzling, and many of them are worthy of our reference.
  Australia: “Race” with an ostrich The ostrich is known for its ability to run.
In recent years, Australians have repeatedly come up with imaginations to design a variety of leisure and fitness programs with ostriches, which have attracted worldwide attention.
The most popular is a four-wheeler pulled by an ostrich for a ride in the wilderness.
  Fresh air, warm sunlight, and green eyes make people feel refreshed, so they have the effect of refreshing fitness.
And some Australians simply race with ostriches.
“Escort” ostrich will patiently accompany the owner to do long-distance running training, which greatly reduces people’s loneliness in long-distance running and increases freshness.
  Canada: Learn to duck in the water. “To be precise, you should practice running in the water. This is the Canadian invention.
Although running in the water “gasped breathlessly”, it was difficult to run.
The practitioner is suspended vertically in the water, the nostrils are only slightly higher than the water surface, and his hands and feet are violently paddling in the water, as if the ducks were flopping in the water.
  There are many benefits to running in the water compared to running on the ground.
In deep water, the runner’s lower limbs are not shaken.
Therefore, it is not easy to be injured, and after the exercise, there will be a sense of relaxation.
  In addition, the resistance in water is 4 to 10 times that of air. Running in water for 45 minutes is equivalent to running on the ground for more than 2 hours.
At present, this new type of leisure fitness exercise is being favored by more and more people. In Ottawa, the Canadian capital alone, more than 3,000 people participate in this exercise every day.
  Spain: Seaweed therapy is in the ascendant Spanish people love the sea and are happy to spend leisure time with the sea.
They believe that the sea is also a hospital, which can relieve a considerable number of diseases.
  At present, seawater and seaweed therapies are in the ascendant and have been accepted by more and more people.
  Leading this new trend are many well-known figures in the Spanish literary, art, and political circles who use seawater therapy for mental relaxation after intense work.
At present, medical experts have established various seawater treatment centers in order to make this ancient treatment method more modern and scientific, and better serve people.
  Austria: Naturopathy is popular: Austrians often give their leisure time to nature.
Natural therapies such as pasture baths, hot sand baths, and five-color earth moisturizing masks are popular in the country’s Salzburg, Carinthia, and Tyrol provinces.
The slogan they put forward was to energeticly exhausted people to return home energeticly.
  The forage bath is to cover the body with sheets, and bury the whole body (except the face) in warm and humid forage (the forage must be unfertilized).
Buried for 20 minutes each time, it has obvious effects on asthma and bronchitis, and it is also a good way to eliminate physical and mental stress.
  The hot sand bath first heats the sand with infrared light, and then lays in the sand for 20 minutes.
The sand is not ordinary river sand, but comes from the Jiayi River, which is rich in minerals and has a special effect on many chronic inflammations.
  The five-color clay moisturizing mask is clay with five colors of green, yellow, blue, black and red, which are applied to various parts of the face, such as forehead, eye circles, chin, cheeks, neck and nose.
Its main function is to quickly refresh one’s energy and put on a radiant face again.